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Missouri Write...CMA Fest...Dolly's Shot

Mar 3 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

First Hump Day of March.



I’m wrote online with my Paris, Missouri redheaded friend Becky Denton. About the time she got online she got a tornado alert and sirens we’re going off so we quickly hung up so she could check that out and seek shelter if she needed to. 5 minutes later she texted to let me know it was just a “practice” session the town was going through. I’m from Missouri so I know full well how March is tornado season there as it is here in middle Tennessee too. So, always better to be safe. So we go right back online and wrote a new song together will a little rockin’ groove that turned out to be fun. And it’s always good to catch up with Becky and talented musician husband Will and Becky’s growing little girl Celia. So Tuesday was fun productive day.



It’s trout season in the Show Me State. Significant for me because it always brings back memories of my Dad going to Montauk State Park some years for the opening day of Trout Season where you’d see a ton of guys in rubber waders with nets and fishing poles lined upside by side in the stream waiting for a horn to blast signifying the start of trout season. It was a thing. The park had little cabins you can rent out and overnight if you wanted then go fishing. These days I get my fish at the store but I grew up catching a lot of fish as a kid. So here’s to those lining up in a stream right now in my home state.



Unreal. The CMA Fest has just been cancelled for the second year in a row because of Covid 19. That’s how long it’s been with us. So the Country Music Association is now looking at June of 2022 to hopefully relaunch the biggest yearly country music event ever. Doesn’t seem possible. I’m sure the CMA Awards Show will be at least partially virtual this year although last year they staged it with the nominees and performers at tables socially distanced. We’ll have to wait and see on that.


I’ve had a long association with CMA Fest that started when I was very young and the thing was called Fan Fair. I was part of the talent roster for the Gateway Booking Agency out of St. Louis that was run by Dean Raymer and so I wound up in an autograph booth signing autographs for anyone who wanted one from someone they’d never heard of. Having a big ole hit on the radio helps folks.


Then I worked Fan Fair for years as a radio broadcaster. When I was in Milwaukee running the “Whyte House” morning radio show we’d take six busloads of our listeners to Nashville to experience. We would broadcast every morning and a “who’s who” of country stars would come by to be interviewed and some of them played “live” for our group. And after it changed to the CMA Fest that continued for me in a radio capacity.


And then of all things, just a few years ago I wound up on one of the big stages with my “Hits & Grins” trio as an entertainer at the CMA Fest which was pretty special.


It’s a HUGE economic shot in the arm for Nashville businesses too that will be sorely missed once again this year.



Did you see Dolly getting her vaccine shot yesterday and then singing a parody of her hit “Jolene” as “Vaccine”?  Only Dolly. Dolly Parton gave a bunch of dollars to Vanderbilt Research to help in the development of the vaccines that are now starting to go into more and more arms. And only Dolly would say, “Don’t be a chicken squat. Get out there and get your shot”.


And now according to the White House there should be enough vaccine available for anyone who wants a “Dolly” shot by the end of May.


And the CDC is now set to announce that those with the vaccines can gather indoors without masks.



Volvo is now saying ALL of their vehicles will be electric by 2030. The new Chevy Bolt is rolling out (all electric) and will cost around $34,000. That’s the low end of electric. If you want an electric Hummer?  That will cost you six figures or more. But it’s a really quiet six figures.



Actress Angelina Jolie just sold a picture she owns that was painted by Winston Churchill. At auction it fetched $11.5 MILLION dollars. Wow. The dogs playing poker on velvet that I have framed will fetch much less. So Angelina will be buying the electric Hummer…I’ll have to settle for the Chevy Bolt.



The CEO for Disney Bob Chapick says the movie industry won’t go back to the normal of folks buying tickets to see first run movies in a theater once the pandemic is truly over. We will still have the option to pay for a ticket and watch a first run movie on our couch by streaming it. That’s a model they developed when theaters were forced to shut down and lots of movie fans like the convenience of it. And the microwave popcorn at home is a whole lot cheaper too. That can’t be great news for movie theater owners.



According to most of those supposedly in the know, the travel industry is starting to come back some. The problem for the airlines is, there is now a shortage of pilots. So if you need a job and don’t mind working from 40,000 feet up…sign up for flight schoolboys and girls.



Check out this marriage proposal from high up. This guy proposes to his girlfriend at 13,000 feet after bailing out of an airplane. Makes it hard to get on one knee, but he got the job done. I think she said “yes” very very loudly. And apparently there's a lot of skydiver's who have done this. Here's just one example.



“Woman Arrested for Stealing Stranger’s Goat and Then Tie-Dying it blue and green”. No explaining some folks. Maybe she doesn’t have cable and was bored.



This morning I’m writing with my east coast buddy Rob Bellamy out in Boston which is always fun. And then in the “not so fun” category I’ll be having a fun dental procedure done. I’ll be asking for the laughing gas so if you hear giggling later this afternoon?  You’ll know where it came from.


Have a great Wednesday!



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