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Songwriter Show Added...Podcasting...McCartney

Feb 25 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Happy Thursday y’all.



I caught a little bug a couple of days ago of some kind and wound up catching a lot of “Z’s” on my Wednesday. Tweaked a couple of tunes for some upcoming co-writes but for the most part I snoozed the afternoon away. For the record, that Dayquil stuff will knock you out. I’m feeling mucho better this morning so it was time well spent for sure.



I actually have a “live” show coming up on March 21. It will be the first one since I was on the beach in Gulf Shores this past November for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival. This too will be a songwriter round at the Bavarian Bierhaus at Opry Mills here in Nashville along with my friends LynnMarie “The Polka Queen”, Wil Nance and young talented Erin Kinsey. Oh, and Jeff Taylor who plays accordion and keyboards for the world acclaimed "Time Jumpers Band" will be sitting in with us too. The Bavarian Bierhaus is a huge German Beer Hall with brats and beer and sauerkraut and all you’d expect to find in a German Beer Hall. And yes, giant pretzels too.


We will be part of the first songwriters show to take place in a private room inside the hall. All the details are here. Tickets are $25 couple. So, if you’re in town, or coming to town March 21…a Sunday…come join us. Show will start at 5 pm.



I’ve had more than one person over the past few years suggest that I should do a podcast. All the rage these days seemingly. I blog here daily and gave thought to turning some of this content into podcast of some kind. My problem is I know too much. A podcast is a commitment and I’ve got other things that interest me more these days like writing songs. A great friend and producer-guitar player Brent Rowan and I had an interesting conversation a few years back. At the time, I had a chance potentially to take another radio job if I wanted. His question to me was, “Why would you want to do that? You’ve already done that”. And that resonated with me. I had always wanted to really dig in and try to be a songwriter but never had the time to devote to it. By choosing not to go back for one more radio gig it did free up the time to write a lot of songs over the past 12 to 15 years or whatever it’s been. Monetarily it was not THE decision to make, but I don’t know that I’ve ever been happier.


How does that relate to a podcast? It’s kind of the same thing again. A radio show…on the internet. And my feeling has been for a while that it seems to me everyone seems to have a dang podcast. Turns out I was right.


Yesterday I read an article that revealed that 17,000 podcasts were launched every week in 2020.  That’s 800,000 podcasts for the year. And a lot of folks start one, then ditch it after a couple of shots at it because they don’t have the time, and it’s hard to monetize. So for now, I think I’ll just keep doing this old-fashioned blog. And thank you to all who have found this little blog and read it. I hope you get something out of it that’s useful for your day, or you find something in it that will make you laugh.



NYC has found yet another variant of Covid-19. They just keep popping up.


Trisha Yearwood has Covid-19.  Her husband Garth Brooks says she’s going to be fine which is good to hear. She’s already starting to feel better. And she’s getting the best care as you can imagine. Michael Flannery, a media friend and former standup comedian back in Cincinnati that I mentioned here a few days ago is not doing as well as Trisha. He posted a pretty chilling video from his hospital bed a few days ago, and yesterday they put him in ICU. Nothing funny about that. I’m surely hoping for a recovery for Michael.


Meanwhile former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn are both fully vaccinated. He’s 96 and she’s 95. One of the first things they did was to go back to their church to attend a service. They sat on the front pew. Pretty amazing folks. I’m not sure I’ve ever sat on a front row pew. Back row, incognito is more my style or way up in the balcony of one of those huge churches. Easier to slip out if the preacher starts pounding the pulpit and screaming too loud.


Nursing homes, once hotspots for the virus? Great news. New cases at nursing homes have dropped more than 80 percent since vaccines became available. Deaths have declined more than 65 percent.


With Spring Break on the way Florida is trying to keep the teenagers away. No alcohol, coolers, tents, tables or “live” music allowed on the beaches in south Florida in particular. First warm weather is on the way…add mass crowds of teens on the sand and you’ve got a possible social gathering petri dish.



Tiger Woods is recovering. No charges. He was not drinking when his Genesis SUV rolled over. One of the side effects of this? The sales of the vehicle he was driving is going up. All that exposure to what Tiger was driving has some folks paying to have one just like it. It again proves there is no such thing as bad press.



The new fried chicken sandwich has rolled out at McDonald’s. According to most, it’s a drastic improvement over what they had before. I’ll let you know about that soon. Everyone is on the “chicken sandwich” hot trend right now. I want someone to really step it up and figure out a way to make “fried” anything healthy. I’m pretty sure ANYTHING that’s fried taste better. You’d think if we could put Rovers on Mars that someone in a kitchen somewhere could figure out a way. When that does happen, I’ll be the healthiest person you know.



Whataburger is coming to my backyard! The chain will have several in Nashville in 2022 but the first one will land just 4 or five miles from where I live this Fall. Folks in the south love Whataburger so it will be a huge hit. Now, if I can get Skyline Chili from Cincinnati to give us one of their Chili Parlors here, I’ll really be a happy camper.



Do you like the new USPS mail truck? All electric. Different looking for sure with that long front end. Word is that all the trucks will be electric to help save costs somewhere in our future.


My daughter Heather and her Army husband Casey now lives in southern Alabama on an Army base. At the base housing unit they live in she saw something she’d never seen before. A mailbox by the door…not at the end of a driveway. Yep, the mailman walks right up to the door, lifts the lid and drops in the mail. Old fashioned and still cool. Wait til I tell her about how we used to draw water from a well and take baths in a galvanized tub in the kitchen.



If you love our National Parks you’ll probably like the new App the National Parks Service has just launched. Everything you want to know about the park you are visiting will be accessible by hitting the app on your phone. Best trails, highlights to see, weather etc. I’m downloading it on my smart aleck phone later today. Hopefully you’ll get an alert if you’re near a bear…or a danged snake.



It’s that time of year too when families will start planning vacations and visit theme parks with the family. Trip Savvy listed it’s TOP 15 Theme Park Attractions in the US. A lot of Disney and Universal on the list. I’ve been on 8 of the 15 listed. They’re all great but if I had to pick one? The “Haunted Mansion” is hard to beat for me. Nostalgic and still cool.



Paul McCartney is releasing a two-volume book titled “The Lyrics”. 900 pages of Sir Paul talking about the lyrics of the songs he’s written. This could be the ultimate “story behind the songs” experience. What’s next Easter?  Baby I know what I’d like for Easter!



So I saw that there’s a book titled “How to Be A Man…The Art of Manliness”. So if I pick one up is that an admission, I’m not a man?



I’ll be writing with my bluegrass duo friends Darin & Brooke Aldridge later today down in North Carolina and I’m sure their little dog “Otis” will also be part of it too as he usually is. The couple have recorded about half of their upcoming first album on Billy Blue Records so we’ll be writing today in hopes of coming up with something that could still be added to the project before it’s completion. There’s one song they’ve already recorded that we wrote together that I’m truly excited about that they’ll be releasing as a single with a video. Grand Ole Opry lovers should love it. Can’t wait to share that one when it comes out.


Have a great Thursday!





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