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Cars and More Cars...Hologram Tour...Baby Songs

Feb 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

It’s the last Hump Day in February. We might actually see a light flurry today in Nashville but nothing that will stick…unlike some of the Midwest that will be getting a dumping of snow later today.



My Tuesday turned out to be a day dedicated to cars and all that goes on with cars.  I went to the local City Clerks office about 35 minutes away to get my license renewed and my real ID that all of us will need soon to board a plane.  I’ve been hearing about long lines so thought maybe I could avoid some of that by going early.  Here’s how that went.


I went in and filled out an obligatory form.  Is there ever a time we check in for anything where we don’t have to fill out a form?  That done I waited my turn.  They had two clerks, both friendly and sharp.  My wait time in total might have been a little over an hour.  And I heard one of the clerks tell someone waiting that it was good we came in now because the lines are going to get a LOT worse as we approach the deadline date.  Glad mine is done.  Don’t forget to take your license, passport, proof of address and social security number and of course your inseam size.  Okay…skip the last one.



Then I got home and found an oil leak in the garage under my car…off to the shop it went.  And we still have a Prius with 220,000 miles on it that needed an emission test.  Geez.  So from about 8 am to 4 pm or so yesterday?  I was living in automotive-drivers hell.  It’s going to feel nice to go back to rhyming words today.



But from what I read they should re-name the Democratic Debates the “Desperate Democratic Debates” because there was more shouting and screaming last night than on an entire season of “Desperate Housewives”. For those who wonder again why I have zero interest in politics?  Watch a little bit of that.  He who shouts the loudest wins is the theory…I guess.



Apparently the “Bachelor” franchise is so hot that they are going to do a “Senior” version of the show.  Pretty sure I don’t even want to know if they’ll choose the Fantasy Suite or not. 



The Whitney Houston “Hologram” tour is all over the world.  Yes…they’ve staged a hologram show of the late singer and it touring…and folks are laying down their money to watch it. Wow.  Technology is keeping the dead alive…sort of.  Here’s a LOOK at what the audience will see when they guy their tickets.



That would be the animatronic Baby Yoda’s.  They are gone…completely sold out and apparently will not be available until next Christmas. The Prime TV series “Mandalorian” made Baby Yoda a superstar and every kid apparently wants one.  It is pretty danged cute.  Here’s a PEEK of what that toy looks like.  Cost is about $60 for one of these.  And I thought the Tonka Truck I got one Christmas was cool.



Man, you can get famous on the internet in lots of ways.  There’s a guy in China who turns his camera on when he goes to sleep.  And he has over 100,000 followers who tune in to watch him saw some Z’s.  I think I’m going to turn on my camera and let the world watch my show “Couch Potato” that will let them watch me watch TV.



Facebook has removed ads for cures for the Coronavirus.  They’re fake of course…proof that folks will take advantage of other folks.  As a friend reminded me, “ya gotta keep your bullshit meter turned on Bill”.  He’s right.


I’m on a plane next week and I’m wondering if I’ll see passengers wearing masks?  We’ll see.



Here’s a couple of beauties.  One guy posted, “How are nukes supposed to reach the US if they’re across the map”?  Proof that marijuana sales probably should not have been legalized in his home state.


And the other one was actually posted on a sign.  It read: “America Is The Best Country In The Nation”.  Hard to argue with that.



“Baboon Ready For Vasectomy Escapes With 2 Female Pals”.  One last hurrah I suppose for ole “Bubbles”. 



Off to write with two buddies this morning.  Paul Bogart my Oklahoma Cowboy pal and Dan Wilson of the trio MamaDear are going to rhyme something this morning.  Dan just found out he’s going to be a Daddy for the first time so we’ll raise our glasses to that before we write a note.  I mentioned yesterday I helped Paul write a song about both of his kids…two different boys…two different stories.  So I’m thinking I may push to write a song for Dan’s first kid soon.  I think I may have finally found my niche in Music City.


Have a great Wednesday!






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