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The Florida Trip...Peach Pickers...No Facebook

Mar 15 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Wide awake in Valdosta, Georgia without a peach in sight.



Our Evening In The Round trio with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and me hit the road for Florida.  Tonight we have a show about 2 hours away from where we bedded down here in Valdosta which is the home city  “The Georgia Peaches, three great songwriters that include Ben Hayslip, Dallas Davidson and Rhett Akins.  And Rhett is the son of Thomas Rhettt.  So there’s a little good creative mojo in this town for sure.


If you're curious...Ben Hayslip wrote THIS.  Rhett Akins wrote THIS and Dallas Davidson wrote THIS song.  Just one of a string of hits the trio has penned for other folks. 


We actually breezed through Hotlanta which is always a blessing when that happens as traffic there is always slow and backed up. 


Speaking of breeze…yes…we did feel a bit of those winds on I-65 South that happened as a result of that cyclone bomb Jim Cantore was talking about.  However…it did not blow us over as it did one semi-truck yesterday.  That’s a good thing.


So we got a great nights sleep and we’ll be in Jacksonville by early afternoon ready for sound check and a show tonight at the Mudville Grill.  We’re looking forward to seeing some old friends there and making some new friends. 


Then Saturday morning Linda will teach a “Performance Class” there and I’ll teach a 2 hour songwriting class that afternoon before we re-load and head to Homestead for a final show Sunday afternoon.


It’s going to be a very busy year with my friends here with PA, Montana, Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, New Mexico and other places coming up.



Our drive from Nashville to Valdosta yesterday went faster because of a phone call and then a separate text letting me know that some songs that I helped write look to be on the recording list for a couple of projects this year from artists that I admire.  I don’t want to jinx it…because sometimes folks tell you they’re going to record your song, then change their mind before it comes out.  So a lot of writers I know have learned not to celebrate maturely.  It’s just kind of weird that way.  But my fingers are firmly crossed and I’m pleased that these two separate artists like the songs so much.


Here’s an example of how heartbreaking being a songwriter can be.  I have a great friend I write with who got a cut on the Tim McGraw album.  Tim actually recorded this GREAT song so all is well right?  Not so much. 


Artists now routinely go in studio and over-cut, meaning they record more songs than they can use for an album.  That means there’s a meeting and folks decided what the FINAL songs will be and some don’t make it…like my friends.


The worst part was…my friend…a GREAT songwriter has never heard that recording and probably won’t.  Could be that Tim just didn’t really capture it in studio…and that happens too.  And if you ever heard the writer do this song you’d be saying, “why has THAT not been recorded”??


It happens…it’s crazy, fun, heartbreaking, wonderful, drive you crazy creative occupation. 



Certainly one shakes their head at reading of the latest shooting…this one in beautiful New Zealand…one of those places I’d love to visit.  Proof that violence visits everywhere I suppose.  One of my co-writer friends Ayla Brown visits there once in a while, as her Father is the US Ambassador there.  I can only imagine what he and she are both thinking.  It is just an unfortunate fact that it goes on and on and that we know full well that this is just the latest. 



Opening Day for baseball is truly just around the corner and I’m ready.  Now the MLB tells us that this years Home Run Derby at the All Star game will give the winner $1 MILLION!  This years All Star Game will be at Yankee Stadium and that kind of prize may put some of the major stars back in that competition that have kind of stayed out of it the past several years.  Some because they fear injury swing a bat that hard that many times.  A million bucks might make a bad back worth it.  Put me in coach!



Now we have something being tagged as “Unimoons”.  That would be a bride and groom saying “I Do” and then taking separate honeymoons…not with each other.  The reason?  Sometimes they can’t agree on where they want to go…so they go separately…without each other. 


I’m guessing if that really catches on with enough couples that we’ll soon be hearing this word.  “Unidivorce”.



The new Corvette car they are rolling out is reportedly so dang fast that it’s frame warps.  It has a twin turbo charged, 8-cylinder engine that can generate 900 to 1,000 horsepower.  Wow.  Engineers are working the bugs out.  Does everyone get a NASCAR driver with a purchase?



If you lost Facebook like a lot of us did for 24 hours or so…know that they are blaming it on a reset that led to a massive outage. 


It was extremely hard not seeing on video of a cat playing a piano, or what my friends were eating for dinner or any posted inspirational notes borrowed from other folks that make such a big difference in our lives.  Right. 


I think the only cut and past inspirational quote I’ve ever seen on a social media page that stuck with me was “You Can Lead A Horse To Water, But If You Can Get Him To Roll Over And Float…Ya Got Something.”





St. Patrick’s Day is the weekend…green beer and leprechauns.  We’ll be playing on St. Pats Day and won’t participate by eating Lucky Charms or drinking green beer…but I’ll leave you a funny St. Pats song from my comedic friend Heywood Banks that always makes me laugh.  It has an Irish feel for sure…”Trauma To The Groin”.  That’s right…”Trauma To The Groin”.  See if you don’t laugh a bit too.


And Sunday back home in Nashville we’ll find out if our little basketball team will be selected for the March Madness, which is about to ensue.  C’mon Bruins!


Have a great weekend!






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