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Bluegrass Rhyming...WSM Late Night...More Potholes

Mar 7 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

A little bleary eyed after being up late last night on the radio but here we go Thursday.



It was a full and busy Wednesday that started with a writing session with my bluegrass buddy Irene Kelley.  And this time around Terry Herd joined us…in fact we wrote at his house south of town.  Terry is the head guy for “Bluegrass Today” which is a big bluegrass radio show that he hosts in a studio upstairs in his house.  And he also puts together THE chart for bluegrass music so he has “influence” as they would say.


It was Irene’s idea to pair the three of us as Terry is also a banjo player (didn’t know this until we finished writing) and a great writer with multiple bluegrass awards.  Terry wrote this great song "Kentucky Borderline" with Rhonda Vincent that was bluegrass song of the year once upon a few bluegrass years ago.


It’s dangerous when you pair two radio guys for the first time as we have a tendency to talk “shop” quite a bit.  And we certainly did some of that.  But…Irene had written this gorgeous bluegrass melody and sent it to me ahead of time saying, “We need lyrics on this”.  So on the 40 minute drive to Terry’s place I kept playing this melody on my phone as I drove and then some words took shape.  By the time I got to Terry’s I had the chorus done, shared it with them and with a little carving it more than worked.  It was a really good day of writing and we’ll do it again.



Then last night Irene came into the WSM studios and hung with me on air for a couple of hours as I was on for Eddie Stubbs from 7-Midnight.  Irene played, we talked about her Dad’s old radio and TV shop up in Pennsylvania where she grew up, her new album coming out in May that I have two songs on written with Irene, her major record deal, appearing on the Opry and having Alan Jackson’s folk reach out to her to record one of the songs she sang on the Opry that night, “I’m A Little Bluer Than That”, and the fact that when she was 17 she was in a Led Zeppelin cover band!  And now she’s a bluegrass star.


It’s fun being on the radio in Nashville because you never know who’s listening.  Cheryl White of the White Family was listening last night with her hubby Billy Paul and they texted to tell me that Cheryl along with her sister Sharon (married to Ricky Skaggs) sang background harmony on one of Irene’s new songs.  The things ya learn.


My thanks to Irene for the new song and for making last night’s radio show so much fun.



And I’m back on the air today and tomorrow from 3-7 pm if you’d care to tune in at wsmonline.com



I love that the days are starting to get longer…in fact we spring forward this weekend.  I’m glad we have more daylight hours because it helps me see the enormous potholes that are everywhere right now in Music City.  One could lose a set of dentures hitting those bad boys. Someone aptly described the season in a year as:


Winter…Pothole Season…Spring…Sumer…Fall.  Accurate.



Mike Trout’s autographed rookie baseball card that some guy had just sold for $186,580.  It’ not Kylie Jenner rich…but it ain’t bad for ONE baseball card.  Did you throw yours away that you bought when you were a kid?  I don’t wanna talk about it.


Here’s how stupid I am investment wise.  I saved the bubblegum that came with the cards and threw the cards away.



They’re saying a colossal size asteroid is headed our way Friday.  No need for duck and cover as it’s suppose to miss us.  If not…our pothole season here is about to take a turn for the worst ever.



“My Girlfriend Became My Husband”.  I know…I know.  I’m working on that song right now.  I’m hearing it as a waltz….what do you think?



Back to the Opryland Hotel to work 3-6 pm inside the WSM studios located in the hotel.  FYI…the new Opryland Hotel indoor-outdoor water park is open and I’m reminded of that when I look out the studio windows when I’m on the air because a lot of the tourists are strolling by in with towels covering their swimsuits.  I think I’ll wear mine to work today.


Listen in at wsmonline.com


Have a great Thursday!



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