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Lotta Writing...Pie...and Florida Trip Today

Mar 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Bags packed for a Florida road trip.  I’m hurrying to put up a blog this morning before heading to Jacksonville and eventually Homestead.  So here we go.



My New York folks had me parody the Chris Janson hit “Buy Me A Boat” into “Buy Me A Coach” which speaks to those celebs in trouble over the school scandal going on right now. For the record my parents never paid for me to become a Central Missouri State University MULE. They figured correctly that I could make a jackass out of myself for free.  It’s pretty much worked out as they planned.


Then it was off to write with one of my favorite set of co-writers Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry.  I was on a short timetable with them yesterday as I had to see a doctor about an ear so we figured we might need to just start something then finish it later.  But Jimmy who plays great guitar melodies started riffing on something upstairs in his writing room and the next thing you know words started spilling out and we finished a new song in just a couple of hours which is not normal for the three us.  But I love the song…and even when we have days that we struggle spilling words on to paper with music…I always love their company. 


Jimmy is all over the country this year performing as he always does…and Sydni is getting ready to go into rehearsals and then go out on the 2019 tour with her boss Carrie Underwood.


Good good folks living busy creative lives.



And we had a not surprise last evening when my daughter Heather and her military husband Casey dropped by for dinner driving down from Clarksville.  Always a treat these days when that happens.  Heather was happy to hear that they grounded the 737’s as she’s a flight attendant and there’s obviously been a lot of talk about the new planes that have been involved in a couple of tragic crashes.  As parents…we’re happy to hear that news too until they figure out what’s going on for sure. 


A whole bunch of flights got cancelled period with that weather cyclone going through part of the country.  3,000 or more flights did not take off…737 or otherwise.  I’m pretty sure the words “flying” and “cyclone” never go well together.


And this Sunday Casey's folks are driving from Miami to see our "Evening In The Round" show down in Homestead, FLA.  It will be good to see them.



I also put a new show on my calendar for May 23…a Thursday night here in Nashville at the Listening Room Café with my “Hits & Grins” trio Steve Dean and Victoria Venier.  It’s been awhile since we’ve played in Music City so this will be a treat.  If you’re in town…this is a great listening environment to be in…and the food is good too.  Make a reservation and come join us if you’re in town May 23.



A guy in Florida (where I’m headed) just landed a 98 pound grouper!  That be one big fish…and will make for a lot of seafood dinners down there.  I have not read the entire story but I’m guessing he did not use a plastic worm or a Lucky 13 which were my “go to” plugs as a kid fishing off the banks in Missouri. 


Just talking about fishing which I never do anymore brings back memories of my Grandfather Whyte making his own fishing plugs and giving some of those to his grandkids like me.  When you’re young…you don’t realize the significance of that.  They weren’t as “cool” looking as a store bought fishing lure to kids and I don’t remember ever catching a fish on one.  But all these years later…those are another one of those “things” from my past I wish I’d have had the sense to hold onto along with my baseball cards and that 1968 Gibson Hummingbird.  Sigh.



All those Dale Earnhardt racing cars.  They are selling some of those this weekend to the highest bidder. There will surely be no shortage of buyers for those.


It’s funny.  When I first came to Nashville to do the morning show at WSM-FM Radio one of my Program Directors was knee deep into NASCAR.  I hardly knew a thing about it.  Never followed or watched the races.  But at that time in particular…racing was king in the south.  Everyone had their favorite driver and Dale Earnhardt was a HUGE favorite.  So when he died I got a real education on how passionate folks were about him.


They celebrated his life in a big way at the big Arena in downtown Nashville.  My radio station helped cover that even that drew thousands of race fans who came to pay tribute to their guy.  Vince Gill sang “Go Rest High On That Mountain”.  I represented the radio station and walked to the podium in that massive place and read a letter that Dale Jr. wrote about his Father.  A Dale Senior car was on display in the concourse. 


After the ceremony six people were selected to push Dale’s car out of the arena and down lower Broadway here in Nashville to the hauler down by the Cumberland River to take that car home to North Carolina.  And it was there that I really UNDERSTOOD the passion of NASCAR fans. 


As we slowly pushed the #3 car down several blocks the sidewalks were packed with fans snapping pictures.  Some walked out crying just to touch the car.  Flashbulbs popped everywhere on that warm summer night.  And then a HUGE crowd walked out and followed us slowly the last couple of blocks until the car was loaded.


A memory I’ll never forget and from that point forward…I started watching NASCAR a little more.  And today I'm wondering if one of the cars they are selling this weekend is the one I helped push home that nigh.



It’s Pi Day…that mathematical thing being celebrated that I’ve never understood.  Don’t forget I’m the guy who put off a college required “general math” class until my very last semester because I hated math so much and was miserable at it. 


However…today there are more people enjoying delicious PIE than wondering about the significance of PI.  And with that…my choice for best pie I ever ate?  I’ll take the Summit Diner in Somerset, Pennsylvania that our Evening In The Round show visited last year. 


Ya get a counter stool…at a dang diner and the display case if full of high layered home made pies.  Delicious.  And somehow pie always taste better in a diner.



Here we go.  My ride picks me up in a few so it’s time to do final packing and then we start a long drive to Jacksonville where tomorrow night we have an “Evening In The Roud” show followed by two workshops that Linda Davis and I will teach on Saturday.  And then Sunday we have a matinee show in Homestead Florida.


It’s a long trip but the miles fly when you’re riding with great friends.  We hope to see some y’all along the way.


Have a great Thursday!






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