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Catch The Dog...Follow Up On A Veteran...Album Release Party

Feb 28 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

The last weekend of February is here already…and the weekend!



I had a busy Thursday that started at Irene Kelley’s house where we write a lot of songs together over coffee at her kitchen table.  But, before we wrote a note we had to wait for her dog “Penny” to get tired of running.  We opened Irene’s front door to quickly and her little dog was off and flying in the neighborhood.  We should have written a dog song but went another direction and wrote as a “smile” song about drama and those folks who always seem to have a lot of it going on in their lives, or worse…they’re creating drama.  So that was fun to write for sure.  And you drama folks know who you are.  So now you have a song.



Yesterday I shared the news that veteran John D. Sides passed away in Little Rock at the VA Hospital.  I wrote John’s story about Viet Nam into a song for him with the group Freedom Sings U. S. A.  If you did not read the story…check yesterday’s blog or my Facebook Page.  Michael Dobbs is the guy in charge of the VA and he also is the guy who helps pair songwriters with veterans working with Vets there in Little Rock.  He posted this on my Facebook Page yesterday.  Michael…thank you for playing John our song one more time.  I can’t tell you how much this note moved me.



I’m sorry I didn’t share and thank Paul for letting you know! As soon as I learned I stopped by his room Monday morning when I heard he was not doing very well. I played his song from my iPhone and I’m sure he heard it in his last moments of life! Lastly he left the medical facility draped with US flag as he was paid honors as his body was taken by funeral home. I am working with Social worker to ensure his family gets copy of song. In lieu of Flowers his family has encouraged folks to donate to the Pen Turning program at the VA medical Center that he also enjoyed! I also will be calling his family to encourage to donate to freedomsingsusa.org in lieu of flowers! I didn’t know he wasn’t feeling well Saturday evening but that explains why he wasn’t at Saturday evening performance! Had just talked with him Friday about our time and our home in Missouri!



I hung out late in Nashville…and not intentionally.  Somehow I thought the album premier party of “No Headlights” for my friend and Aussie Kristy Cox was at 6 pm at the Station Inn.  Turns out it was 9 pm.  Sigh.  So I’m stuck downtown, had already paid for parking and had to kill time.  Folks, if you’ve not been to downtown Nashville lately?  We have traffic…lots of it.  I managed to weave through it to get to a local Bar B Que spot for dinner and then slipped over to the Commodore Grill to hear some songwriters and actually heard a guys sing a song titled “Songwriter”.  Go figure.


And then I still had an hour to kill at the Station Inn before Kristy and her bluegrass band cranked up.  But, it was worth it.  Kristy sang two songs I helped write from the new album that contains 4.  She was so nice to say some “nice” things about me from the stage as I sat in the audience with her husband Travis who’s also an artist.  And his Dad...and Kristy's Father In Law took the money at the door for Kristy.  An Aussie family deal all the way.  Love the accents!  Jerry Salley who produced this new CD also sat at my table with his lovely wife Erin so it made for a fun evening. 


Kristy won her 4th Golden Guitar Award this past year in Australia…the equivalent of our CMA Award and told me that they are going to release our song “Finger Pickin’ Good” that co-stars the incredible Aussie guitar player Tommy Emmanuelle and they’re hope is that this release might help her win a 5th trophy.  We’ll see.  Either way congrats to Kristy on her great new album!  Click on that link and here Tommy's amazing contribution to that song Kristy and I wrote with Jerry Salley.



Apparently a bunch of folks got we on the Disney Jungle Cruise ride at Disney World in Orlando.  The dang boat sank.  And you thought that hippo that rises out of the water was just an animatronic robot.  Maybe not. 



Do you need this?  Do you sit in the front seat of your car and work on your computer…or eat?  How about a tray that turns your front seat into an office space?  If I were a salesman…maybe.  Now if they can rig up a battery powered printer in the back seat along with a Kuerig in the passenger seat…one might not need to fight traffic and drive to the office again.



I used to go to a lot of movies.  A lot.  Not nearly as many these days.  There’s so much content on my laptop and on Netflix and Prime and Disney and on and on that I just don’t go as much.  And when I do pull up something on cable a fair amount of time it’s documentaries.  There’s some GREAT music documentaries to choose from for sure.  And now a new one on Herb Alpert is being released.  Remember him?  Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass?  If you’re a certain age you do.  And more likely than not you’ve heard his song “Lonely Bull” that he recorded that sold a ton of copies.  There’s a LOT more to his life than just music too and you’ll see in this Trailer for his documentary.



That when cats rub their heads up against you or some object that is has a name?  It’s called “bunting”.  And it’s a bonding thing apparently.  This will never happen with your pet Gerbil.  Just thought you should know.



38% of Americans won’t drink Corona beers because of Coronavirus fears.  Uh huh.  I think those beers are safe to drink as long as you do it through a hole cut in your surgical mask.  Pretty sure.



“Woman Calls 911 After Her Parents Cut Off Her Cell Phone Service”.  Wouldn’t you love to hear the 911 Operator’s response to that call?



I’ve got the next three days off…but I’m going to spend some of it today having my back adjusted.  I made the mistake of thinking I was 30 and strong and lifted a concrete birdbath that had fallen in our front yard by myself.  My back is basically cursing at me and calling me names.  So hopefully I’ll get some relief there today.


And I’ll do some prep work over the weekend as I’m in the studio Monday morning to record another song I wrote for one of our veterans so that my veteran will have a good copy of it forever. 


Monday night “Hits & Grins” my trio with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier have a private corporate show at the Wild Horse Saloon here in Nashville and we have to write a song about the CEO.  Victoria already has it mostly written but I’ll spend some time looking and tweaking it before we surprise the CEO on Monday.


And the really good news about it being the weekend?  The stock market can’t drop a dime more.


Have a great weekend!


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