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Inspired Wednesday...Ireland...Walt Disney

Was I surprised to see snow on our deck and on rooftops this morning?  You bet.  Where did that come from?







I sat in a writing room with these talented folks Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry once again which is always fun and creative...and much of the time we spent together is filled with enlightening conversation...conversation that sometimes leads to the creation of a new song.  And that's what happened yesterday at Jimmy's house.


Jimmy had a great melody that he was playing on a guitar that was once owned by Glenn Frey of the Eagles.  So we had something good going for us right from the start.  While doodling on this melody...the three of us were trying to decide what to write lyrically with it.  Finally Jimmy says, "ya know...I've always wanted to write a praise and worship song".  Now I've been inside just enough contemporary churches to know what those sound like.  However, I could not name you one title.  And that's mostly because I grew up with the old hymn I heard with my family at the New Hope Baptist Church in Missouri where I grew up. 


And the a long conversation began about Billy Graham's passing, and the Bible and it's meaning...and "signs" that one sees from time to time that makes you think..."that was a God thing". 


And after the conversation...Sydni Perry who had been sitting quietly on the couch with her legs crossed read a two verses and a chorus of lyrics.  I think my jaw dropped.  Songwriting is a very funny thing...especially co-writing.  Sometimes one writer i completely inspired and on fire...and that was Sydni yesterday.  All that was left to do was to jump in and write a couple of pre-choruses and then craft on the words Sydni had spoken.  It truly was one of THOSE moments yesterday where I quietly gave thanks for being allowed to share in the process of creativity.


Most folks know my work as mostly comedic.  But...I've had a number one bluegrass gospel song, a song that landed a Grammy for Hillary Scott & The Scott Family on their "Contemporary Christian" CD "Love Remains"...and in a few weeks a song I helped write about a baptism "I'm Going Under" will be released with a video from Darin and Brooke Aldridge.  Brooke was named the bluegrass "Female Vocalist Of The Year" last year by the IBMA.


As a guy who writes an awful lot of "funny" and performs a lot of "funny"...it's ironic that a lot of the songs of mine being recorded must have happened partly because of sitting in a church pew with my family and the memories of that. 


What a truly great and moving day yesterday was with those two.



Back to more of my world...I do have folks send me their songs from time to time wanting me to listen.  Last week a guy sent me his song "Man Boobs".  Uh huh.  So...apparently my reputation is still firmly intact despite the modest success I've had with gospel songs. 



Well...it's on now.  My wife just booked our flight to Ireland coming up in mid May.  It will be my first time overseas where we will watch our daughter Heather exchange vows with her husband to be who's in Iraq right now.  There's an old ruin castle on the coast just north of Belfast where we will celebrate that...and then my wife and I will hang for a little vacation.  So...I know the Guinness tour is in Dublin...so it's like the law that I'll have to try a pint of that for the first time in it's birthplace.


Again...I tried to convince the two of them to marry at Chuck E. Cheese.  They already have a rat band...folks can jump in the ball pit...pizza seems like the perfect reception food to me....nope. 







Coca Cola has rolled out Coke in Japan called Chu-Hi.  It has alcohol in it.  If that's a success...look for Tacos from Taco Bell to have marijuana added.  Cause and effect for the "munchies" I would think.  Maybe a "hemp-quesadilla" anyone?



I'm a Disney fan for sure...been to Disney World a whole bunch...broadcasted there several times...always always fun.  Although one need to float a loan for park admission these days for sure.


I read Walt Disney's bio many years ago.  Fascinating.  But this morning I read an article that talked about his work habits.  The man loved what he did...because he often put in very long hours and could go on 5 or 6 hours sleep.  A lot of his mornings he would jump out of bed at 5:30 and head for the golf course where he would fly through the first five holes and then skip to 18 to finish a short round...and be in the office by 8 or 8:30


And I love this.  Lots of folks would ask Mr. Disney if he could tell them how to make THEIR dreams come true.  His reply always was, "You do it by working".  True.  The more focused and dedicated you are to achieving your dream...the greater the odds of succeeding one day. 


Which is why I also believe that one needs to find a job that's so much fun that it makes you feel like you're never working...when the truth is...you're working your tail off.



I've got a writing appointment this afternoon with Dan Wilson and Kelly Bradway who are 2/3rd's of the trio "Mama Dear".  We started a song a few weeks back...and this afternoon we'll finish that song up and polish it.  Love these guys...and here's a little SAMPLE of their work for you to check out if you'd like.



I'll be on WSM Radio this coming Mon-Wednesday and we're lining up special guests.  On Monday Chris Janson ("Buy Me A Boat") will join me and on Tuesday you'll hear Moe Bandy as well as Shawn Camp and Lauren Mascitti.  5:30-10 AM each morning as I'm filling in for Bill Cody.  As always...listen in worldwide at wsmonline.com


Have a great Thursday!


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