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Writing Trio...Oscar Thief and "Bachelor Drama"

Little chill in the air...but...at least I'm not in the northeast.  Geez.




I spent a good part of my day with these two...Lauren Mascitti and Wil Nance finishing up a song we started a few weeks ago.  We've become a semi-regular co-writing team over the past few months as both Wil and I are fans of Lauren and her voice...and she's just a terrific young person to boot.  Not to mention that Lauren has become a heck of a writer herself.  Always a pleasure to share creative time with these two...and certainly I'm rooting for Lauren's success. 


Lauren also loves puns...really really bad puns.  Yesterday she shared one that my great comedian friend Heywood Banks uses in his stand up act, "Yea...I drink brake fluid.  So what.  I can stop anytime I want to".



Yep...my wife and daughter and I watch the Bachelor.  Don't ask me why.  I need a 12 step program to help me walk away from it.  Sigh.  Last night...if you follow the show...the newest Bachelor proposes...then changes his mind...and is now seeking his runner up girl again to hang with.  That's the second time it's happened on the show.  The dude is catching some major flak from fans as you can imagine.  And...there was so much "drama" that they added an extra 2 hour show tonight on ABC.


So I guess we'll get to see the spurned Bachelorette and Arie's runner up will surely be on the couch with him and America will hear all about that relationship.  (My prediction is that "Becca"...the one he got down on one knee for and then rejected "live" on TV...will become the next Bachelorette.)


This sums up my feelings on watching this rain wreck of a show.  One fan on Twitter said, "If you think I'm going to watch two more hours of this garbage tomorrow night...you're right".



Horrible ratings for this years Oscar.  It's become a bit unwatchable I think for a lot of the country.  Many of us don't see many if any of the films nominated for "Picture Of The Year"....and Hollywood is unrelatable to lots of folks.  And the declining ratings bear it out.  I'd guess the constant political and "cause" related speeches that's been a regular part of this production for too many years is taking a toll on ratings. 


Ratings would be much higher I think if they did an Oscar Show dedicated to the most popular films of the year.  The nominees are, "Star Wars The Last Jedi", "Jumanji", "Black Panther" and "Baywatch".  Okay...maybe not "Baywatch" but you get my drift.



Frances McDormand who won for "Best Actress" in "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri"....set her trophy down and a dude stole it.  They found him...arrested him...and the Oscar is back with Frances.  Apparently this guy actually has a pilfering history like this.  If he' stolen the trophy for "Best Short Documentary"...nobody would have said a word.



I'm from Missouri...I had to look it up...Ebbing, Missouri.  It doesn' exist.  They made it up.  No wonder I couldn't figure out what part of the "Show Me State" it was in.



The most popular baby names given out for Millennial Mom's and Daddy's?  For boys it's Michael.  For girls it's Jessica  My one grandfather was named "Payne".  My grandmother?  "Beaulah".  Betting not one millennial passed out those names. 



Now a burger joint in Pasadena, California has installed a robot that flips it's burgers.  Short order robot if you will.  Can' wait to see one tackle a scattered and smothered order at Waffle House.



And...there's a guy who is rolling out a typewriter computer.  Just like it sounds.  It's a digital typewriter.  The keyboard is built like an old typewriter.  I dunno.  I learned to type in High School on one of those.  I do not miss white out and ribbons and a carriage return.  Although I'm sure that's not part of the deal here as it's more about those who like retro stuff. 


For the record...I don't miss outdoor johns either.  I majored in splinter removal during part of my school career.



Now...I've confessed...I do watch the "Bachelor".  But...I do not sit on a couch and play video games for 4 hours a week.  Apparently that's the average per American.  Not my thing.  Just doesn't appeal.  Maybe if they come up with a "Whack A Bachelor"....maybe.



I read an article about a list of things Doctor's suggest that will make you go to sleep easier at night.  Most were things a lot of us would think of...and are possibly doing.  The one that did catch my attention was..."blow bubbles".  That's right...like a kid.  Doctor's say the breathing exercise part of it calms your body and mind. 


I can' wait to pass on my wife' reaction when she walks into our bedroom and sees me half dressed blowing bubbles.  If they air THAT on TV...the ratings would surpass the Oscar Show numbers this year.



I'm off to record a little work track on a song I co-wrote with my Missouri buddy Becky Blackaby and her talented boyfriend Wil Denton.  We're pitching this song for commercial use to a big seed company up in Iowa.  The owner is someone Becky knows and he requested one...so we are getting ready to record it...and then hope he will like the song enough to want to use it.  One never knows...but I do like our chances.  We'll see.


Have a great Tuesday!

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