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Cold Weather...Idols...Gargoyles

Mar 4 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

First Monday of March coming in with some bitter cold this morning to remind us that winter is still hanging around.  Could be worse.  All NYC schools closed today and big snow out east.  Counting my little ole cold blessings this morning.


23 dead in Alabama from tornadoes yesterday.  Geez.  Love Bama…but they get more than their fair share of those bad boys it seems.


And here in middle Tennessee once again it’s pothole sesason!  Gotta get my license today.



Pretty relaxed this weekend with some time prepping for busy weeks ahead.  Putting together some “points” to cover in my songwriting class in Jacksonville a week from Saturday that will follow a Friday night show in Jacksonville with Linda Davis and Lang Scott…our “Evening In The Round Trio” that wraps up with a show a week from Sunday all the way down in Homestead, Florida.  All the details are on my website calendar.


I’ll also be back on the radio this week…Friday afternoon from 3-6 pm on WSM filling in for Devon O’Day…heard worldwide at wsmonline.com



My wife and I did catch the first go round for American Idol this year and we were reminded of how much talent we have in this country.  We are rooting for young Laney Meredith who’s grown up now into a young woman.  Laney and I started writing when she was like 12 or 13.  She could sing then…and she can really sing now.  She was not on last night…but keep an eye open for her coming up.  A lot of “Nashville” kids will be representing on the show for sure.


And the one girl from here last night will surely be working harder on her fake tan.  She got most of herself covered…but not all and you’ll see that on Facebook I’m sure.  Or else she can make it her “thing” and get some more press for it.



A sure sign of Spring is coming (despite the cold snap) is when they hold a Lawn and Garden show as they did this weekend here in Nashville.  Walk in and check out gardening tools, and fertilizer, lawn mowers…whatever. I’m once again pricing astro-turf.  Greenest lawn in town.



Spring Training baseball games are going and it’s on my TV a bunch right now.  My calendar would not allow me to sneak out to Phoenix and watch some of Reds games this year in the sun which I hate.  Really a great experience of you’re a baseball fan. 


If you go to enough ballgames…you wind up collecting lots of stuff.  I’ve got a fair amount of bobble heads on my shelf to prove it.  Best free stuff you get with a Major League ticket this year?  Here’s the LIST



The Palms in Las Vegas has a $100,000 a night suite.  The Tom Bodet place I stay at in Sin City doesn’t have nearly the amenities this bad boy has.  Two stories and 9,000 square feet.  It’s got a pool that drips out of the suite over the Las Vegas strip, 24 hour room service, a valet a chauffeur and a big ole media room that will seat up to 52 folks.



The World’s fastest, tallest, dive roller coaster is getting ready to open at a theme park just outside Toronto this year.  I’ve been to this park once as my little family was on a trip that involved me getting to see the Toronto Sky dome baseball part that was cool.  We built in a few days and went out and enjoyed the park they call Canada’s Wonderland.  Cool little theme park.  Even cooler now with the addition of this bad boy.  Take a LOOK.  Put your hands up kids.


I love coasters so it would be a no brainer for me.  And after riding a bunch of them through the years?  The wooden coasters are still my favorite.  All time fave still is The Beast at Kings Island just north of Cincinnati.  Remove your loose change and ball caps before boarding.  Just saying.


As far as non -wooden coasters go my choice would be Space Mountain at Disney World.  Still a classic.



Yep…there is one.  It’s in the Denver Airport chatting away and talking trash and dispelling rumors about aliens and illuminati and such.  Perhaps the most unique feature of any airport that I’ve heard about thus far.  I’m guessing it helps pass some time in the terminal.  Our Nashville airport has built in bars like a Tootsie’s where local songwriters hold court.  But they pale compared to a danged TALKING GARGOYLE!



Man…technology just keep coming with new stuff to change our lives.   Fed Ex will soon have same day ROBOT delivery to your front door.  Penney’s and lots of retail stores are in trouble…and more and more are making the move to online only.  What they are going to do with all the empty stores in the future?  I dunno but it won’t ever go backwards.  Millennials and the next generation?  Not many want to find a mall or pay for parking downtown to buy.  Online…quick…same day delivery.


Steven Spielberg of all folks is trying to not let “streaming movies” be nominated for Oscars.  Netflix…Hulu…etc.  I’m surprised that a guy who embraced technology so much for his films is trying to hold back what will be the delivery system for films for more and more of us.


I learned doing radio for years and years that you have to embrace what’s new…or you yourself become out dated and replaceable.  Maybe one can do away with all that when the day comes for sitting in the recliner all day…but until then…



John Candy…one of my all time gentle funny men has been dead and gone 25 years today.  Geez.  Thanks for all the laughs Mr. Candy.  I can never look at a “Pillow” the same after watching you in the scene with Steve Martin in “Planes Trains and Automobiles”.



Full Monday that starts with a writing session at my publishing company with young talented Nathan Woodard.  Then this afternoon I’m sitting with my “Hits & Grins” trio that includes Steve Dean and Victoria Venier to see if we can’t dig in and find some more dates for 2019 that we can play.  Packing a guitar, a computer and HEAVY coat for the day.


Have a great Monday!






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