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Spring Weather...Tourist Traps...St. Pats Weekend

Got yer green on?  Bring on St. Patty's Day weekend.



Steve Dean and I got together and wrote a new song yesterday that was inspired by something someone said to him in a hateful way.  Steve was just sharing that conversation with me as we were looking for something to write about when the song title just popped out of is mouth talking about that experience he had the day before with a person who was obviously in a bad place and foul mood all at the same time.


The song has nothing to do with that person...but we're grateful for those few words that were uttered that went from this lady to Steve's ears to mine that helped create a pretty cool song yesterday.  Proof again one has to be careful what they sound around songwriters.


And I do hope this lady finds some calm and peace in her life soon...she needs it.  Thanks for the idea.



It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Nashville yesterday so after wrapping up my writing session I hit a local park to go for a walk.  I saw two signs of Spring.  Flowers blooming alongside the water being one of those.







The second one?  Boys playing pitch and catch getting ready for a High School baseball game.  So I got to hear one of my favorite sounds while walking...a baseball hitting a catchers mitt...and I found time to stop and smell the flowers.  Spring if officially here Tuesday...but you could not convince me it wasn't already Spring yesterday.






And...I did see some of the basketball games.  As always...couple of great upsets in the early round.  Today...we have first round games here in Music City and I have three teams I can root for.  My home state Missouri plays today and so do two teams from Cincinnati that I followed when I was doing radio in the Queen City...Xavier and UC.  Lot of Cincinnati folks in town.  I hope some you guys brought some Skyline Chili with you!


One old acquaintance sent me a Facebook message letting me know he was in town rooting on UC today.  During the back and forth conversation came the possibility of doing a show back in Cincinnati at one of their great festivals.  I'd be all for that.  Stay tuned.



iHeart Radio has officially declared they owe a lot of money to a lot of people.  They are one of the biggest if not the biggest conglomerates owning hundreds of radio stations across the country.  Terrestrial radio is in trouble.  Streaming and on demand is taking it's toll.  Especially for younger listeners who want what they want when they want it.  Right now.  


It would be so great to hear radio stations that cater to their own backyards and not be driven by investors and the stock market.  Maybe if we're lucky some of these radio stations will be sold to individual owners again who can program their own radio stations.  I'm blessed to work at WSM with all it's history.  It's the ONLY radio station Gaylord owns...and it's truly unique which makes it pleasure to be part of. 


Here's to more of those kind of radio stations in the future...that aren't all programmed by a few individuals and consultants and are left beholding to stock holders.  It was just be nice to drive across the country again and not hear the same radio station over and over and over.



Toys R Us.  Every store is going to shut down it looks like.  Online sales have pretty much killed the Giraffe. At the same time I'm reading that they are shutting down this big toy store for lack of sales...I read that weapon sales...as in military weapons is up...way up.  Toys of a more serious nature unfortunately are doing great.  Do they buy tanks and planes online too?



Vacation plans are being drawn for many which made me take a good look at the worst tourist stops in each state.  I disagreed with a couple...especially them naming Epcot at Disneyworld in Florida.  My absolute fave of the four parks there.  What's that all about?


I do agree with Graceland here in Tennessee.  Aww man...thank ya...thank ya very much.  Never gone...just not my thing.


But in Kansas...how could one NOT stop to see the world's largest ball of twine if you were anywhere near?  Ya gotta stop to see that!


If you're curious...check your own state HERE



"Woman Who Really Believes In Bigfoot Sues To Prove He's Real".  It should be interesting to see the evidence she submits in court.



Well...it's St. Patricks Day weekend.  Between that and the NCAA Basketball games here...downtown Nashville is going to be a really fun place to be...or...avoid depending upon the person.  Me?  I think I'll eat a bowl of Lucky Charms on my couch and watch the games on the Big Screen. 


Have a great weekend!


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