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March...Horoscopes...Running Rock

Mar 1 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And it’s March!  March Madness…tax season…Easter dang Bunny.  And to this day I still wonder how the Easter Bunny managed to get up in a willow tree in our backyard when I was a kid and lay an egg.  One of the great mysteries of life.


We’ve also got a little cold snap this week the first week of March.  16 above zero here a couple nights.  Yikes.



A catch up day and I’ve got a couple of those in a row that I can use.  I did add a date in Carthage, Illinois for our “Evening In The Round Show” that’s a little more than a year from today in 2020.  You can find that info on my calendar now here on the website.


And I also added another WSM radio day.  That will be next Thursday when I go in and fill for Devon O’Day on the afternoon shift 3-6 pm


Outside of that I hit the gym for a bit…pitched some songs…worked on a songwriting class I’m teaching in Jacksonville in a few weeks and jump started a car.  Funny how a supposed “day off” can be so busy too huh?



Yep…it’s my birthday month…I’m an Aries.  But I never look at a horoscope.  I can remember a time when a well know radio broadcaster in Cincinnati made the reading of the horoscopes a daily MORNING feature.  Old school radio.  Back at a time when radio guys read birthdays on the air. 


My theory is that the same folks who write horoscopes are the same ones who write our “fortunes” found in a fortune cookie.  And in their spare time sit in a little hut with a turban on their heads charging folks to predict their futures.  And all of that kind of falls into what I once heard about real estate appraisers.  They charge…but it’s just an opinion.  Some of those folks are now qualified to be political talking heads on TV. 



So apparently those who surf have a unique workout routine.  They run underwater with like a 40-60 pound rock.  It’s for endurance.  Be just my luck I try it and forget to drop the rock in order to surface.  Think I’ll just stick with my thigh-master routine.  Check out this VIDEO of a girl doing this very thing.  She's got a rock...but I think she lost her marbles. 



So I scanned through 17 tips of making money from a bunch of experts and or rich folk.  One that grabbed my attention was, “To get rich you have to make money while you’re asleep”.  I was so in agreement with that thought that I told my wife to take a night shift at a factory.



They say (whomever “they” are) that by 2040 we’ll see robots in farm fields doing a lot of the work and virtual fencing that will help keep the cattle where they belong.  We’re way past my Grandpa’s day of tying a team of horses up to a plow.  Tractors have become like living rooms with a lot of technology.  Heck you can watch the ballgame while you plow the back 40 with air conditioning!


I remember the first time I saw those BIG round hay bales and wondered, “what is that”?  After hauling hay with my brothers for a couple of summers…I decided if I ever owned a farm I drop those big boys in the field too so that I would never have to climb up in a hayloft ever again.  I also credit lifting hay to driving me to learn to play music.  Much much less lifting. 



To the Grand Canyon.  It’s 100 years old this year.  I’ve been blessed to be able to see a lot of our great country through the years.  And there are so many eye popping beautiful places that I love.  But one section of the country I never tire of seeing is northern Arizona in general, and certainly the Grand Canyon that just blows me away every time I peer over the rim. 


If you’ve not checked out my friend Roger Naylor’s Facebook Page do so.  Roger’s one of my favorite writers and the pictures he posts of his travels in Arizona will make you feel like you’re there yourself.  Check it out then “Follow” him.  If you like that kind of beauty…you’ll love following my long time friend. 



In 2019 according to an article…Smart companies ask these five questions.


Can you type without looking at your keyboard? (yes…while drinking coffee)


What’s 2 percent of 100?  (can I use my phone calculator sir?)


What’s your biggest strength and weakness?  (coffee and mac and cheese)


Where do you see yourself in five years?  (on stage with the Chippendale Dancers)


And then there’s this gem from one boss who says he asks, “If you were a fruit, what fruit would you be”?  Designed to throw people off and make them think on their feet.


Is I’m Outta Here a fruit?



Nothing big today.  More catching up to do.  I have to spend part of today of course trying to figure out what 2% of 100 is.


Have a great first day of March!









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