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An American Idol Party...New Beach Song...Baseball Tomorrow

Mar 2 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello March.  How did you get here so fast?  Lot to cover this rainy Monday so let’s jump into it.



I found myself on a dang yoga mat more than I wanted to be this weekend trying to stretch out a hurting back.  Folks, never lift a concrete birdbath by yourself…ever.  I’m paying for that big time.  I did go visit a young chiropractor…picked him out of a Google search because he was close to the house.  Turned out he’s a big Cincinnati Reds fan like I am from Dayton, Ohio.  So we had lots to talk about as he adjusted my back and hooked up gizmos to try and make my back feel better.  I’ll get to know him a little more later today.


And yea…he’s jealous that I’m headed to Phoenix tomorrow to watch our Reds play a few Spring Training baseball games in the Cactus League.



My daughter Heather and her husband Casey drove down from Clarksville and filmed a little Disney thing that you’ll be able to see on the “Sassy Cinderella” You Tube Channel that my daughter provides creative content for. A couple of different companies now are having her promote their products and she does that so creatively.  You’ll be able to see her, as “Belle” from Beauty And The Beast soon on her channel and Dad will let you know how and when.




Well, I’m guessing that a lot of the country fell in love with the young lady I’ve been bragging about for awhile on this Blog…Lauren Mascitti.  Lauren got a lot of “deserved” face time on American Idol last night and was passed through to Hollywood.  I went to a watch party last night at Terry & Wanda Seay’s house in Franklin TN to cheer her on with a lot of other folks.  If you did not see it...here's her big MOMENT on American Idol.  


Terry and Wanda through a house concert once a month at their place and it’s one of the best places in the country for a house concert.  They truly love songwriters so it was no surprise they put together this big party.


All of us cheered when we saw here and her talented fiancée Shawn Camp in front of the judges, and then listened and watched her knock it out of the park.  I could not be happier for her.  They actually re-wound the tape and we watched it a second time before Lauren stood up and took some questions and answered what she could about her Idol experience so far…and of course the contestants can't say a lot to anyone right now.  We’ll all just need to watch every week to see how she does in Hollywood.


After the Q&A we were treated to a mini-concert from Lauren and Shawn and a full band that was so much fun.  And, she sang a song that Wil Nance and I co-wrote with her that’s on her just released album “God Made A Woman” titled. “Never Been In Love Like This” and blew the roof off of the gathering with the song. Here's a little CLIP of that moment from last night.


What a great night.  Keep your eyes on this young lady folks.



I put this on my Facebook Page a few days ago but wanted to share this video of “Face For Radio” that my pal Jim Parker and his group captured on video a few weekends ago when I was in Huntsville for Jim’ great songwriter series that happens once a month in Huntsville, Alabama.  This particular night was unusual because it was a group of Trop Rock singers (beach music) that included my friend Brent Burns who you will see next to me in the video and Darrel Clanton and Jim.  Thank you for the video Jim.


And he sent this one too…a new beach song that I sang for the first time “Take Me There” that I wrote with Jessie Ritter who I named Jessie Rice mistakenly on this video.  Geez.  Thank goodness Jessie Ritter had a good sense of humor about it when I apologized. Enjoy the videos.




So, Oprah is giving on of her “talks” in California.  The subject matter was “Balance”.  And of course during her speech she took a header…fell big time.  She blamed it on the wrong shoes.  File that under the song “Things That Never Cross A Man's Mind” that my friend Wynn Varble wrote and Kellie Pickler recorded.



There’s a health article out that encourages folks to drink water when they first wake.  It has lots of benefits.  It helps decrease headaches, kidney disease, diabetes and more.  And, it helps one stay slim like the Japanese who have been doing this “water therapy” for years.  And when is the last time you saw someone from Japan who was obese?  If they were they were climbing into a ring in a diaper to sumo wrestle.



Tony Romo got into a bidding war with a couple of Sports networks that REALLY wanted his services.  So much so that CBS ponied up 17 MILLION per year to keep him as their NFL analyst on Sunday with Jim Nance.  That’s the most ever paid to an analyst including the great John Madden.  He was a pretty good QB for the Cowboys.  Turns out he’s better talking than he was passing.



Judge Judy is retiring from her TV show after making over a 100 million dollars speaking plainly to those in front of her on TV.  What a hoot.  She stopped by a fundraiser for a radio station I was working at in Milwaukee once and was so quick on her feet, sharp and funny.  Hard not to like her.  And she helped us raise some money that day for the Child Abuse Prevention Fund in Wisconsin.  I’m sure whatever she chooses to do next will also be a big success.



I’m trying not to look how bout you?  Could be another bad day.  Of course out of the Coronavirus scare we’re living through there’s always good news.  For instance.  Flights overseas are going to get really cheap.  Pack a bag and your surgical mask and save some dough.



He may be the best player in baseball right now for the Angels.  He can hit a baseball a mile.  But, have you seen him hit a golfball?  Wow.  Check THIS out.  The only way I could hit a golf ball this far would be to put the ball in a car and drive it there.



“Georgia Man Calls Cops.  Says Woman Stole His Dentures”.  One can only hope they catch this woman and that she and the toothless man will appear on the last episode of Judge Judy.



I’ve got a really full Monday starting with a recording session.  I’m going to record a song I wrote at the VA Hospital in Little Rock a weekend ago with former veteran Drew Guy who was in the Navy and he had LOTS of family who served in the military.  His song is titled “Family Of Red White & Blue”.  So I’m going in a studio to record a decent version for him and for the Freedom Sings U.S.A files…the folks who put us songwriters with our brave veterans like Drew.


Then tonight our “Hits & Grins” trio has a private corporate show at the Wild Horse Saloon here in Nashville.  That should be fun.


Then early tomorrow morning it’s off to Phoenix and some baseball where for the most part I’m seeing the temps will be in the 80’s!  That alone should make my barking back feel a little better.  So it will probably be a short blog from the Airport at dark thirty tomorrow morning.


Have a great Monday!



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