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Kitchen Writing...New Songs Recorded....Perfect Game Tom

Feb 28 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Nana nan na Nana nan na hey hey goodbye February.



A parody song about Girl Scout cookies and a full day of writing with Jerry Salley and Donna Ulisse took up all of my Wednesday yesterday.  And it was my first time writing with Donna.  Donna was a mainstream country artist several years ago with a major deal on Atlantic Records.  Doing a little talking and a little math we both realized that she probably visited me when I was on air at WUBE in Cincinnati as the record label was doing the “tour” thing where they take their artists to a ton of radio stations across the country to introduce them to radio folks.


It’s an interesting deal how that works.  The record label sends someone with the artists and a lot of times the radio folks are wined, dined and entertained in an effort to break the ice for a new artist in country radio.  What a lot of folks don’t know is that those charges for the steak dinners, and champagnes and trips sometimes that the record label pay for radio folks?  That comes out of the artists back pocket eventually.  They call it a “recoup” or they recoup all that money as the artist starts to make money for the label.   We both smiled at the necessary insanity of that. 


Now Donna has left that world and has become a main player in the bluegrass genre and she’s great.  So…we sat around Jerry Salley’s kitchen table most of the day getting to know here and trying to write something that might land on her new record that she’s getting ready to record.  We got a great song…and I got a new musical friend and that’s a good ay in my book every time. 



Jerry was still buzzing when I walked in about Tommy Emmanuel and the night we shared this past weekend when Tommy played on a song Jerry and I wrote with artist Kristy Cox.  That song will likely be a single and labeled as Kristy Cox with Tommy Emmanuel.  Both from Australia.  Kristy the bluegrass award winning artist…and Tommy the world’s greatest guitar player to many including me.  And at the kitchen table Jerry played me what they had on it so far with Tommy’s part in the mix.  Incredible.  Kristy is about to deliver a baby and as soon as Mom is ready she’ll go in studio and then record her vocals and we’ll really have something to talk about for a long while.  Can’t wait to share this song.



I got home yesterday evening and flopped on the couch…put some Spring Training baseball on in the background and flipped through my Facebook page and found my friends Ayla Brown and her boyfriend Rob Bellamy on an internet radio interview and danged if I didn’t watch and hear them sing a song we had written titled “I’m Just Built That Way”.  And it sounded great.  Ayla moved back to Boston where she’s from and is half of the morning radio team at the big country radio station there an of course Rob who’s also from out east went with her.


Little background.  Ayla was on the starting 5 for Boston College…ladies basketball.  Rob played hockey for Maine and the a few years of minor league hockey.  And Rob’s sister played on the women’s Olympic hockey team that won the dog-gone gold medal in South Korea.  Turns out the two of them have completed a six song EP that they will be releasing with three of our songs on it.  So that was a great way to close out my Wednesday for sure!  That CD is available ONLINE.



I got an e-mail from an old radio friend in Cincinnati yesterday who wanted to send me a picture of him having dinner with Tom Browning the great "perfect game" as well as being a  World Series winning pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds.  Apparently Tom instructed my friend John Summers to give me a shout and told John how much he used to enjoy coming in and doing my radio show back then with Amanda Orlando at WUBE. Very cool.  I actually got Tom to SING on a Bengals song we recorded as we did back then for every opponent match up for the Bengals.  Great guy…with lots of stories.


One of the best being how that baseball from his PERFECT GAME was taken off his fireplace mantle by his young boy who promptly batted it out into the woods in the back yard…and they’ve never found it since.  To Tom it was no big deal…his boy was playing ball and needed a baseball.  So funny…and that attitude tells you a lot about Mr. Browning.  Thanks for the “shout out” Tom.



MNN.Com just released their list of really cool baseball parks.  They listed 11 HERE.  Scrolling through I saw I’ve been to just one…the Memphis Redbirds ballpark which is worth a visit for sure if you’re ate up with the game as I am.


I thought maybe they missed a couple of good one’s that I have seen.  Victory Field in Indianapolis with the skyline over the center field wall is great as is the little single A park…home of the Dayton Dragons.  The Pensacola Blue Wahoos Park is right on the ocean…that’s great too.  And I gotta say that our Nashville Sounds new park ain’t half bad either. 



Looks like they are going tackle what many critics will tell you is the greatest movie series of all time…”The Godfather” by doing a pre-quel.  Ray Liotta is getting ready to sign on for it.  This should be interesting to see if they can recreate the true greatness of the others that have gone before what’s coming here.



Scientists say they have discovered 300,000 new galaxies.  Think about that.  The ole universe is a big big big place that just seems to have no end. 



Yep…the new attraction at Disney World is getting closer.  2019 it opens and the word is that it’s pretty spectacular.  Judge for yourself as they’ve now released a sneek peek TRAILER of what’s coming in one of those galaxies I just mentioned far far away.



How bout a look at some new gadgets that Buzzfeed.com says is practical and exciting?  They’ve got sushi socks and a “light” alarm clock listed.  The light alarm gradually gets brighter til you wake up without the noise of an alarm.  And I noticed they have a high power ear wax remover just like the kind I pay the doctor to hose my ears down with when I have wax buildup from wearing headphones too much on the radio and in studios.  I may have to go there.  Here’s their complete LIST.



“FBI Finds 2,000 Bones In Indiana Man’s Home”.  Wow.  Some folks collect Beanie Babies.



I’ve got a bit of an off day so that means catching up on stuff that’s piled up from being too busy doing other stuff!  Thank goodness for holes in the calendar every now and then.


Have a great Thursday!







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