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Late At WSM...Triangle Dancing...Road Trip To Florida

Mar 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Up late last night…up early this morning for a busy day of writing and packing for Florida.



My morning started off by writing about something I knew zero about.  That actually happens quite a bit as a writer.  My creative bosses at United Stations in New York ask me to write a parody song about a new “trending” craze called Triangle Dance.  Yep…never heard of it.  Three people together hopping around in some kind of crazy dance. Makes me miss the Macarena…and I thought I’d never say that.


That led to re-writing the Lee Ann Womack hit “I Hope You Dance” into “Triangle Dance”.  I thought to myself how ironic that was since just a few afternoons ago on WSM Radio I interviewed one half of the writing team that wrote that smash hit for Lee Ann.  Her name is Tia Sillers.  She’d surely be tickled at how I destroyed her song yesterday…I think.



It was up late again working on WSM Radio.  Really late this time as I did not go “live” on air until the Tuesday night Opry wrapped up that was featuring Trisha Yearwood last night as Trisha and the Opry were celebrating her 20th anniversary as a member.  The Opry would normally wrap up at 9:15 but it went long last night because her husband showed up.  And Garth went out and sang…they’ll let him do that ya know.  So by the time he and she were done with that it was about 9:30 pm before I cracked open my microphone.


But…from then until midnight last night I had a blast largely because my friend and co-writer Tamara Stewart joined me in studio to play songs from her new CD “The Truth, The Music and Me” that has our “Dear Hometown” song on it.  She was great as is this CD and she’s getting ready to tour England for 2 and a half months to help promote her project…and our song that is a blend of our two hometowns…hers in Australia mine in Missouri.  And apparently we had a lot of folks and fans of hers listening in at 2 or 3 am their time across the pond as they would say.  A very fun late night.



All of a sudden this year the weather term “bomb cyclone” has appeared.  And they’re calling for one today for a large part of the country causing some airports to already be shut down.  70-100 mph winds in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma (where they are already use to tornados)  They say this could be like a category 2 hurricane and none of these places are near water.  Winter is apparently going out in “roaring” style and gave us a new phrase to boot.



The best way to get your kid into an elite college is to be really rich.  And then pay bribes.  Disappointing…but it’s a long time truth apparently.  Ya know the kid is rich when they pull up to math class in a Porsche at 18.  And so it goes.



I don’t know if you have to be rich to afford a purse with two wine spouts on it…but it’s available if you have the dough.  I’m guessing one spout is red the other is white?


I’ll be developing a beer fanny pack in the very near future.



Well…the Fox is in the Disney henhouse as those two companies are merging together.  Can’t wait to see Mickey follow Hannity with his political takes.  “Fair and Balanced” animation is on the way folks.



I was always more of a “Leno” guy than “Letterman” even though I thought Letterman was great.  Different era of late night talk shows.  Carson…Leno…didn’t bang politics.  And Leno came out saying yesterday that he thinks the current late night shows are too political.  Couldn’t agree more. 


It’s proof that I’m really old school…I know.  But I was more comfortable watching Johnny Carson interview Don Rickles than I am of Colbert going off on political comedic diatribes.  When exactly did politics become “entertainment”?



Actually…I’ rather watch a baseball game…any baseball game over Late Night TV anyway.  Now there’s a 37 year old guy they’ve found who can throw a baseball 98 mph!  Sounds like the “Rookie” movie all over again…and you’ve not seen Dennis Quaid in “The Rookie”…you should watch.  It’s more than a movie about baseball.  It’s about achieving goals and dreams without letting your age fence you in.


And now this guy from Ohio who had a run at baseball but didn’t make it…may be back because he can throw 98 mph!  Cool story for sure.  Here’s a LINK to his amazing story in case you’re a baseball nut like me. 



There’s a lot of buzz at the Disney Parks because of the new Star Wars stuff getting ready to cause long lines.  Universal has their own new thing coming.  A full immersion Harry Potter ride which looks very cool. 


My wife and I did the Hogwarts thing a couple of years ago at Universal and it’s worth seeing for sure.  Get you a Butter Beer that they sell and a wand at the wand shop and have fun.  Should be more fun now with this NEW RIDE.



He’s getting ready to host an “edgier” version of “America’s Funniest Home Videos”…making a comeback.  Everything old is new again.  Surprised that “Full House” Bob Saget is going to be edgy?


I had him on my radio show in Nashville years ago and off mike he informed me that his Full House acting thing was an acting thing.  His standup comedy routine?  Edgy.  In fact Bob Saget could hang with sailors in a nautical bar I’m sure.


It’s who folks are when the lights and cameras go off that reveals who the person is as opposed to the actor or actress you seen on the screen.



The folks who supposedly know say Vienna Austria is the best place to live.  It’s won 10 years in a row now.  Wow.  Before you move do know that you have to be able to waltz before they allow you to live there.



“Naked Carpenter Convicted With 10 Counts Of Indecent Exposure”.  He did have a tool belt on though.  I’m guessing it’s kind of a weather vane look if he’s up roofing your house.



A full day starting with a songwriting appointment with Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry and then I’m home packing for the Florida trip with Linda Davis and Lang Scott. Our “Evening In The Round” show plays in Jacksonville Friday night.  Saturday Linda and I are both teaching classes.  She teaches “performance” class…I teach songwriting class.  And then Sunday we have a matinee show all the way down in Homestead, Florida before I fly back home on Monday.  All the details for those shows and others are easily found on my calendar here on the website.


Have a great Wednesday!









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