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Tooth Thang...Miranda's Bar...Alias Name

Mar 4 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning and the sun is popping up with a high of 66 predicted here in Music City. Starting to look a lot like Spring.



Well, after much dread I found myself sitting in a dental chair with trepidation in anticipation of having a root canal procedure. Turns out that it was only a consultation so now I have to wait until next week and build up all the dread again. I was surely hoping by this morning it would all be over and I’d wake up a little sore. So I'm back on the Ibuprofen for another week or so.



On a more pleasant note, I wrote with my east coast buddy former hockey player Rob Bellamy in Boston. At 10 AM I told him he would be by far the best part of my day as I had a root canal scheduled…or so I thought. He asked if I’d ever had one and laughed and I nervously laughed back but asked him not to tell me anything. And he was good to his word. But playing minor league and overseas hockey for years Rob became familiar with dentists as the toll of hockey fights will loosen a tooth or two…and he was in more than his share of those things. He did agree with me and said to take the laughing gas. Noted.


And somewhere in between two hairy legged guys managed to write a pretty cool love song. Rob is getting married in August to a great girl that I used to write with along with Rob before she became a big radio star and more in Boston. So, for now Rob has the touchy feely for writing a love song every now and then because of his girlfriend Ayla Brown.  I’m guessing a few years from now we’ll write a song or two about her being mad at him and him trying to figure out why.


FYI...Ayla Brown STILL has basketball skills she's retained after playing for Boston College.



Things are getting a little more relaxed as far as mask mandates are concerned. Some states are really going to loosen up so it’s going to be interesting to see what happens with that kind of relaxation. I did notice running around in Nashville yesterday that it’s loosened here some too. I had to stop at a gas station with a sign reading “masks required”. I had mine on but I was in the minority for sure. After that I stopped at a tire store that I’ve gone to for years. Over the last year when I’ve stopped in there the clerks and mechanics were all “masked” up.  Yesterday, not so much.


A new report this morning suggests that 90% of Covid-19 deaths have occurred in counties with a high obesity rate.


And while we’re seeing some downward trends here, and states starting to re-open over in Europe cases are trending back upwards. Still got a ways to go to get back to some kind of normal.



Up in Minnesota where my sister Rita lives with her family, their Department of Transportation got creative and asked folks to name a fleet of snowplows. That’s the difference in Minnesota and Tennessee. I’m not sure parts of our state have a dang snowplow.


But anyway here are my two favorites they went for. F Salt Fitzgerald. And my second fave was “The Truck Formerly Known as Plow”. Nobody suggested “Frosty the Snowplow” apparently.



You can’t tell there’s been a pandemic in Nashville if you go by construction. Stuff is still going up all the time. Now Miranda Lambert will become the first female bar owner on Lower Broadway as she gets ready to jump with the likes of John Rich, Alan Jackson, Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, Kid Rock, Dierks Bentley and other country guys who already have their bars open. Miranda’s bar will be called “Casa Rosa” and it will be a three-story deal with six bars, three stages and a rooftop patio you can drink on and overlook the madness going on down on Lower Broadway. I’m sure the cash registers will be busy. She should be singing a parody of her own song now. “The Bar That Built Me”.



A Connecticut man goes to a yard sale and finds a bowl he likes. He paid $35. That porcelain bowl is worth $500,000.  Geez. I don’t really go to yard sales. I think the only one I ever went to I gave a guy $5 for the table holding up the items for sale. That’s how bad I am at yard sales.



I saw two articles this morning side by side. The first was headlined with “How to Do Crunches Correctly for Rock Hard Abs”.


The second one read, “How to Make Chicken Fried Steak”.  You can guess which of the two I read. 



Terry Bradshaw is a funny guy. That’s why so many love to watch him do his thing on Fox during football season. He recently admitted that when he was admitted to a hospital in 1983 for surgery, he used an alias name. He checked in as Tom Brady. So he actually drew MORE attention to himself by using Brady’s name instead of his own. Funny.



Gal Gadot, the actress who plays “Wonder Woman” just had her third baby. Then she truly is a “Wonder Woman”. Every woman giving birth has more courage than most of us guys do. If guys were left in charge of birthing babies a lot of us would check to see if we could get Amazon Prime to deliver overnight for us. I know I would.



And here’s a funny relationship joke.


“My boyfriend and I broke up. He wanted to get married and I didn’t want him to”.



My writing appointment is with my red headed friend Amanda Williams this morning. She’s still on a high I think from having Garth Brooks record a song she wrote with him for his last album project. I hope some of that luck rubs off on me writing with her.


Have a great Thursday!

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