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A Tornado Night In Nashville

Mar 3 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning and I’m sitting in BNA Airport here in “Twang Town” getting ready to jump on a Southwest Airline bird for sunny warm Phoenix.  But what a scary night we barely escaped from


We were up a couple times…a big tornado just missed us.  Power is out everywhere.  Some deaths.  On the way to the airport we had to re-route a couple of times with power lines and traffic lights and poles in the roads, trees on car rooftops flattened, a some deaths already reported.  Our school district is closed the rest of the week. It was dark on the drive to the airport this morning so I can’t imagine what Nashville will look like in the daylight today. Really unbelievable.  And again, we were just so lucky last night.  Thank God.



Twas a busy Monday to jump start the week that begin with recording a veteran’s song that I wrote with veteran Drew Guy at the VA Hospital in Little Rock a couple of weekends ago.  The publishing company I write for Billy Blue/Daywind owns a couple of recording studios and allowed me to access one free to lay down this song to give to my veteran and the group that makes this happen Freedom Sings U.S.A.  My thanks to Joe Dan Cornett for making this happen and to Justin for making time in his busy schedule to help me record this. 


Then it was home to pack a bag for this baseball trip that begins today before going face down on a chiropractic treatment for a back that’s been barking at me because I lifted something way to heavy for my body and my brain.  Dang. The good news is it’s starting to feel a little better and I’m not “pant dancing” anymore to get dressed.  (Anyone who’s ever had a bad back understands that reference)



Our “Hits & Grins” trio played a private corporate party in a private room upstairs at the Wild Horse Saloon here in Nashville that had a view of the Cumberland River right outside our windows. We played for an Oncology group gathered for a meeting and they were all really nice folks and I think they were thoroughly entertained.  The CEO at one point in his life was in the video of “Achy Breaky Heart” AND it was his 50th birthday.  So Victoria Venier in our trio re-wrote “Achy Breaky” for his birthday and that made the entire room laugh as one of his workers gave us plenty of ammo about him to poke fun musically.  We appreciate them choosing us for their annual meeting.


When we got done playing we stepped out on 1st Avenue in downtown Nashville that overlooks the Cumberland River and the Tennessee Titan Stadium that was lit up.  It was beautiful and WARM. That probably was a forewarning to the tornado that arrived just a few hours later.



And out “Hits & Grins” trio did get confirmation on another corporate show for Cinco De Mayo for another company.  This will be held at the new George Jones Museum and entertainment complex in Nashville…and we all look forward to playing there for the first time.



The headline at MSN.com yesterday read, “The Secret To A Clean Kitchen”.  I didn’t read the article because I now the answer.  The answer is, “eat out”.



Well, it looks like the market finally got low enough that some folks jumped in and bought at a bargain rate.  It goes down, it goes up, it goes down, it goes up…and I keep Pepto Bismol in stock.



I’m off to catch some Spring Training baseball in Phoenix for a few days.  Shorts, 80 degree temps, baseball and no tornadoes in sight.  I’m certainly looking forward to that. 


Have a great Monday!

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