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MamaDear...An Old Factory To Thank...WSM Next Week

Getting ready to Spring forward y'all.



I spent some time with Daniel Wilson and Kelly Bradway...two thirds of the "MamaDear" trio.  Kelly is married to Parker Bradway who completes this great musical threesome.  Dan, Kelly and myself finished up a retro kind of country-Mo-Town thing we had started a few weeks ago that didn't take us too long...and allowed us time to just catch up on their careers and busy lives.


I love their musical sound together..."up"...great harmony...engaging.  And I admire their tenacity as they all work odd jobs in an effort to keep their musical dreams going.  Dan and Parker both drive for Uber and Lyft...which has become one of those jobs I see a lot of music folks gravitating towards because it allows them to control their schedule enough to not miss out on important things musically.  It's the same reason so many music folks wait tables in this creative town.


Here's to them an all the other creative young folks in this town.



Sometimes folks ask me how I got into music-radio...the creative world and it's a fairly short story now that I think about it.  I was allergic to real work.  When I was young I was in the hay fields some, worked for a blind mechanic who let me go, bagged groceries...BUT...the pivotal moment...or one of them happened one summer when I worked in this building pictured here that I found by accident yesterday


I was in High School in Elsberry, Missouri.  One summer I went to work in this factory in town which rebuilt auto parts.  My Senior year I believe.  I was on my feet all day...gloves on...reaching into some machine with a little sand blaster gun cleaning up points on some kind of automotive part.  Over, and over, and over and over again until the whistle blew.  It provided great jobs for a lot of folks in that small town on the Mississippi...but for a creative person who had a guitar...well...let's just say it wasn't for me.  So much so that I walked out...dropped my gloves and left just a couple of weeks before I was to start college.  It's the only time I've ever quit a job in my life.  But that experience helped me realize that what I really loved doing was making music...and shortly thereafter...radio. 


So this morning I give thanks...lots of thanks to that old factory for pushing me in the right direction.



I read where iHeart Media...one of the big radio consolidation companies is declaring bankruptcy.  Cumulus...another mega holder of radio stations has been in trouble for awhile.


I can only hope that somehow they will have to sell off some of their radio stations...and that some individual buyers will purchase some of those so that some radio stations like the one I worked at as a kid will exist again.  It would just be fun to hear some radio stations with more local content...local personalities...and not beholding to syndication shows and stockholders.  I listen to very little major market country radio stations anymore because they are too predictable for me.  That's partly because I know too much I suppose.  But...especially after morning drive on music radio stations...there is a "sameness" and "safeness" to their on air approach that just bores the heck out of me.


I'd rather hear imperfect radio with all it's faults and charms than a slick content radio station that relies on research and over consulting.  But maybe that's just me. 



Yep...somebody declared yesterday that.   God Bless women...they are the superior species.  So why is there no International White Man Day...or International Redneck Day...or maybe even International "Bro" Day?  Geez.


Even a danged tree gets it's day...Arbor Day.  C'mon!



It's here finally.  Well...it's in Switzerland finally.  You can now buy a flying car.  Cost ya bout $400,000.  We now live in a Jetson cartoon.  It would be worth the investment during pothole season for sure.



Volkswagon says enough with the VW Beetle.  According to one article...they are going to stop making them forever.  I doubt it.  Something about that whimsical shape works.  My bet will be that like before...years down the road...someone at VW will think, "you know what we should bring back"?


The hit to the flower industry alone will be huge as there will be no more Beetle steering wheels to attach flowers to.



Donald Trump is apparently going to meet with Rocket Man.  Can't wait for that boardroom scene where we see the "Donald" lean across the table...point his finger and say, "you're fired".



I see where Nashville will have two huge Easter Egg hunts this weekend...already.  Apparently the bunny has dropped eggs really early this year.


As a kid...I remember finding an Easter Egg up in a tree one year in our yard...and to this day...I have not figured out how the bunny got up there. 



Well...it's ole man winter giving us a cool shot here...but in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast they are wearing out the salt trucks as winter is determined to hang on longer.  I'll take the low 50's here and not complain.


This weekend we do move the clocks up for sure...which means I will have a short night Sunday night as I'll get up to work at WSM Radio Monday morning as well as Tuesday and Wednesday.  The show is 5:30-10 AM heard around the country music world at wsmonline.com. So..very very short blogs during that time frame ahead.


Set your clocks up...and have a great weekend!




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