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Great Kentucky Show...WSM Tonight & Dear Hometown

Mar 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello you busy Tuesday that ends with a late late night on WSM Radio.



I had songwriters show up in Bowling Green, Kentucky that could not have been more fun.  Dan Modlin is a songwriter who lives up there and he hosts a songwriters round every few weeks.  Steve Dean and myself were his featured writers last night and we played to a great crowd in an intimate environment.  Two young writers that Steve and I write with…Laney Meredith who is on American Idol this year, and Sydni Perry who I’ve mentioned here on numerous occasions.


Laney got up and sang a song she wrote with me and Steve titled “Ear Of God” that danged near brought the house down.  Girl can sing.  I’ve watched her grow from a 12 year old girl into a young woman in college who just keeps getting better and better.  Laney actually brought the idea of writing something with her Grandpa in it and that’s what we wrote.  In her conversation with God she asks, “how’s grandpa doing, tell him I miss him, are there rivers in heaven, where you take him fishing, and if there is save a pole for me”.  Just a great little moment last night and we appreciate Laney coming out.


And then another song about the Grandpa of Hillary Scott with Lady Antebellum was sung by Sydney Perry “Safe Haven” that went on the Hillary Scott & The Scott Family album “Love Remains” that won a Grammy a couple of years ago.  It was a treat to have Sydni get and sing this song that we wrote with Jimmy Fortune and Hillary and have her talk about the song a bit too.  Truly a pro…Sydni is getting ready to be gone some as she starts rehearing for the next Carrie Underwood tour that she’s part of…singing background vocals and playing fiddle for Carrie.  Sydni has one of my favorite voices in this town and it’s just always a pleasure to hear her sing.


Just a great night last night at Lost River Cave in Bowling Green.  Thank you Dan for having me.



So folks at the top of the political world are suggesting full time Daylight Savings Time.  Count me in.  I’ve never gotten why we roll clocks back and then forward especially after living in Indiana for a couple of years where they ignored it.  Just like I don’t get how gas goes up and down in pricing with no real explanation.  Or why the Kardashian clan is worth a Billion.  Leave the clock alone…please.



So I read a headline this morning, “10 Reasons Your Food Never Tastes As Good As Your Grandma’s Did”  I did not have to read the article to have the answer.  It’s because they used lard, and butter, and grease and all those taste good things healthy folks now try to eliminate.  Biscuits and Gravy have given way to kale in a blender.  I’m sure it’s healthy…but there’s still nothing better than waking up to the sound and smell of bacon frying.  Sigh.  Those were the days.



MSN released 50 countries where folks live the longest.  Hopefully it’s because they fry something ever now and then.  #5 Spain  #4 Switzerland  #3Macao (China)  #2Japan and numero uno for living the longest?  Hong Kong.


I’ll be in Switzerland briefly this year on a tour with my friend Brent Burns.  Hopefully it will add just a few years more to my life just by being there.



Consumer Reports put out a list of must have features if you buy a new car.  Been a looong while since I bought a brand new one.  I’ve got a little Toyota Rav I’ve driven the wheels off of that now has 250,00 miles on it.  It has few of the features Consumer Reports suggest having.


The one that grabbed my attention most is a WiFi hotspot in the car with a wireless charging pad.  Makes it easier watch You Tube and Text WHILE you’re driving you know.  Here’s the FULL REPORT of “must have features” if you’re curious.



Word is that Hollyweird folks are considering a sequel for Bohemian Rhapsody.  Where would the story go after showing Freddy Mercury died?  I dunno.  Sometimes leaving excellence alone is not a bad idea. 



A man lost at sea saved his own life by using his jeans as a flotation device.  Wow.  It can be done.  And here’s the VIDEO to show you how in case you’re ever afloat all by yourself in the Atlantic.  It would be just my luck that the ONE time I fall in the ocean I’m wearing slacks.



“Plane Returns To Terminal Because A Woman Forgot She Left Her Baby In The Departure Lounge” 


Proof maybe that not everyone should fly.  Next time she should do the right thing and check her kid.



I’m off to write with my friend Lang Scott this morning and then I’ll be in a dentist chair trying not to squirm. 


And then LATE tonight I’ll be on WSM Radio right after the Tuesday Night Opry wraps up and hang on air from 9-Midnight.  And I have a special guest coming.  My Aussie friend Tamara Stewart will join me “live” in studio and we’ll promote her great new album “The Truth, The Music & Me”.  Tamara included “Dear Hometown” that we wrote together which is partly about her hometown in Australia and partly about mine growing up in Montgomery City, Missouri.  We may very well debut that song tonight on air so tune in worldwide at wsmonline.com


And here’s something really cool.  Tamara is doing this PODCAST about her project and the stories behind each song.  Click on the link and hear the back story and a bit of this song that I love so much.  And thank you Tamara for recording this and sharing your story!



Have a great Tuesday!




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