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An Opry Star...An Australian Write...A "Beyond" Fight

Mar 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning coming down. I can hear some geese squawking outside my blogging window this morning. It’s that time of year when they’ll waddle out of Old Hickory Lake which is also outside my window and then they will give me a goose concert every now and then.



Mine started with a Friday morning songwriting session with Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainerd at their house. I got to hear the nearly completed version of the duet featuring Jenny and Grand Ole Opry star Jeannie Seeley that I’ve blogged about recently complete now with a string section and a cool steel guitar. I’m really happy to be their co-writer on this song that I think will make a little noise when they release it in a few months. Can’t wait to share this one. I also got to see a video of their choice of venue for their wedding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming next March that’s of course gorgeous with the mountains and the snow in the background. Dave proposed to Jenny at “Jenny Lake” in the Grand Tetons park several months ago and they fell in love with the place (as most do) and decided that’s where they wanted to exchange their vows.  I could not be happier for these two.



Then Friday evening I jumped on a Zoom call with my young Australian friend Angus Gill who brought along a gentleman by the name of Alan Mackey, an older guy in the “Down Under” whom Angus is producing. They needed at least one more song for Alan’s project so the three of us wrote an idea that Alan had about a mysterious Spanish dancer who always danced alone. Figuring out why she was dancing alone was the challenge in writing the tune. But I think we got the song there and still left a little mystery in the tale at the same time. It was great fun getting to know Alan a bit and certainly writing with Angus is always fun.



Did you know that women brewed most of the beer before the 1500’s?  Me neither. That all stopped when some started calling female beer brewers “witches”. True story. I guess nobody wanted a witch stirring barley and hops in a black cauldron. Weird.


Speaking of beer. A survey reveals that the Chicago White Sox fans drink more beer than any other Major League team’s fans. On average, they will drink 4.2 glasses per game. Atlanta is second with 4 drinks per game. The White Sox cross city rivals the Cubs?  Lightweights. They only drink 3.4 per game ranking them at number 14. Now, I would have thought the Cardinals playing in Busch Stadium, or the Rockies at Coors, or the Brewers at Miller Park would be high ranked. Nope. In fact the St. Louis Cardinals rank 26 drinking 2.7 beers per game. In the words of Harry Caray “Holy Cow”. 



If you’re a baseball fan like me, you’ll love watching the great Cardinal catcher Yadier Molina dare a young kid with the Houston Astros to try and steal on him in a Spring Training game yesterday after Yadier almost picked him off first base and then the pinch runner rookie wagged his finer at Molina as if to say, “you can’t touch me”. Mistake. Watch this.



Our Mayor just greenlighted a plan to bring NASCAR back to Nashville. They’re going to rebuild the short track at the Tennessee State Fair Grounds that has a lot of history with the help of the folks over at Bristol who may have the most fun track to watch a race. Marty Robbins once raced at that track and sometimes would jump out of the car on a Saturday night and then go sing on the Grand Ole Opry stage. I’ll be buying a ticket to check that out at least once.


And I’ll remember the lesson I learned after attending my first race which was at the Milwaukee Mile. My wife and I sat about 4 rows off the track thinking we had GREAT seats. Taking a break and going to the concession stands we noticed each of us had black pits all over us…and in my teeth even. Rubber.  From the tires. Who knew? So there’s a reason when you look at the races and see not many people in those lower seats. We had to find out the hard way.



Disneyland and other theme parks along with stadiums now have the okay to open in April out in California. Another sign that we are moving back to at least some kind of normalcy. Once we can all get in a full boat and float through “It’s A Small World” and not catch the virus from any of those dolls from all around the world…all will be good.


Spring Break is breaking out in Florida. Will that cause another spike?


Europe is going backwards now with another spike there. 1 million new cases reported last week. It’s like the good and the bad all the time with this thing. You read some hopeful news, and right on the heels of that you see or read some “not so good” news.



Did you know the U.S has 1,150 tornadoes per years?  And it’s that time of year. I had no idea that we have more tornadoes per year than Canada, Australia and Europe combined. Something about our topography, wind, sea level…things I don’t have a clue about. I just know I could do with a few less of those bad boys every year.


A year ago I caught a flight to Phoenix early in the morning while it was still dark to watch some Spring Training Baseball. I’ll never forget it because a tornado touched down and getting to the airport to catch my flight that morning was almost impossible with trees, and power lines and cars stranded in the middle of the roads. I had to re-route multiple times to find a way to the Airport. I got to Spring Training, and the second game I went to see was delayed because that stadium had a bomb scare. And then while I was in Phoenix word of Covid-19 was really started to ramp up. So in one trip I went from a tornado to a bomb scare to Covid.  Geez


Only when I got back to Nashville a few days later did I see the REAL damage in the daylight the tornado had done. Unreal. And a year later if you know where to look you can still see the damage. The roof of one school is still caved in. Yea, I could do with less twisters for sure.



How weird to see a brawl inside a Bed Bath & Beyond Store. Never get between a woman trying to buy bath bombs. Now I know what the “Beyond” means in Bed Bath & Beyond.



If you’re coming to Nashville and you’re one of those who wants to try and hit all the bars on Lower Broadway…good luck with that. There’s a whole ton of them…many owned by country celebrities. An article this weekend ranked the top Celebrity Owned Bars. According to Whiskey Riff in reverse order the top 3 are:


Kid Rock’s Place, John Rich’s “Redneck Riviera” and number on is AJ’s Good Time Bar owned by Alan Jackson. And judging by some video I saw this weekend?  Those places are getting really really busy again.



Proof that anything can be competitive. In Vancouver they hold Shopping Cart Races. Going downhill one guy has gotten his cart to fly at 70 mph! It’s created enough attention to have a film made about it called “Carts of Darkness”. I always seem to manage to pull a grocery cart a Wal Mart with wobbly wheels. I can’t imagine trying to hold on to one of those if it’s flying 70 mph down a hill. Wonder if they penalize the racers for every item that flies out of their cart while racing?



How about the story of the pastor who told the female part of his congregation that they should try to look like trophy wives…like Melania Trump? I’m not sure which chapter of the Bible this Man of the Lord pulled that from exactly. But is there any question as to why religion gets a bad name every now and then? Or why the folks on the back row like me write songs like “Religion Scares The Hell Out of Me”?



After living in Wisconsin for 6 years and loving the state this makes me smile as it is SO Wisconsin. The Leinenkugel beer company is promoting their Summer Shandy beer if a cool way.  FYI…their Summer Shandy is always in my fridge when the release it come summertime. They are giving away and ice shanty fishing hut complete with a year’s supply of the beer.


The shanty comes with light therapy lamps, and a classic lake décor. It will also have a furnace, holes for fishing and an audio system.



I’m rhyming with the ole “Georgia Quacker” Gerald Smith this morning once again and then I’m joining an old friend Bobby Mackey for an early dinner who’s in town to record a segment for the Ernest Tubb Show that’s still going on here in town.  Bobby owns one of the largest old school honkytonks in America "Bobby Mackey’s” located I Wilder, Kentucky just across the river from Cincinnati. And his next single will be “Looking for Audrey” that I wrote with my friends Linda Davis and Bobby Tomberlin. It will be fun to see and catch up with Bobby for sure.


Have a great Monday!



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