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Sun Is Out...Clothes On A Line...Trick Cats

Feb 24 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And just like that it’s the last “hump day” of February.



Man, we had gorgeous sunshine and the temperature actually pushed 70 making it a great day to get out and inhale some fresh air and that was pretty much my day. Got in a great little hike around Percy Priest Lake about a half hour from the house. The park that holds a lake walking trail was pretty quiet…not a lot of folks. Just me and the water, the trees and a circular trail that skates the lake and features a long wooden bridge to walk over the water on the back end of that trail.  Life slows down just a little when you get out like that and that’s not a bad thing.



It will hit almost 70 today. Warm enough to go out and make a farm animal or two when you hang your clothes on the clothesline. People do that. Check this out and see how some creative folks hang their clothes and have a little fun while doing it.


I grew up at a time when my Mom would hang clothes out on the line. You kept an eye out for the weather when you do that. First sign of rain and you’d be sprinting with a basket to grab them before the rain starts falling down. I don’t see many clothes hanging on a line these days though I know some still do.  Last time I saw that was in Italy a couple of years ago on a little island called Murano which is a boat ride from Venice. On those little streets we walked there were clothes hanging on a line over the top of the street. It made me smile.


FYI…if you ever have the chance to go to Venice…don’t miss the little boat ride over to Verona where the glass factory is. Have lunch at one of the little cafés. Have a bowl of pasta with wine.  You’ll thank me later.



More hopeful notes this morning. In NYC they allowed NBA fans into Madison Square Garden for the first time in over a year. A little over 2,000 were allowed in to watch the Knicks. And of course…they lost.


Also in the Big Apple you can now find Covid-19 vending machines. Pull the handle and out comes a Covid home test.


Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson are saying there will be 240 million doses available by the end of March. That means a whole lot of folks are going to have access.


And the WHO reported 20% less deaths last week from the virus.



Yep…it’s that time. I know that because I see stacks of papers all over my wife’s desk. Thank goodness she’s good at that stuff. One of my favorite quotes about taxes came from Will Rogers who once said, “The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets”. Amen.



A lot of taxes are collected in this town. There’s a lot of very well-heeled folks who live here and who continue to move here. The Four Seasons just opened a high rise full of LUXURY penthouses. The first one sold for 25 MILLION yesterday. 5,000 square feet with a skyline view of the honkytonks. And at least one more of those bad boys will be added to our skyline. And all I can think is, “what do these people do for a living”?!



Did you know that the Volunteer State has an elephant sanctuary? It’s located in Hohenwald, Tennessee which is about 80 miles from Nashville. The world’s second oldest elephant died there yesterday. They named her Shirley. Shirley arrived in 1999 after being a circus elephant for years, then in a Zoo in Louisiana for a few more. She laid down surrounded by people who cared for her for years. That’s not an awful way for any of us to go.


It looks like Tiger Woods is recovering as well as can be expected after that horrible car crash yesterday. It’s his second bad crash. He may want to consider hiring a driver for the future. The put a metal rod in his leg so he won’t be playing any golf any time soon. He could have all the metal in the world in his legs and still play golf better than most. Glad he’s recovering. I’m like a lot of casual golf fans. I don’t watch a lot of it on TV except for the Masters and the Ryder’s Cup. But that’s all out the window if I find out Tiger’s in contention.



A cat who broke the “tricks” record performing 60 tricks in a minute or so. I had no idea you could train a cat to do ANYTHING. We’ve had a couple. Whenever I would ask the cat to bring me the remote control, she’d just give me her middle finger. Looking back on it I suppose that in itself was a trick.



“What Japan’s Naked Festival Looks Like”. Uh…I can make a guess.



I’ve got another open day but I have a little “honey do” list to take care of. Which reminds me of this fun song I helped write with Lisa Shaffer and Aussie Phil Barton several years ago. I remember writing in Phil’s publishing house off Music Row that day. I’d had this idea to write “Honey Don’t Do List” and both of them loved it. I just remember laughing a lot that day. I liked it enough to put in on my CD “Leave Em’ Laughing” so check it out if you’d like.


Have a great Wednesday!







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