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Gospel Songs...Hits & Grins...Lost River Cave Show

Mar 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Well…it was about 20 degrees at the most when I stepped out of the house this morning for my Starbucks run.  30 degrees will be the HIGH in Nashville today.  Good news?  Up to 64 come Saturday.


I make myself warmer these days by turning on Spring Training baseball games from Arizona and Florida pretending I’m there in the stands and a cold beer in one hand and a Skyline Chili Coney dog in the other.



Monday started with writing towards the cold I just mentioned, as my NY folks needed a parody song to cover all the ice, snow and cold gripping the country.  After that it was off to write with Nathan Woodard at my publishing company.


Nathan is a great gospel songwriter and has had a lot of his songs recorded in that genre and even has a couple of Grammy nominations.  And yesterday by the time I got there Nathan already had a chorus idea that was great so we wrote something inspirational yesterday.  I’ll be signing a contract in as couple of weeks with this publishing company and there will be more on that once we have a little signing party to make me official there.  But it’s safe to say I’ll be writing more bluegrass, Americana, and gospel…both southern gospel and contemporary gospel going forward as that’s the bread and butter for this particular publishing company. 



After finishing up the song I made my way over to Steve Dean’s place where our “Hits & Grins” trio had a little business meeting…a large part of that dedicated to us reaching out to potential buyers to try and land more shows.  Victoria Venier in our trio has been nursing a really bad shoulder she’s injured so it was good to see her up and running and working towards healing.  Our next shows are coming up later this month…two house concerts in Arkansas that we’re looking forward to for sure.



I’ve added a couple more dates to my calendar on the website.  Moving one and adding another.  I’m back at the Duck River Country Store in July.  And on August 10 I’ll be part of a great house concert series in Franklin, TN “It’s All About Z Music” and I’ll be sharing the stage with Seals & Crofts 2 that features my friends Brady Seals and Lua Crofts…. kin to the original Seals & Crofts.



I have a show at Lost River Cave in Bowling Green, Kentucky with Steve Dean that’s really going to be special because Sydni Perry a co-writer is going to drop by and I’ll get her up to sing the song the two of us wrote with Jimmy Fortune and Hillary Scott of Lady A that landed on the Grammy winning album “Love Remains” for Hillary Scott and the Scott Family.


Then add to that my young friend Laney Meredith who’s on American Idol this year is also coming to get up and sing a song that she, and Steve and I co-wrote.  Check the link for more info.  But this is really going to be a fun musical night.



After that…my wife and I plopped on the couch and watched the Bachelor jump a fence.  Could be new Olympic event.  Don’t say anything about me watching the “Bachelor” show.  I already gave up my Man Card years ago.


National Pancake Day.  Uh huh.  Every day is “National” something day.  Today it’s pancakes.  There’s also a National Unicorn Day too.  I won’t grow a horn…but I will order a short stack.  Pass the Karo syrup please.



The person that won that 1.5 BILLION dollar mega millions drawing finally claimed their prize.  In one lump sum.  The winning ticket was drawn over half a year ago.  Bet the winner went out today and bought up every pancake in the country to celebrate.  Or not.



It’s that time.  All over the south…big ole parties.  Stock tip of the day?  Buy stock in beads.



I went to a small High School in Missouri.  Played the French horn in band.  At one point we actually tried to march and play the instruments at the same time.  I think we were actually in a parade at one point marching down the street with me trying to read the sheet music, step, and do the “pah pahs” all at one time.  Sigh.


At that tiny High School I don’t THINK it cost anything to play in the band.  They needed bodies.  But today?  Some of the huge High Schools travel, and march, and “pah pah” but to participate it will cost between 800- to a thousand dollars per year!


My personal advice there…especially to those stuck playing a dang French horn?  Join the chess club.  Cheaper and you don’t have any spit valves to clear.



“Woman Has Turned Down Over 40 Marriage Proposals”.  Perfect.  She should qualify to be the “Bachelorette” on TV next season.



I’ve got a bit of an off day before the rest of the week gets really crazy.  I’ll be on air 3 times now this week.  Tomorrow from 7-Midnight on WSM and then Thursday and Friday from 3-6 pm.  Listen in some if you’d like at wsmonline.com.


Have a great Tuesday!



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