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CD Party...She Married Her Tree and Gatlinburg Ahead

Say hello to March.



 I went out to a CD release party for my friend Matthew Szlachetka...and he goes by his last name "Szlachetka".  I know.  I'm still struggling spelling and saying it.  On top of that...he's from Massachusetts...another word I struggle to spell correctly! 


He played a little venue called the Basement last night...a very viby place that would make you think you're in a small cavern.  He used a full band last night for a 45 minute set and was terrific.  "Wildflowers On The Highway"  is one of the singles...and the video is being played on CMT right now...so he's making a little noise.  Click on the link and see and hear what he's all about.


Just another evening in Music City that reminds me how much talent there is in this town.






Good grief.  Ron Howard is 64 today.  And no matter how old he gets...no matter how many great movies he directs...I'll always see him as Opie.  Nobody ever said the word "Pa" better. 



Russia is bragging about it's arsenal...saying it now has an underwater drone that can attach a nuclear warhead.  Sort of made the milk taste sour on my Fruit Loops this morning.  


Meanwhile we are several steps closer to arming some of our school teachers.  Pencil, paper and a 45...and off to school we go.  I'm in favor of building moats and a drawbridge at all schools.


The world to be getting smaller and more dangerous do it not?  Meanwhile sales are really up for bulletproof doors, windows and backpacks for kids.  Sigh.



So...I saw the last Star Wars where supposedly Luke Skywalker was found...then died.  Not so fast my little "wookie" friends.  Word is now that he will be somehow revived in the next one through a time travel machine of some kind.  I dunno.  But if that works...bring back Hans Solo too will ya?



It's that time of year.  The rain and some sun has weeds growing like crazy.  Nashville has something called a "Weed Wrangle" coming up where they are looking for volunteers to pull up weeds all over the city.  "Weed Wrangle" makes it sound like you should put your chaps and cowboy hat on before you start to yank in an attempt to make this sound like fun.  Uh huh.  My back hurts already.  You cowboys and cowgirls go ride on without me.



Women are marrying trees to try and save them from the loggers.  Must be some interesting marriage vows there.  "Senorita, do you take this Spruce to have and to water for the rest of your life"?  Si. 



It's no secret bourbon and whiskey have become big sellers...very popular over the past few years.  It's not for me.  I'm a beer in a frosted glass kind of guy on a hot summer day.  But I have a lot of friends who are into bourbons like wine folks are into their vino. 


With that kind of interest comes creativity.  And the folks at Johnny Walker are now rolling out a whiskey brand targeting women.  There's a picture of a walking woman on this bottle. Her name of course is "Jane Walker". The warning for guys is to not touch this for fear of being teased, "you drink like a girl".  Maybe.






Prepping for a road trip tomorrow morning to Gatlinburg with Brady Seals and my "Hits & Grins" partners Steve Dean and Victoria Venier for a Friday and Saturday where we will write songs with some local writers and teach a bit.  We'll be at the old Gatlinburg Inn again located between the taffy and fudge shops trying to rhyme something good.  I've done this a few times now...and it's always a great experience.  My thanks to Cyndy Montgomery and all those affiliated with the Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival for having us.


Have a great Thursday!



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