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Don't Sign Up Girls...Warm Weather Gigs...Good Cup Of Joe...

Long sleeve weather this morning with temps in the 40's.  Maybe it will freeze ice over the potholes.



I had a little recording session to take care of with fellow Missourian Becky Blackaby and her drummer-boyfriend Will Denton.  We laid down a guitar track that Will is then going to add to on a song we've written for a major seed company based in Iowa.  The owner is looking for a song to use to represent his company...and...we're dialing up a musical presentation to give him in hopes that he will like it...and use it.  Here's hoping it will...and that someday folks in the Midwest will hear it.



The temps snuck into the 60's yesterday...warm enough to go for a walk out doors so I took advantage of that.  I'm hoping those kinds of days are going to quickly become the norm as we sneak up to mid-March.


The rest of the day was devoted to returning e-mails and making inquiries about more shows this year.  I heard from some folks in Key West about a big Parrot Head gathering that I've known about for years down there and they're interested (possibly) in adding to their lineup this year.  First of year it slows down...and then it picks up steam later in the year.  And with overseas trips to Ireland and Italy on tap...gonna be busy before the year ends.  No complaints.





And yes...my wife and I did watch the Bachelor train wreck finale last night.  As suspected...the girl the Bachelor dumped will be the next "Bachelorette"...and now all the pressure will be on her to not break someone's heart.  Hard to do on that show.


For the fans who watch...like a lot of folks I'm in the camp of DON'T propose at the end of the show.  Date awhile longer.  And please don't sign up for the show if you're not ready to expose your life on camera...or if you can't stand the thought of the Bachelor or Bachelorette kissing EVERYONE in sight.  Or saying they're in love with more than one person.  There's history to draw on. 


It amazes me how every season the contestants struggle with that KNOWING it's part of the deal.  Don't sign up!  Be a contestant on the "Wheel Of Fortune" and buy a vowel!



Did you know that Vanna White has worn over 6,5000 dresses during her tenure of revealing vows and consonants?  Don't ask me how I know. 


It is interesting that when I walk to the WSM studios in the Opryland Hotel...Pat Sajak's picture is hanging the lobby outside our studio windows.  He was once an on air guy at that radio station. 


Which do remind me...I'll be on air Monday-Wednesday morning next week and on Monday...Moe Bandy will be in studio with me to talk about a book he's written about his career.  Tune in at wsmonline.com



Some new definitions have been assigned to our dictionaries.  "Glamping"...like in fancy camping.  Big screen TV on the RV.  You know...REAL hardcore camping.  "Dumpster fire" is another on.  When saying the word "disaster" doesn't cut it...use that instead.  Why "Dilly Dilly" is not listed...I dunno.



One expert said in print this morning that we could have a BULL stock market for 20 years.  Can we get that in writing please?  With that said...those in the know see a nosedive coming today as the President had another key adviser walk out...this one in charge of the economy.  The White House is going to have to hire a "temp" agency me thinks.



Jeff Bezos...head of Amazon has just been listed by Forbes as the first guy in a power suit worth 100 BILLION.  Meanwhile...that "Alexis" voice deal they rolled out...it's apparently laughing on it's own freaking out customers.  Maybe that's actually Jeff Bezos laughing...all the way to the bank?



So you know...cheapest place to live in the USA?  That would be Brownsville, Texas.  Most expensive?  Lot of folks would correctly guess San Francisco.  I think Jeff Bezos owns Frisco...I'm checking.



You can order a "caramel popcorn pretzel frappuccino.  I have no idea if there's any COFFEE in it or not.  But...I know I need to write another verse of my "Good Cup Of Coffee" song that's on my "Leave Em' Laughing" CD.







A CMA study came out I saw that shows for sure that country music fans are trending more towards whiskey than beer these days.  And I'm hearing that some in songwriting sessions where "whiskey" is being referenced quite a bit.  Certainly "Tennessee Whiskey" helped launch Chris Stapleton's career...and it fit George Jones who recorded it first.  Difference between the two is that I think George used what he was singing about in studio when he cut it.


Me?  I can't get into whiskey...just can't.  I don't drink Nyqil either...unless I have to. And come to think of it...there's never been a country hit using "Nyquil" in the song.  I'm on it.



"How Marijuana Can Make You A Better Parent".  I have no idea how that works.  I suspect one starts making more brownies...but...I just don't have a clue.



Off to write with a couple of faves...Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry.  Wait til I give them my "Nyquil" idea!


Have a great Wednesday!


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