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One Last Song...Corona Tunes...Good Pies

Mar 16 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning and so far I’m still not having to blog with a surgical mask on.  So I’ve got that going for me.



Well, before I sorta kinda quarantined with my wife in the house all weekend I did get a cool new song writer with Gerald Smith and Janelle Arthur at my publishing company. That will be the last co-write for awhile unfortunately.  But I’m thankful we got that song written on Friday for sure.


Interestingly enough, next door that same morning  I could hear three friends Jerry Salley, Brtittany Taylor and Kinsey Rose working on a Coronavirus song. And I’m betting a lot of writers are doing the same. Take a look at this VIDEO and hear what they were writing.  Yep...it's come to this for writers.



Saturday I got a text from a very funny Trop Rock singer-writer Matt Hoggatt down in Mississippi.  A year ago Matt, myself and my long time beach “nut” buddy Brent Burns played the “Fools On Stools” event in New Orleans for Pardis Gras. Way too funny to be legal.  Matt texted me and Brent the start of an idea on a Coronavirus song and asked if we wanted to help write it?  Well, it’s Saturday afternoon, there’s no sports on TV…Brent’s doing his laundry in Gulf Shores, so back and forth the texts went until we had written the idea.  And it is pretty danged funny.  Right now Matt is contemplating maybe putting up a quick video of him singing it on Facebook and or recording it to quickly get it to a few Trop Rock radio stations to see if they might not want to give it a few spins while it’s topical in the “Tropical” world.  I’ll let ya know.  It was a fun way to kill a couple of hours on quarantine Saturday for sure.


And for your entertainment in your quarantined house today...do watch this VIDEO of Matt Hoggatt and how a simple song about loving Jimmy Buffett changed my policeman-songwriter friends life.



I’m not worried about there being no toilet paper because of the idiots who are hoarding two-ply.  That’s because, and my wife reminded me…we have a dang bidet.  I’ve never once used it.  But, we’re covered…literally. Now if you can’t afford a bidet I have the answer…but I’m hesitant to reveal it for fear that the same toilet paper Armageddon nut balls will make a run on water hoses.  Sort of a redneck bidet but it beats leafs and corn-cobs and Sears catalog pages.



Tourism is going to take a hit…already a hit in Nashville.  The Mayor ask bar owners to shut down Lower Broadway last night and asked for limited seating at all restaurants.  I can see that becoming mandatory as one rich bar owner here owns maybe six major honky-tonks on Lower Broadway and at last report he won’t shut down unless our Governor orders him too. Wow.  Ever see the TV show “Greed”?  This guy could be a star on it soon.  I get the loss of huge money…I think we all do.  But money or lives?  C’mon.


The Academy of Country Music Awards show scheduled to be on in a few weeks finally pulled their plug too.  



And as much as I hated too…I’ve cancelled everything on my calendar.  Shows, writing appointments…everything for now with the exception of being on air this Friday morning on WSM Radio where I hope we get to talk about anything but the virus. Today my wife and I have to make a run to the grocery store…can’t imagine what that experience might be like and then we’ll settle in and wait like a lot of the country.  We’re going to become best friends with Netflix and Prime I think.  We watched a Mark Wahlberg cop movie yesterday “Spenser” that was not awful. Warning...if you're ears bruise easily from colorful language you migh want to pull up something on the Disney Channel instead.   Considering how much time I’m going to have on my hands, look for regular movie reviews here.



6 feet distance…that’s what they say.  So the question is, if you live in one of those “all the rage” tiny houses we see on TV with your family…is it even possible to keep 6 feet of distance?  



The Godfather movie is now 48 years old.  Many think it’s the greatest movie ever made…it’s certainly in most critics top 10 at the very least.


Here’s one oddity from that classic.  Sylvester Stallone didn’t get a part and was crushed.  He went home and wrote “Rocky” and hired Talia Shire who played the Godfather’s daughter to play his wife “Adrian” in Rocky.  Things worked out.



I did not write this, but it made me smile when I read it.  “Isn’t it ironic that the price of gas is so low at a time when we don’t need it”?  Yep.



Congrats to my friends Ayla Brown and Rob Bellamy who moved out east several months ago for Ayla to take a position with a morning radio show in Boston. I got to know the couple here in Nashville when they lived really close to me and we started writing songs together. I’m happy to say that three of these co-writes are on their brand new album that’s just been released titled “Make It Mean Something”.  And if you’re curious here’s ONE of the three we wrote



NASA is hiring Astronauts.  Sign up.  Private flights are coming.  And if you want to propel into space one of those Elon Musk rockets?  It will cost you just $55 million.



This ARTICLE points out what they think the best pie is in your state.  Now, I’m not a big pie guy.  But if I chose for me I’d probably go with lemon or the peanut butter pie you can buy at the Oyster House in Gulf Shores, Alabama that puts 20 pounds on your hips with one serving.


Some of the states you might guess…like Key Lime for Florida.  I looked up my home state of Missouri.  According to these folks it’s caramel apple pecan levee high pie.  Never heard of it but apparently it was one of Oprah’s favorite things in 2011.  Sounds sinful.


In my current state of Tennessee?  Coconut Cream.  I hate coconut so that’s out.  If you’re curious about yours click on the article link.



Nothing...nada...zilch.  Quarantined.  Have a great Monday.



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