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Gibson Guitars...Barbershop Ugly...More Baseball

Mar 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Here comes the first weekend of March…and we roll the clock backs.  Longer days with more sunshine dripping works for me.



It was just another sunny day sitting in a baseball park in Goodyear, Arizona as I watched my Reds lose to the Brewers 6-4.  The score is kind of irrelevant at Spring Training time.  The starters play maybe 3 innings and then a lot of guys with names on the back of their jerseys who are being evaluated take over.  But the sound of the ball on the bat is the same, the vendors bark out trying to ring up more beer sales and we stand for the 7th inning stretch and sing “Take Me Out To The Baseball game.  Tradition.  And I’m hooked like a sugar addict on Krispy Kreme Donuts when the “hot” light is on.  Thanks to my Dad who took me to my first game when I was a Cub Scout.  It’s been the best “relax” thing I do in my life.  And I’m surely enjoying watching ole Abner Doubleday’s game again one more day here in the desert.



Nashville is full of guitar pickers.  Some lost pretty much everything including their guitars.  Kudos to the Gibson Guitar Company who is giving any musician who lost their guitar in the storm a new one for free. Taylor Swift donated a MILLION dollars yesterday.  Fundraisers are everywhere musicians play music and on the local TV channels.  And everywhere you go you can hear chainsaws at work.


They now tell us there were two tornadoes in Nashville that covered 5 counties.  Ours being one of them. 


THAT VIRUS           

Nashville got its first Coronavirus case.  Here we go.  In Williamson County they have closed all schools because of it. More cases every day it seems.  Stock market, travel, jobs all affected by it.  Here’s how I know it’s really top of mind.


I read a Travel section on my iPad in my Flipboard app that I love. It holds all the news I need to start my day in different categories.  One of those is “Travel”.  Normally when I click on that section I get lots of beautiful pictures of destinations, travel tips, travel bargains etc.  These days when I open it up?  More than half the articles are dealing with the virus.  Should you fly here or there?  Precautions.  Business closings and more.  The big tip I saw today was that we should NOT walk barefoot through the detectors at the airport.  Wear socks with your mask folks.


I’m flying early tomorrow morning.  I think I’ll wear a Snuggie.


I’m guessing there will be less Spring Break flights this year.  Certainly less for those kids who would have their parents pony up money for an overseas Spring Break. 


And for those who want to fly to Ireland for a REAL St. Pat’s celebration?  I’m guessing those numbers will be down too. 



There’s plenty of Irish Pubs in our own backyards to celebrate.  I bring that up because I want to share this VIDEO that will really get you in the St. Patrick Day mood.  The video is of actor John C. Reilly and many of you will know his as Will Ferrell’s partner in many of those movies.  Talladega Nights?  Ricky Bobby’s buddy?  Okay…now you’ve got the picture.  John walks into a Pub in Ireland and leads a loud fun sing along to unsuspecting patrons.  It's  just a hoot to hear.  The song “Wild Rover” is an Irish classic and recently we included part of it in a song I wrote with Irene Kelley titled “The Irish In Me”.  Watch and listen to the song and you’ll know why we loved it enough to do so.



Now I’ve seen it all. One of the first songs I co-wrote with my beach buddy Brent Burns years ago was this funny song we’ve been making people laugh with “Ugly Early”.  Brent and I both recorded it, as did Cledus T. Judd.  And since that time years ago folks have found it and sing it themselves.  I’ve found comedians singing it, High School plays using it, but now THIS is the greatest find of all.


Check out this VIDEO of a Barbershop Quartet singing it as a warm up to a singing competition.  And THEY make folks laugh with it too.  Unreal.  Thanks guys for the 4-part harmony of our little ugly song.  We’re glad you like it.  And now I've truly seen it all.



Reportedly ESPN wants Al Michaels and Peyton Manning on Monday Night Football.  Now that would be worth watching and listening too.  A combination of “Do You Believe In Miracles” and “Omaha”.  Make it happen.



Nik Wallenda could have said that before he successfully walked across a volcano on a high wire.  I guess if your last name is Wallenda that’s just what you do.  It must be an interesting brain that tells you one day, “you know what would be cool”?  Uh…no.



Tom Hanks has a new war movie coming out in June.  I’m hooked after seeing this TRAILER of Greyhoud.  One to add to my gotta see list.



It’s my last day in Phoenix and I’ll catch my Reds one more time.  They play the A’s today at Oakland’s Spring Training ballpark.  I caught a game there on a Spring Training Trip 3 or 4 years ago and danged if Rollie Fingers wasn’t in the house!  Complete with the big moustache.  I’ll keep my eyes open for him.


Then tomorrow it’s an early flight home.  Have a great weekend!











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