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Staying In...Writing On The Computer...American Idol Good News

Mar 17 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

All things considered, I’d rather skip the coronavirus and come down with that thing the Oak Ridge Boys have been spreading…Elvirus.



We are staying in as best we can like a lot of the country. But, I did have to make a grocery store run and that was eye opening to say the least.  Folks in masks and surgical gloves and a lot of empty shelves…empty from the things you’d suspect were empty.  No paper products, alcohol, canned goods etc.  But, I got enough to get us through for a while.  We’re doing a lot of online ordering right now.


I’ve heard here in Nashville that grocery stores are hiring a LOT of folks right now and that shoppers are buying 5 times what they normally buy right now.  And I never thought about the fact that there will be jobs…just maybe not the jobs folks are used to having. For my musician friends who live check to check and looking for something to do other than waiting tables (per the normal) grocery jobs, delivering, Amazon Prime…it may be a way to go to get folks over.  In fact Amazon looks to be hiring 100,000 workers. And I think all we can do is try to adapt to what seems to be a new normal for a while.



Booze delivery they say is through the roof right now.  Lot of wine consumption going on.  Wonder if moonshiners will start running the roads again?



The VP of my publishing company sent out a nice letter yesterday letting folks know the building is closed and only essential staff and songwriters will be allowed in building. And even those of us who would want to go in will be practicing social distance.  And there’s another opportunity.  Instead the old “I wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole”…more accurately it’s a 5-foot pole.  Anybody making those yet? 


And our VP suggested as writers we not stop writing if we’re staying home.  More solo writing…more Skype and FB writing.  I’m getting ready to set up several of those later today.



I did finish up a Corona-Corona Virus song that I wrote with my Mississippi funny friend Matt Hoggatt and my Gulf Shores funny friend Brent Burns.  Today Brent is going to film it and get it up on the ole Internet in our attempt to provide some laughter and levity to the world.  I’ll let you know when it’s up for viewing.  My thanks to Matt for the fun idea and for thinking of me and Brent to help write it.  It certainly took my mind off the world while we were doing it.


And man do we need fun distractions.  I think someone could make a fortune if they invent a thermometer that measures cabin fever.



Folks are doing some really cool things too.  Like the Italian Air force who left a color stream in the sky…the colors of the Italian flag to remind folks to stay strong.  Did you see THIS?  Love that.



And I do love the “smile” thought we got from Jimmy Buffett about a safe way for all Parrothead beach lover folks to say hello to each other without having to shake hands, or elbow bump.  The old “fin” thing might take off for folks who love sand and margaritas.  Here’s Jimmy’s VIDEO of what to do.



Like those in New Orleans jammed up in the street in their St. Pat outfits. Or the moron owner here in Nashville refusing to shut his bars on Lower Broadway…Tootsie’s, Rippys, and Kid Rock's place.  He finally changed his mind after folks pretty much let him have it on the “socials”.  AND…the Mayor of NYC went into a public gym yesterday saying, “I live in the regular world”.  Uh huh.  How do you call this a “normal” world?  And aren’t you supposed to be an example for NYC?  Things that make you shake your head.



More and more and more folks are doing that for sure.  I never thought about how folks remember to put their clothes on if their working online…doing a video thing with their boss or anyone else.  TV anchors routinely wear a suit and tie but sometimes below the desk they may be wearing shorts and tennis shoes.  So, makeup and decent clothes are probably in order instead of your pajamas or bed hair when you Facetime your boss. Think Drivers License picture.  Avoid that if you can.



Companies with elevators are installing foot buttons.  Instead of using your finger to hit a germ covered elevator button you can hit up or down with the touch of your foot on a pair of buttons near the floor.  I’ve been practicing foot dialing on my cell phone. Hey…if I can butt dial…I’m sure I can master this too.



I do want to congratulate my talented young friend Lauren Mascitti who chose a song from another old friends catalog last night to advance to the next round out in Hollywood on American Idol last night.  She chose the Crystal Gayle classic “Brown Eyes Blue”.  Lauren is a huge fan of Crystal’s and she did herself and Crystal proud with this PERFORMANCE.  More to come for Miss Lauren.  Happy for ya girl.



Nope, Tom Brady will not be playing for our Tennessee Titans.  Lots of rumors that he would hook up with his old friend Mike Vrable who’s our head coach.  But yesterday we signed Ryan Tannehill…last years QB who replaced Marcus Mariotta and took us to the AFC Championship game against the Chiefs.  Tannehill replaced young first draft choice Marcus Mariota who just signed with Jon Gruden and the Oakland…soon to be Nevada Raiders or whatever they will call them.  I’m rooting for Gruden to improve Mariota’s game since he’s such a CLASS individual.  Nope…we ain’t gonna be “The Brady Bunch” whenever the NFL kicks into gear again. 



“Man Reserved 1,831 Stadium Seats To Have More Space And Then Cancelled”.  Yep…no games to see pal.  I’m betting this guy hoarded toilet paper too.



I’ll be lining up Skype appointments today and then figuring out what to watch on Netflix.  It’s either that or work on my invention idea. A thermometer to measure cabin fever. 


Have a great Tuesday.





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