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Old Friend...WSM...Clocks

Mar 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And here comes the weekend.



I had the nicest phone call from Jeannie Kendall who was half of “The Kendalls” who scored a bunch of hits including “Heaven’s Just A Sin Away”Royce, Jeannie’s Dad passed away several years ago…such a nice man.


My great friend Dean Raymer sort of made the call happen as Jeannie is getting ready t record a new album and is looking for songs.  That’s where I come in…and I’ll be sending her some to listen to later today for sure.


But more importantly it gave us a chance to catch up a bit.  Royce and Jeannie once upon a long while ago produced my first and only vinyl album in Nashville and Dolly and Porter’s old recording studio Fireside.  And Dean booked the two of them as she did my band.  It was just nice to hear that she’s doing well down in Arkansas…near Branson…and is still making music.  And today I’m hoping I can find something in my catalog that she’ll love.



Then yesterday afternoon I was on air at WSM from 3-6 as I will be today filling in for regular host Devon O’Day.  The producer of that show Lexi Carter is dealing with sciatica pain.  I’ve had that…no fun.  But she’s a trooper and did the show with the help of some pain medicine and lots of stretching.  Anyone who’s had back pain with sciatica?  I’m sure you relate too.


We had a couple of great “live” music guests on the show.  A new duo and a young man named Zach Day who sang some Delta Blues on our show yesterday. 


We also got on a tear about tattoos as everyone in the studio EXCEPT me had tattoos.  For the record if I ever get one mine will say “If you can read this you’re too close to me”.


The guys in the duo Crawford & Powers who are from Roanoke, VA bragged about a place called “Roanoke Weenies. The one bought their t-shirt so I’ve made a note if I’m ever in Hokie land…I’ll check out the weenie place.



Of course if I eat a bunch of Roanoke weenies I’ll then be faced with losing belly fat.  I read today that certain green teas help blast away at one’s gut.  So if you see me next time and I’m dunking a bag in a cup of hot water…you’ll know what’s going on.



Do check my performance calendar once in a while here on the website as new dates are always being added.  I’ve got three shows on the road next week and a songwriter’s workshop that you can find there with all the details.  And there’s a possible new date coming up in Georgia too.  Stay tuned.



Amazon dropped a package at my door that I found about 5 am this morning as I was about to leave the house.  No doorbell ring.  Packages just arrive…all the time it seems.  I THINK it’s a CD burner that I ordered.  I had to as computers are doing away with built in DVD/CD burners.  And I still need one!


And I’m the same guy who dreaded learning how to load CD’s into a machine in radio studios when that technology came along.  And now…I don’t want them to leave.  I’m just barely on the caboose of the tech train.



Everybody is “streaming” for content now.  Disney’s new streaming service promises that those who subscribe will be able to watch EVERY Disney movie.  That’s a lot of movies.  Great…I can cry again watching “Old Yeller”.  I still want a new ending.



And what the heck is with Coke Milk?  Folks apparently do mix milk with coke and drink it.  Why?  I dunno.   I’m too simple to understand the “why” in some things.  Like…who puts peanut butter on a pickle?  Milk goes on cereal or a cookie…peanut butter goes with jam and chocolate.  Stop with the other stuff!



Meanwhile…while I’m on food.  You can get green donuts now at Krispy Kreme for St. Pat’s Day coming up.  I’m guessing they’ll have orange for Halloween and maybe pieces of twigs inserted when Arbor Day rolls around.



“Woman Pleads Guilty For Setting Up A Black Market For Butt Injections”.  And just when I was ready to find a dark alley and bend over to plump up.  I’m guessing this will END for her in court. 



Back on air at WSM from 3-6.  My Aussie friend Tamara Stewart is going to be a “live” musical guest today as well as hit songwriter Tia Sillers who wrote this SMASH for Lee Ann Womack just to name one.


Tamara has included a song we wrote together on her great new CD coming out soon called “Dear Hometown” where we pulled up images of her hometown in Australia as well as few from my hometown.  So we’ll talk about that a bit today I’m sure.  Listen in at wsmonline.com



Roll your clocks forward Saturday night before ya go to bed.


Have a great one!




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