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Back To Fairly Normal...Jimmy On Broadway...March Madness

Back to semi-normal this morning.



I finished up a three day morning run on WSM radio filling in for the regular morning host Bill Cody.  That meant going back in time and setting an EARLY alarm and taking naps each of those days.  So...my body is asking me..."what were ya thinking"? 


But...the fun of doing morning radio again outweighs the lack of sleep for sure.  I had some great guests in studio this week including the Willis Clan, Shawn Camp, Lauren Mascitti, and Colm Kirwan.  If those names are unfamiliar to you...click on any of the links to hear some of what heard up close and personal this week in the WSM studios.  Thanks to all for dropping by...and thanks to both Charlie Mattos and Frank Seres for producing and hanging on air with me.


And my thanks to my co-writer cowboy pal from Oklahoma Paul Bogart who shared his story of is wife delivering their second child in the car while flying down the highway at 100 mph last Thursday evening.  Un-assisted...out pops baby.  The hospital was waiting on them...but by the time they got there...the second boy for the Bogart's was out in the world.  Congrats to both Paul and Tanya on having a second child they can now sing this SONG to that Paul and I wrote last year that he included on his latest CD "Leather". 




A new statistic tells us that since the year 2000...CD sales have dropped 90%!  Wow.  It's all about on demand...and streaming these days.  No longer do many of us hold a physical product in our hands.  Pretty tough challenge trying to write liner notes on a stream.  Thank goodness vinyl record sales continue to make a comeback.



Of course yesterday was Pi Day...and a lot of folk were eating their favorite pie while trying to figure out again what Pi is.  And it was school walkout day.  A radio friend of mine shared the thought that if they told the kids they had to protest on a Saturday...you'd find out the truth about how much they really wanted to protest as opposed to just skipping class.  Make your own call on that.



Not a lot of folks know that my wife Kathy does some film-video work every now and then.  Tonight...she as a part in a video being shot for this new song from Jake Owen "I Was Jack, You Were Diane".  So congrats to my wife.  I'll let ya know when the video is out so you can look and cheer for her.


I've always wanted to do a video on my song I wrote with Brent Burns, "She's Trailer Park Sexy To Me" but my wife refuses to participate in that video.  Sometimes the woman just has no taste.





I read an article that claims a hot bath burns as many calories as a brisk walk.  Finally...a diet program I can get behind.  I have no idea if that's really true...but I'm gonna make believe it is and use a loofah sponge with vigor from now on.  I'll be looking like Barney Fife in three months.



Khloe Kardashian just spent $6,000 dollars for a Versace diaper bag.  Same stuff goes in that as well as a plastic bag from Wal Mart.  Can't even imagine what she spent on the diamond encrusted binky.



I may have to actually go catch a musical on Broadway now that Jimmy Buffett's life is a musical.  "Escape To Margaritaville" is getting ready to start.  Look for a New York City theater to be filled with Parrot Heads wearing inflatable shark suits.  It will certainly be a colorful crowd.  I'm sure Jimmy is amazed at how he started singing songs in Key West that married the beach lifestyle that then launched an empire that just keeps growing.  And with all his success and money...the man still plays barefoot on stage in beach shorts. 



If I ever go to Tokyo I will not stop at the Cafe that houses snakes in cages to look at while you dine.  Nope.  "I'll have the Python Pork Chops" with a side of "Garter Gumbo".  Uh...no.



"She Found A Dating App On Her Boyfriend's Phone And Then She Bought A Samurai Sword".  So if he doesn't answer...you'll know why.



Off to write with my long time friend Steve Dean...been awhile.  And then...well...I'm gonna have to check out some of the basketball which begins in earnest today...March Madness for sure. 


And...mid 60's with sun here today...so hopefully I can find time to try to get a walk in and add some sun on my legs that look to be sponsored by "Elmer's Paste".  Yep...a tad white...or whyte in my case.


Have a great Thursday!

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