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Clocks Forward...Wrasslin'...Show Tonight In KY

Mar 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

After a LOT of rain on Saturday yesterday was a postcard day in Music City.  Maybe the last kick in the pants from ole man winter I hope.



I want to thank my friends Darin and Brooke Aldridge who stopped by the WSM studios when I was on air Friday afternoon to hang out with me.  Such a great talented young couple and it was our first time to visit on air together.  They’ve recorded 5 of my songs through the past years including “I’m Going Under” which was up for a big IBMA Bluegrass Award last year.  It didn’t win…but Brooke won “Female Vocalist Of The Year” for the second year in a row. 


These days the two are all over the country playing shows and they’ve become regular guests on the Grand Ole Opry for good reason.  They certainly deserve the success they are having.  With clocks springing forward this weekend (you did reset yours right?) we played a song that Lisa Shaffer and I wrote for them titled “Trying To Make Clocks Slow Down”.  Perfect timing.


Blessed to know such great folks and have them work me into their busy schedule Friday afternoon and make it to the Opryland Hotel to be with me.



Yesterday my wife and I took in the film “Fighting With My Family” after my daughter suggested we see it.  Very fun.  I’m not a WWE wrestling fan but this true story of a blue-collar English girl making it as a WWE Diva was very fun and another reminder in a fun way that with hard work dreams can come true.  Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” produced and starred in it along with Vince Vaughn and a cast of English actors who were great.  If you go…wait on the credits to see the real family.



I got confirmation of another show date with “Evening In The Round” starring Linda Davis, with Lang Scott and me.  Friday night August 2nd we’ll be in Toccoa, Georgia at the Ritz Theater which is one of those great old small town theaters that’s been restored.  Love those kinds of places.  All the details will be up on my calendar soon.



My friend Kevin Stone from Cincinnati married to Lisa Shaffer Stone who used to be part of my “Hits & Grins” trio texted me over the weekend just to make me jealous.  He was in Phoenix watching the Reds and Spring Training baseball and moving around to the different parks out in the desert.  Jealous!  And I told him so.  He reminded me that it was me who made HIM jealous a couple of years running by posting pictures when I was out there in the sun with the Boys of Summer running the bases.  Great experience for any baseball fan. 


I’m already making a note for next year to remind myself to carve out some time for a return out there.



Sometimes ya just sit down at McDonald’s at 5 am in the morning and hear conversations you can’t forget.  Two very Tennessee guys in their bibs over coffee and one says to the other, “You can’t let your catfish get cold”.


I think I’m going to make a T-shirt with that on it. 



It’s been a long long good round for the stock market despite all the warnings that it’s gonna correct.  Here’s how good it’s been for investors over the last TEN years or so. A $10,000 investment in the stock market 10 years go would be worth$50,000 today.  $100,000 in the stock market would have given you a $400,000 profit. 


I know nothing really about stocks and money except it’s good to have some of both.  Best advice I ever heard from our guy was, “just leave it alone, when you’re ready for it you’ll have more than you put in”. 


Now with all that said…you just know that tomorrow the market will dive 1,000 points.



For those with big stock market money here’s something you can drop some of your new profits on. Bugatti just rolled out this CAR.  It will only cost you $19 million.  That means that Kylie Jenner just bought 10 of them.



I’m not sure this is on the Keto diet but it should be on my “eato” diet.  At IHOP now you can order oreo cookie pancakes with cup cream icing.  Do ya just go full blown diabetic and pour the syrup on top too?



A woman in Japan celebrated her 116th birthday over the weekend.  116!  I’m hoping she’ll tell us that the secret to live is eating a tall stack of oreo cookie pancakes.



In Finland they have opened an all you can eat ice cream hotel.  Uh huh.  Wonder if they let you stay Sundae for free??  Just asking.



How bout the story of the South African guy who was snorkeling and got swallowed by a whale like ole Jonah?  True story.  The whale was on a sardine feeding frenzy and mistakenly swallowed the 51 year old guy who was lucky that the whale spit him back out and he’s fine…with quite the story to tell.  And they got video and pictures of the whole thing.


Remind me to never go snorkeling again.



I’m prepping for a songwriter show tonight in Bowling Green, Kentucky with my long time friend Steve DeanDan Modlin is the host of this show and he’ll join us at Lost River Cave in Bowling Green where the show takes place.  Laney Meredith who is on American Idol is coming to get up and sing a song she wrote with Steve and me.  And…Sydni Perry who lives there is also coming to sing “Safe Haven” the song she’s a co-writer on with me and Jimmy Fortune and Hillary Scott that was on the Grammy winning album “Love Remains” from Hillary Scott and the Scott Family.  So that should be a really special moment.  If you’re near…come see us!


Have a great Monday!



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