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Water Stopped...Tommy Emmanuel....WSM Tomorrow

Feb 25 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning and the rain finally stopped.  If ya need extra water…call us!



The rain I think has finally ended but not without causing some flooding here.  And the sun is shining!  And Spring Training baseball has broken out in Florida and Arizona.


I saw some incredibly beautiful pictures from my Arizona friend over the weekend as they got snow…even always the way down in Phoenix where Spring Training is happening Always a different kind of beauty when see snow on those red rocks and desert floor…and even more dramatic when the snow hits the Grand Canyon.


My Grand Canyon Railway musical buddy John Carpino posted pictures on his Facebook page  over the weekend as he got off that train I’ve worked on with him that has a three-hour layover every day at the South Rim.  Just beautiful pictures.  I’ve made a note to myself to take heavy coat and work the train just once when there’s snow falling up there to see this in person.  Just scroll down on John's timeline to see some of those beautiful snowy images.


I also know that we have to go another route if we want to see our daughter who lives up in Clarksville as I-24 going in that direction will be shut down for at least a week because of big mudslide on the road.  Heather’s husband Casey flies on choppers…maybe they can land on our lawn next time.



Up in Minnesota where my sister Rita and her husband and family stay buried in snow…it’s so bad that one teenager up there just made over $35,000 plowing driveways and streets.  After living through some of that in Milwaukee for six years I’ve decided those that are the happiest in that kind of weather are those who own a pickup truck with a plow on the front.  Cha Ching.



I did get out in the dreary rain and made it to the last home game for our Belmont basketball team.  Although my daughter’s alma mater is not in THE big conference like the SEC or Big 10 they play GREAT basketball.  And their win on Saturday night means their head coach…a class individual named Rick Byrd has now won 801 games.  Few few coaches have achieved that.  They honored him after the game with a video tribute from those other coaches…big names that you know like Duke’s head coach Mike Kryzewski.  One of the five said he thought he might have won MORE games if he had Vince Gill helping him coach.  That made everyone laugh as Vince IS at most of the games…many times with his wife Amy Grant and they cheer LOUDLY right behind their friend Rick Byrd.  And he screams loudly at the refs when he thinks they’ve made a bad call too.  It’s funny to watch…always.



I had an incredible moment Sunday night as I sat in a recording studio and watched one of the greatest guitar players ever play on a song that I wrote with my friends Jerry Salley and Kristy CoxTommy Emmanuel gave all three of us a career highlight by playing on our song and being so gracious.  Afterwards he hung and gave us a private concert playing “Amazing Grace” and an original song he wrote about John Wayne.  Truly a once in a lifetime kind of deal.  This song will be on Kristy’s upcoming album and I have a feeling it’s going to make some noise in the bluegrass world for sure.  Thank you Tommy for saying “yes” and giving all of us a night that we’ll talk about for the rest of our lives.  You can check out “Amazing Grace” and see some pictures on my Facebook page.



I got confirmation for some more shows with my “Evening In The Round” trio that stars Linda Davis…and she lets me and Lang Scott hang with her on stage.


Ruston, Louisiana, Lancaster, PA, Livingston, Montana and Carthage Texas are all on the books and the details are on my calendar at billwhytecomedy.com


All look to be great gigs.  Lancaster?  In the HEART of Amish country so I’m trying to figure out if they will love or hate my song “I’ll Join The Amish”?


And in Carthage, Texas which is where Linda grew up…we play the “Thanksgiving At The Hall” show that’s at the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame that Linda is a member of. Her “blow horn” as she describes it (cheerleader thing) is hanging in her display case.  This is a real treat to play at this wonderful place with so much history.



And the trophies went to…some upsets for sure.  Since I was in studio last night I missed the biggest part of it but I did see Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper sing “Shallow” to each other and that brought the house down.  I taped it so I’ll fast forward to the interesting points today.  Apparently Lady Gaga wore $35,000 worth of necklace…Bradley Cooper did not. 



So apparently those huge rocks in England that some think were dropped in that formation by aliens?  Now some science type folks tell us that they actually drug those rocks as far as 185 miles to make that thing happen.  Today they could have just ordered them on Amazon Prime.



Ronnie Milsap lost his son Todd over the weekend.  They found him dead at a local marina.  From what I understand he lived on a houseboat and so far all they’re saying is it was attributed to medical conditions.  I can’t imagine a worse loss than that of losing a child.  All good thoughts go to Ronnie and his family.


And Mac Wiseman a bluegrass legend passed away.  A member of the Foggy Mountain Boys at one time with Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs…and a part of Bill Monroe’s band for awhile.  He was very loved.  He got around on a motorized scooter where a Crown Royal bag hung that had his constantly ringing cell phone it.  He was beloved.  I saw him in our WSM studios not too long ago and he could not have been nicer.  Maybe his most familiar song of all those songs he recorded on over 65 albums was this ONE.  RIP Mac.



I’ll be on the air there tomorrow morning as Bill Cody takes a day off.



Now Disneyworld is offering Keto snacks.  All the rage for dieters that Keto thing right now.  You know it’s big if Disney is offering it up.  I’m looking for them to station Peloton bikes now at Epcot every 30 feet.



“Guy Who Always Forgets His ID Card Has It Tattooed On His Forearm”.  Perfect.  My comedian pal Heywood Banks jokes that he hates going in stores and having check out folks ask “paper or plastic”??  So he tattooed “plastic” on his forehead.



I've got a bit an off day outside of writing a comedy parody song for my New York folks.  And the sun is out!  I'll try to soak up some of that today.


Have a great Monday!







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