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Vandy Baseball...Bra Fitters and Artist Showcase Tonight

Last day of February and we're going into March with a little rain on this "Hump Day".



After clearing some catch up that included writing a parody song about how cheap the tooth fairy has become (he keeps leaving less money under the pillow every year) I caught my first baseball game of the year.  Can't beat sitting in the stands and the little baseball park Vanderbilt has is a beauty...Hawkins Fields.  The good guys destroyed the visiting team by about 15 runs...but...Vandy has an elite program...proved by winning the College World Series a couple years ago.


My friend at WSM...Charlie Mattos...another baseball nut (Red Sox fan) texted me when he saw on Instagram that I was there and told me how much he loved the head coach Tim Corbin.  Agreed...great dude.  And then he went on to say how he hated artificial turf...again...agreed.  As pretty as this ballyard is it's got artificial turf...and even the mound does not have real dirt.  Synthetic. There should be a law.  If not one player never dirties a uniform...something is wrong.


My least favorite baseball stadiums are those that hang on to artificial or synthetic or those with domes...although I get why weather makes that a necessity in some places.  Gimme Fenway....or Wrigley...real stuff.  Still...for me...can't beat baseball no matter what.



Charlie Watts is the forever drummer for the Rolling Stones.  In a recent interview he declared that he truly is at an age now where he does not care what other people think of him.  If you live in the public eye as he has...you hear and read everything about yourself.  It's surely a lot easier to be happy if you stop caring what anyone else thinks...within reason. 


I think I'll write a tune inspired by Charlie called "I Don't Care".



Well...one fad going around now is called EFT or..."Tapping"?  What is that?  Well...from what I read it's about tapping the energy points on your body with your fingers...the same kinds of places acupunctures seek before they poke you with a danged toothpick and you come leaping off the table threatening to choke them if they ever poke you there again.  Okay...that might just be me...and I apologized...BUT...apparently if you do this (for those who believe) it helps relieve stress, anxiety and even insomnia. 


So...if you're nervous about flying kids...start tapping in the terminal before boarding.  Or...ask if they've got anything on tap on the plane.



I'm a "Shark Tank" fan but I do agree with Amazon that they missed one.  I saw the guy make his pitch for "Ring" which is a video doorbell allowing you to see who's standing at your door.  I thought it was a cool idea...the Sharks did not.  But...Amazon was watching too apparently and just bought it for a BILLION bucks.  Gotta love that.  A good idea exposed on national TV?  Always a good idea.




I wonder why no company is ever at a Job Fair looking for folks to become Bra Fitters?  I saw a big ad in our paper about expert bra fitters being in Nashville soon.  Pretty sure you don't get a degree in college for that...but I'll check.  Heck...I'd be happy if they just let me write commercial for that job.



Dolly Parton just gave away her 1 millionth book to kids in a program she started several years ago.  Every kid can get a free book from her which really is awesome.  So much so...that it may be her biggest acomplishment in her illustrious career.  Congrats.



The musical artist Shakira reportedly just paid the Spanish government $25 MILLION in back taxes.  So...how much moolah does one have to make before you can acquire 25 MILLION in back taxes?  And...with that kind of money you'd think she could buy a last name.



A couple just got married at Whole Foods.  I think they through kale at the lovely couple as they exited the store.  Here's to your healthy marriage. 


FYI...it's a lot cheaper to get married at Kroger.



Well...it's National Pancake Day...I may have to sneak a buttermilk or two in before the day is over.  I do have to write a parody song about the Oscars coming up this Sunday with Jimmy Kimmel


And then tonight I've been invited to a CD premiere party for a young talented friend I write with Matthew Szlachetka at the Basement here in town.  So a full last day of February coming up.


Have a great Wednesday!



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