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Reds Baseball...Patsy...Penny Song

Mar 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Good morning from the Cactus state of Arizona. I’m in Phoenix for baseball and I’ve discovered that Nashville traffic?  It’s got nothing on Phoenix. 


And I also read that they have lizards here that shoot blood from their eyes to keep predators at bay.  I think I’ll avoid hiking in the desert this time around.



I got to watch my favorite baseball team yesterday on a PERFECT Arizona day.  Not a cloud in the sky in Goodyear Arizona and temps were in the mid 70’s as the Reds played the Chicago Cubs.  They tied.  TIED!  Nine innings of baseball and they TIED.  If “there’s no crying in baseball…how can there be ties in baseball”?  Part of Spring Training.


So I just soaked up the sun and had a couple of Skyline Chili Coney Dogs. And basically that’s like popping heaven into your mouth. Anyone from Cincinnati gets that.  A little Coney dog, a mound of cheese on a bun.  Sinful.


Sitting in the sun soaked stands yesterday surrounded by both Cub fans and Reds fans I could hear the Cub fans talk about their pizza.  And then a guy from Ohio turned and asked him if he had tried the Skyline Chili?  Chicago dude knew nothing about it but last I saw him he was headed to the little Skyline stand that had in the ballpark.  This morning I’m sure he woke up with a new food addiction.



Dealing with that huge devastating tornado that was on the ground for 50 miles they’re saying.  Talking with my wife last night who’s home we both talked about how dang lucky we were as it just missed us.  5 million dollars worth of damage in schools alone and two of those are within 10 miles of our home.  Both completely flattened. One of the saddest stories is that of a couple who had been married 59 years…both in their mid 80’s.  They lived in our neighboring community of Mt. Juliet and both died sleeping side by side on their mattress as the tornado carried them away.  I’m guessing they were sound asleep and had no idea as the tornado of course was in the middle of the night. I was sleeping too when my weather alert went off on my phone and I could hear the sirens going off.  That poor couple was not as lucky as we were.  The clean up and fundraisers are underway but it will take awhile for many Nashville folks to recover.



The day we lost Patsy Cline all those years ago (1963) along with Cowboy Copas and Hawkshaw Hawkins.  A lot of folks don’t know that Roger Miller was one of the first to get to the plane wreckage that day.  Can’t imagine what he saw. And all these years later we still hear Patsy Cline songs on the radio.  What a loss. 



So the Coronavirus keeps on keeping on.  One overseas airline completely went out of business because of no passengers.  Southwest Airlines that I flew on here to Phoenix reported a huge drop in passengers and the stock is plummeting.  Lot of empty planes…lot of empty seats. 


Some dog owners have resorted to making homemade muzzle masks for their dogs.  Yep…their dogs.  And if that’s not proof of how much folks love their pets…in Japan they make diapers for cats.  I can’t make this stuff up folks.  I guess they actually put down “Cheshire Depends” on their shopping lists.



I read that Airline attendants say to never put anything in those back seat holders.  Those are the places that have the most germs and filth on planes.  Duly noted.  And…I learned the hard way not to put anything back there after leaving my Apple Pro Computer in the back of one and forgetting to take it out on a trip to Colorado last year.  A pilot actually found it…gave it to another pilot who flew it back to Colorado to get it to me.



My thanks to my now East Coast friends Ayla Brown and her boyfriend Rob Bellamy for putting up this video of a song we wrote together here in Nashville “Million Dollar Pennies”.  Ayla and Rob are in Boston…their neck of the woods because Ayla got a great morning radio job for the big country radio station there and the two of them are performing all over the East Coast now together.  So happy for them…but miss having them in Music City to write with.  Thanks for loving our little song guys. 



And since I’m talking about Apple…here’s a note that will make you slap your forehead and go, “why did I not buy stock”?!  If you would have purchased $1,000 worth of Apple stock in 1980?  The value today is over $650,000.  Just my luck I bought stock in mood rings instead.  And every day the ring shows me what a bad mood I’m in from not buying Apple.



Best brewery tour I’ve ever taken was the Guinness Tour in Dublin.  I’ve gone through several breweries but this tour was by far the most interesting. And yes, at the end of the tour in Ireland you go to the top floor with 360 windows overlooking the city and they give you the perfect pour of beer.  I did not think I would like Guinness…the dark beer…but I was wrong. 


And with St. Pat’s Day coming up shortly…there will be a lot more of it poured.  And at least one pint will be for this horse a pub lets in to drink.  Check THIS out.



A new study out confirms common sense.  That “winners” get up early every day.  4:30-5 AM those folks who are driven to succeed are up and going.  Now, I’m not tooting that I’m a winner by any stretch but certainly I’m up at that hour.  I used to blame it on my radio career when sometimes my alarm would go off at 2 AM to start the day.  I’ve been out of that “have to” get up thing now for years but I still do.  I like it.  It’s quiet.  And I think I get more done between 5 am and 10 am than some folks get done for the rest of the day.



Walker Texas Ranger will be rebooted on TV.  Nope, Chuck Norris will not return.  A younger kick butt actor will take the badge.  I never got into it like a lot of folks did.  If you could have one old show rebooted what would yours be?  I might vote for “Cheers”.  Norm!



Now they…whoever they is…claim that there’s a NASA photo showing a hole on Mars that may contain alien life.  I’m betting there’s a move on at the White House already to erect a wall to keep them from getting in the US.



Pharell Williams…the guy who sang "Happy” must be living his own song.  He just put up his glass house mansion for sale.  17 million dollars will get you in there. If you buy it…remember to budget another million just for cleaning the glass.



“11 Year Old Fan Of Grand Theft Auto Pulled Over For Driving”.  His parents actually let him get behind the wheel.  Pretty sure they arrest folks in some of those video games too.



Back to the Reds ballpark today in Goodyear, Arizona for a 1 pm game with the Milwaukee Brewers.   I worked in Milwaukee for a lot of years and followed the team when I was there.  And of course a lot of years in Cincy too.  I’m figuring between the two cities fans, I’m bound to bump into someone I know…right?  Temps will be in the 80’s today and there’s a Skyline Cheese Coney with my name on it.  Play ball.


Have a great Thursday!









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