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No Makeup Flying...The Opry...WSM Tonight

Mar 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

22 degrees as I start this “Hump Day” blog this morning.  I’m hoping this is the very last ole man winter has to offer this years.  We’ll hit the sixties this weekend so hopefully Spring really starts and the cold can go take a hike.



I cranked out a parody song for radio yesterday that dealt with how Virgin Atlantic Airlines will allow their flight attendants to not wear make up if they don’t want to.  However, they are forcing the male flight attendants to now shave their legs…so there’s that.


In a related note Kylie Jenner of the Kardashian clan is now the youngest BILLIONAIRE in history at the age of 21.  A large part of that coming from her own cosmetic line.  Sigh.  Piers Morgan said of her, “she’s a dim piece of bread”.  Mean spirited but it made me grin…a little.  Of course she’s grinning all the way to the bank.  I have no idea if she knows how to make a deposit or not…but she do be rich.



My wife did find time to book our flight to Amsterdam for the “Cruise Down The Rhine” that we are doing with Brent Burns where we’ll tour Amsterdam, Germany and Switzerland.  Brent and I will also be performing on board as we sing and float past all those castles.  We leave out of Amsterdam starting June 23 with a group of around 100 or so folks who are going with us.  This will really be spectacular and if you’re interested in joining our group…here’s the LINK for the info.



I had dinner last night with my friends Linda Davis and Lang Scott.  We gathered to break bread with a mutual friend from Jacksonville George Aspinall who is here to record his first ever EP.  George plays music down there…has for a long time and will finally record some of his songs that he will then be able to sell at his gigs.  He’s excited…as he should be and we’re happy for him.  That first time in a real Nashville studio is memorable for sure.  Congrats George.


And we’ll see more of our friend when our “Evening In The Round” trio is down there next weekend to play a show at the Mudville Grill Friday March 15.  And on March 16 Linda will teach a “Performance Class” and I’ll teach a songwriters class.  Then the following day we head down to Homestead for a matinee show before returning home.  Gonnna be a fun swing through Florida.



It’s always an amazing moment at the Opry when someone new is asked if they want to be a member.  The Opry does a great job of surprising those folks as Little Big Town did last night with Kelsea Ballerini.  Watch THIS…and congrats to Kelsea.


The Opry of course is carried on WSM Radio…like forever.  And I’ll be behind the microphone with those iconic call letters the next three days in a row starting this evening when I fill in for Hall of Famer Eddie Stubbs from 7-Midnight.  Coffee…lots of coffee.


Then Thursday and Friday I’ll do the afternoon shift from 3-6 pm.  Listen worldwide at wsmonline.com



It’s that time of year isn’t it.  Warm and cold air meet…and the weather goes crazy as Alabama just witnessed.  Gosh…23 dead.  Apparently folks there had 12 minutes of warning.  Growing up in the Midwest as I did…it’s part of life…and death unfortunately sometimes. 


I was on air once in that one bedroom trailer radio station I worked at as a kid KPCR in Bowling Green.  A tornado was coming.  From the comfort of his home the owner-manager called me…and I’m like 18 or 19 years old and told me to stay on air after we were supposed to sign off.  (Those 1000 watt radio stations are licensed to air from sunrise to sunset only)


So I’m on the air after we’re supposed to be off the air trying to warn listeners.  The owner did tell me, “stay on air unless you see that tornado coming then get out in that ditch” that was just outside.  To this day I can’t believe I did that as the funnel cloud literally skipped over the trailer in the pasture I was broadcasting over.


Scary scary and one surely feel for those affected in Bama.


It also reminded me of why my late Father would always toss us 5 kids in the car late at night and go driving or go over to an Uncle and Aunt’s place that had a storm cellar that smelled of potatoes that they often kept there.  Heads up…it’s that time of year.



The chicken place is taking full advantage of Mardis Gras season with this “Bead Box”.  The box full of chicken and vittles has a Mardis Gras bead attached to the box so you can wear your chicken around your neck.  Let the good times roll.



If you wanna see “nekkid” folks apparently all you have to do is deliver pizza.  Some of those who do that were surveyed and admitted that when folks open their doors to get their meat lovers pizza…they get an eyeful.  Lots of folks apparently place the order then go take a shower.  Pizza shows up…they toss a towel around themselves or not…and hello Pizza Boy.  Here’s your tip.



Gonna be busy.  I write this morning with my bluegrass friend Irene Kelley and for the first time Terry Herd will join us.  Terry is the founder of the “Bluegrass Today” and is a four time Bluegrass Radio Broadcaster Of  The Year.  That online publication also in in charge of the bluegrass charts.  And on top of all of that Terry is a great bluegrass writer too.  So…I’m gonna learn a lot today at that table when we sit down to rhyme.


Then tonight Irene will come in studio at WSM to play some “live” music as I’m on air from 7-Midnight.  Coffee…lots of coffee.


Have a great Wednesday!








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