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Duet Writing...Road Work...Towing Hall of Fame

Feb 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

How can it be the weekend again?  The last one in February already.



Man it was another gorgeous day in middle Tennessee and we’ve had a fair share of those this winter. The sun being out makes winter a lot more enjoyable and with the exception of the snow fall we had last week it’s been an incredibly mild winter. Perfect. So I was seeing the sun in my writing room when I wrote a new duet with and for Darin & Brooke Aldridge yesterday. Fun duet with lines swapping back and forth in a fun way. Think Johnny and June, Porter & Dolly…those kinds of duets where the guy sings a line then the girl…teasing each other back and forth.  Darin and Brooke are husband and wife so it was really fun writing this kind of idea with the two of them. Just one more song to add to their pile of songs for consideration for the new album they’re currently working on.


They took time to play me a song they recorded a few weeks ago here that’s going to be special for them that included the Grand Ole Opry Band playing along that I had not heard. The song covers some of the history of the oldest continual running “live” radio show of its kind. Can’t wait for folks to hear this song. Coming soon.



I’m starting to feel like things are loosening up a bit as more shows are starting to confirm on my calendar. April 10 I’ll be with our “Evening in the Round” show starring Linda Davis with her husband Lang Scott and myself at the beautiful Opera House in Sumter, South Carolina. And it looks like there’s a good chance there will be two more dates on that run to the Gamecock state. I’ll post those dates and venues when they confirm. But it’s been a long while since I’ve been on the road doing a little string of shows like this is shaping up to be. Progress.



Yesterday I’m reading an article about a brand-new Ronnie Milsap album that will be released soon. I’m a big Milsap fan…always have been. I’m looking at the names of the songs Ronnie recorded and notice a song I’m familiar with called “Fireworks”. That’s because my great friend Steve Dean from my “Hits & Grins” trio is a co-writer on that song!  Ronnie had put that song on a little independent album a few years ago, but now has a new record deal and he put Steve’s song on this release as well. So I called Steve last night and asked if he knew that and of course he had no idea. Now that’s a pleasant surprise. I was on Steve’s deck one summer evening with my wife and his having dinner and Steve had some music on and that song came on. I’d never heard it before but loved it and told him so. My taste must be pretty good. Milsap but the dang thing on TWO different albums.  Every writer should be so lucky! It was so fun breaking the news to him.


And it shows you how crazy the music business can be. An artist records your song and the writer finds out about it after a friend reads and article. Crazy.



I don’t know if this will make more folks go get their vaccine shot or if it will strengthen the stance of those who don’t want the shot. O.J Simpson got his second shot yesterday and then encouraged the rest of the country to “go get yours”. Hmm. I guess if the needle fits…


Nashville has one of the greatest voice clinics in the world. It makes sense as there are so many singers here. The fix nodes on vocal cords, teach people how to re-sing, how to keep their voice healthy and a lot more. My daughter once lost her voice when she was singing and we took her there and they completely figured out the problem and got her voice healthy again. Well it turns out they’ve been REALLY busy because so many singers in town with Covid have had an after effect on their vocal cords. Kind of makes sense I suppose.


Encouraging. A new study that confirms that those who have been infected by the virus and then recovered and have Covid-19 antibodies have a significant lower chance of being reinfected as opposed to those who have not had the virus.


And on the Fauci front. He now says that two people who are fully vaccinated can now mingle with minimal risk. Uh…what do he mean by “mingle” exactly?



Ole Albert Einstein can be credited with one of the funniest and probably true thoughts about marriage. He said, “Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry women with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed”.



Hard not to see that once again gas prices are shooting up. I think I saw a pump at $2.45 a gallon yesterday. And those in the know say to expect it to be $3 a gallon by Memorial Day. More folks are starting to get out after being cooped up forever so up goes the price of gas. No wonder so many electrical vehicles are being rolled out right now.



Victoria’s Secret is shuttering 50 more stores. They’ve already shut down 241 others. There goes the best smelling store in the malls. 


My friend Brent Burns wrote and recorded a funny song called “Victoria’s Secret”. Though I’m not a write on it I was in studio when he was recording it and suggested a background vocal idea that they used. If you listen to it carefully, you’ll hear the background singers singing “he-she-he-she”. Hey, you can contribute in different ways when it comes to music.



Is new again. Even on TV. How about Kelsey Grammer rebooting his old TV show “Frasier” with all new episodes to come?  Funny show. How many other old shows can they redo this way?  How about bringing back the cast of “Friends” and calling it “Old Friends” now? I have no idea why Hollywood doesn’t consult with me.



There are some unusual Hall of Fames for sure you can visit. There’s an Insurance Hall of Fame, a Robot Hall of Fame, a Quilters Hall of Fame BUT…my favorite might be the “International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame” that’s just a couple of hours away in Chattanooga. I’m going to have to pull over next time I go through Chattanooga.



“Police Seize 80 Alligator Heads in Birmingham”. True. Apparently, this guy was importing alligator head from all over the country then selling them on E-Bay for a profit. I have no idea what the police will be doing with those bad boys.



I’m writing with Irene Kelly this morning which is always creative fun. She’s excited because a build has begun on her gorgeous cabin to be in Gatlinburg with a great view. She sent me some early pictures yesterday and I’m looking forward to a day fairly soon when she’ll be having some writer retreats at her new place in the mountains. Congrats Irene.


And then it’s the weekend…and on Sunday? There will be Spring Training baseball on TV from Arizona and Florida camps.  I’ll have my Reds hat on watching some of that.


Have a great weekend!










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