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Fishing...An Old Friend...Jingles

Mar 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Well, we could hit 70 for a high today with sun. That’s a pretty good Tuesday.



Monday morning started with a writing session with Gerald Smith the ole “Georgia Quacker”. I had a verse and a chorus start on an idea for an up-tempo “fishing song” bluegrass thing that did not take us long to finish. In fact, we probably spent more time talking about fishing than we did in writing the song itself. Gerald still fishes quite a bit…me? Not so much. But I have enough great memories of fishing a lot as a kid to help us piece a fishing song together. This song talks about a “bobber” going down in a lake and Gerald asked if I had ever seen milk cartons used as a bobber?  Why yes, I have. I have a brother in Missouri still who runs trot lines in a river to catch mammoth size catfish and channel cats and I would not be surprised if the floated a milk carton or two on the water as a homogenized bobber a time or two. And every time I talk about fishing with someone, I always wonder why I don’t run out and buy another rod and reel and drown a worm or two. Especially since I can see a lake outside my window. I dunno. I just know it was fun writing that song with Gerald yesterday.


Gerald likes to ask people “Hey, have you ever seen a catfish”?  And when you reply “yes” he responds with, “what kind of pole was he using”?



Then yesterday evening I got to catch up with a great friend Bobby Mackey who was in town to record a segment for the Ernest Tubb Record Shop show that still airs on WSM Radio at midnight on Saturday’s just like it always has. They tape the show at the old Ernest Tubb Theater near Opryland so I got there early enough to watch a little taping of the show hosted by an old friend Jennifer Herron.  After Bobby finished, we grabbed an early dinner along with his wife and longtime manager R.J. Bobby just recorded “Looking for Audrey” that he’s so excited about…a song Linda Davis, Bobby Tomberlin and I wrote together about the ghost of Hank showing up at a bar looking for his ex-wife Audrey. Bobby told me multiple times how thankful he was that I sent him that song as he’s a huge Hank Williams fan. And I have to say that Bobby cut the heck out of our song…I love it.


Bobby’s got a nightclub in Wilder, Kentucky that’s been there forever it seems like. A throwback. In fact the club’s motto is, “The Way It Was, Is the Way It Is”.  He’s changed nothing. He still sings traditional country songs…Haggard, Jones etc. And on Friday nights he’ll pack 500 folks into his honkytonk and a lot of that crowd is college age. Those kids have probably never heard a lot of the songs Bobby sings with his band but it doesn’t matter. His place has just become a “thing” and folks show up…young folks!  He told me last night that through the 40 years or so it’s been opened that they’ve had to replace their mechanical bucking bull that people pay to get on 7 or 8 times. It was just great fun catching up with him last night. The “Audrey” song should be out maybe early summer…we’ll see.



In yesterday’s blog I wrongly mentioned that there was a pack of women brawling in Bed Bath and Beyond. The brawl actually happened in Bath Body Works. So, you don’t have to carry your boxing gloves into Bed Bath and Beyond but you might want to lace them up if you’re going into buy bath bombs at the newly re-named “Bath Body Shots Works”.



The CDC is now saying anyone fully vaccinated can gather without wearing a mask. That may change some minds of those who are anti-vaccers. Or not.


Here in Tennessee hopeful news. There were 147 cases of Covid reported yesterday but no new deaths. Man, let’s hope that keeps up.


In Toronto, because of the Covid shutdown in that city reportedly the raccoon population is has grown.


And a Jet Blue Flight headed to Cancun had to be diverted to Florida to drop off a young man who refused to wear his mask on the flight. As they took him off one passenger shouted, “I hope an alligator eats you”.  Wow. Pretty much common knowledge that you have to wear a mask if you’re going to fly. Why get on the flight Einstein if you ain’t gonna do that?  



This article lists the top 10 advertising jingles of all time. According to them. You can probably name a few. “Lovin It” for McDonald’s. Kit Kat’s “Give Me A Break” and my fave, “I Wish I Was an Oscar Mayer Weiner”. You can’t get some of those out of your head, which was the intent of the advertising company and those writers who penned those catchy jingles.


I’ve written a few jingles through the years. I wrote one with my friend Brady Seals for the Victory Cruise Lines that was so catchy it won an advertising award or two in Florida.


And here in Nashville the R&S Wood Flooring jingle I wrote with Steve Dean?  They played that bad boy to death. One night I was in a songwriter’s round at the world-famous Bluebird Café with three younger writers, two of whom had written some number one songs. The young man who went before me sang a big old smash hit he wrote for Kelsea Ballerini.  It was my turn next and I sang that R&S Wood Flooring jingle. His eyes lit up and when I finished he asked, “you wrote that”?!  He’d heard it a million times. I told him I’d gladly trade him that jingle for his number one hit.  He passed.


If your curious…here’s a little backstory of how the jingle was written.



Just asked my wife what she’s “burning up for dinner” and it turned out to be my personal belongings”.



The “Naked Cowboy” got fined for panhandling in Florida. I had no idea he took his underwear and guitar to Florida from New York in the winter. I’ve interviewed that guy. He’s originally from Cincinnati. Robert John Burck is his real name and he’ll make six figure a year singing in his tighty-whities on Times Square for the tourists. He’s a really nice guy and does not take himself seriously. Fun guy. And oh yea…Fruit of the Looms (no joke) is his sponsor.



Just want to share this new song I found from Miranda Lambert who just recorded a very stripped back album of songs that she co-wrote with the two you see in this video songwriters Jon Randall and Jack Ingram for the song “In His Arms”.  I like it because it shows you how versatile an artist she is. Plus, I love the organic sound of it…an unplugged songwriters vibe. And good for her for creating an entire album that will sound like this to let the songs shine.



“Texas Woman Was Burning Bible in Background When Her Duplex Caught on Fire”. The word “smote” is a biblical term isn’t it?  I think somebody bigger than her may have “smote” her.



I’m writing with Nora Collins my young friend from Milwaukee originally. She’s been on a couple of different beaches lately. I’m going to have to try and find out how she managed to do that!


Have a great Tuesday.







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