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Rainy Day Song...Baby Song...Half Court Shots

Feb 25 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Quite a view outside my blogging window this morning as the sun is starting to raise its head over Old Hickory Lake.  High temp of 60 degrees today.  The end of February is on us and we’re getting tantalizing close to Spring.  Bring it on.



My writing appointment was with my friend Sydni Perry who has a little more downtime these days as her boss Carrie Underwood is not on a big tour right now.  Sydni sings the high harmony over Carrie out on the road and hitting THOSE notes is a feat in itself and plays some fiddle.  I had brought a chorus idea to a ballad in my hip pocket and that felt appropriate to both of us since the rain was pouring down outside our writing window.  Rain tends to bring out sad songs and ballads and that’s what turned out yesterday for sure.  Sydni loved the chorus and quickly spit out a verse idea and from that point on it did not take us all that long to finish something both of us really liked a lot.  If you write long enough the “better” ones become obvious to you…and certainly this new song falls into that pile. 


We finished early enough that Sydni shared with me her favorite song off of her boss Carrie Underwood’s current CD.  Our song was a drinking related song yesterday so I think it made her think of this great song from Carrie that she wanted so share titled “Spinning Bottles”. 


One great song deserves another and I shared with her this Sunny Sweeney song that I’ve loved ever since another friend and co-writer Jenny Tolman played it for me…a song her boyfriend Dave Brainerd produced titled “Bottle By My Bed”…and it’s not the kind of bottle you first think of.


So we got a cool new song…and swapped a couple of songs all in one Monday.



I tuned in WSM Radio yesterday because my buddy Paul Bogart was a special guest on the morning show and he talked about the birth of his second little cowpoke Ace that occurred in his truck on the way to the hospital with his wife Tanya.  The two of us wrote that into a song titled “The Ballad of Exit 199” and Paul sang the song “live” on the radio yesterday to morning to lots of laughter.  I’m sure the baby coming out in the front seat on I-40 was not funny at the time, but it is now…and it is in this song we wrote about it that will be included on Paul’s new album that he’s working on now.  Can’t wait for folks to hear that.


What's cool about the whole baby song for Paul is that we also wrote a song for his first child titled "Buckaroo Lullabye".  I'm starting to feel like I'm part of the cowboy family!  If I can get Paul and Tanya to have about 8 more kids I'll have an entire album.



Here’s something you don’t normally read or hear.  “9 Day Heat Wave In Antarctica”.  I thought it was ALWAYS cold in Antarctica.  What’s with that?  Every time I read or hear something like that I envision Al Gore jumping up and down on his Lazy Boy pointing at his TV yelling,”I told you so”!



The price of Pepto Bismol certainly went up yesterday as folks dealt with a 1000 point drop in the stock market.  Yikes.  It was overdue for a correction I’m sure but that was a little too big.  That loud Cramer guy you see on TV who knows all about stocks suggests we go out and buy stock in medical to hedge our losses.  Buying surgical mask stock would be a no brainer with the Coronavirus thing still going around the world.


Stupid me.  I half read the story and originally bought stock in Corona Beer.  The stock price has not gone up one six-pack cent so far.



In basketball it’s always amazing to see someone sink a half court shot.  That makes this VIDEO beyond amazing to me.  A girls basketball team line up to take half court shots…one after the other.  Folks…click on the link and see how many they make in a ROW.  Yesterday I posted the video of the 84-year-old woman who made a 94-foot putt on a basketball court to win a car and I thought that was incredible.  This basketball video blows that away.  How did they do that?



Amazon is opening a “Go” store in Seattle where there will be no cashiers.  No money given, no credit card swipe.  Modern technology recognizes what you put in your bag and cart, it’s charge to your account and you’re out the door.  So you save time by not having to stop and unload all your groceries, or wait in a line, and or wait to have the groceries reloaded into sacks. 


Some folks resist technology.  But it ain’t all bad.  We live in a world where one can order groceries, food, most anything you need without having to fight crowds in stores.  It comes to our doorsteps usually within 24 hours. 


  • Of course by giving them…whomever “them” is the info needed to make this happen it means someone is probably watching you go to the bathroom or record men watching “The Bachelor” TV show.  Not that I do that of course but I will say I think Pilot Peter should run like crazy away from Victoria F.



That would be the 62-year-old former Marine who just broke the Guinness Record for planking…holding a plank for over 8 hours.  Wow.  8 hours!  Wonder if he was watching “The Bachelor” while he was in the planking position?



Melissa Kurman is a long time travel blogger.  She’s been traveling for a couple of decades.  And in an article on MSN this morning she lists the top 5 places that she keeps going back to.  South Africa, Paris, Puerto Rico, Italy and Orlando.  I’ve not been to South Africa or Paris and I’m a little surprised that Orlando is one of her choices.  Although…I do love Disney World.  In the article she mentioned that she loves the State Parks, New York and DC too.


For me I go back to Gulf Shores a lot.  The ocean…it’s quiet…not over crowded. But I also go back to Northern Arizona when I can and if given a chance?  I’d go back to Hawaii, Ireland and almost any place out west in the summer.  How bout you?



I love that the world’s oldest man who just died at the age of 112 in Tokyo said in an interview recently that the secret to living a long life is to smile. One thing is for certain.  It never hurts.



I have a day off from anything big so I’m head to a County Clerks office this morning to go get that new ID license thing one will need to get on an airplane within a few months.  And since I’m going to be flying a lot starting in about October I’m going to get this done sooner than later.  I’ll let you know if I had to camp out in a forever long line in tomorrow’s blog.  I wonder if they photo shop at the DMV yet?


Have a great Tuesday!

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