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An Old Jag...A Finished Book...Jeannie Seeley

Feb 22 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning…hello sunshine…goodbye snow.  It got up in the 50’s yesterday and melted a lot of the snow we’ve had. We’ve not left the house for six days because of not being able to get out on our road that’s seen no snowplow. But today will be the day. And by tomorrow when we get into the 60’s all of it will be gone



Pretty much just sitting at the house and watching the snow melt. I did have a chance to check in with one of my favorite comedians Heywood Banks up in Michigan who’s lost pretty much every one of his comedy shows since the pandemic broke out. So he’s spent some time with his wife painting a house they own on the water up there AND he bought an old 1961Jaguar MK IX that he found online cheap. It looks like a gangster car. That’s how bored he’s gotten up there. It certainly made me laugh talking with him about it. Being quarantined allows us to catch up with folks we haven’t talked to in a while and maybe that’s something we can chalk up to “good” during this past year.


For those that may not know Heywood I’ll share just one of his funny songs here. “18 Wheels”. Check out the Roman Numeral countdown in this clever song.



And I do want to congratulate my wife Kathy who put the finishing touches on her first novel ever that’s so good. She had completed it maybe a year ago, and then she decided to re-write it a couple of times to make it fit better for a TV-Movie pitch as well as making the book itself better. There’s still a long way to go before it will have a chance of hitting the market, but it’s now ready to go. I could not be prouder of what she’s accomplished here and can’t wait for others to have a chance to read or see this in the future.



I also got an encouraging text from my singer-songwriter buddy Billy Yates who had a great songwriter show in Branson that I played several times before they pulled the plug on that because of Covid. So now Billy is going to try and sell that kind of show across the country that will pair Billy with two other songwriters that a buyer can choose from off a website of choices. He wanted to know if I was interested? Oh yea.  I’m hoping the idea will take off and I’ll get a call now and then to go out on the road with that show. Stay tuned.


AND…I did add another show with our “Evening in the Round” trio with my friends Linda Davis and Lang Scott. A corporate gig in Louisville in August. Thanks for having us!



Well, if you like McDonald’s, and music, and chicken…you’ll be thrilled to know for $5 online you can get a sneak eat of their new chicken sandwich they are getting ready to offer up. And you get a free song AND a chicken hoodie! The offer goes up on their website this Thursday. And yes, the song is about the chicken sandwich. Seemingly every place that sells burgers is now trying to find a magic recipe for chicken after Popeye’s rolled out one that kept selling out all the time. Wonder when the Colonel is going to offer up finger lickin’ burgers?



Back and forth on good vs “not so good” news. First the good

I’m reading more and more optimistic articles about there being better days ahead. One new study out this weekend suggests a return to fairly normal by April. Wow. Wouldn’t that be great if that was true. Fauci himself is now saying late Spring or early summer if the vaccination rates keep climbing.


The bad news. Half million have now died. That’s the entire population of Atlanta and put it in a very grip perspective. Over the weekend a friend and loved media member in Cincinnati passed from Covid. Pat Barry did the weather for years on a couple of different radio stations and was a large personality on the radio. And another acquaintance of mine, comedian-media person Michael Flannery put up a chilling video from his hospital bed as he fights for his life now too. Surely hoping he recovers as I’ve lost enough friends to this hideous pandemic already.


And how bad has it been for the airline industry?  A lot less people got on board. Last year was the lowest total of passengers since 1984. And having a plane drop an engine over the weekend doesn’t help either I suppose.


And in NYC for the first time the MTA is passing out TWO masks for those boarding public transportation.



Hatchet houses, those places where you can walk in and order a drink and then grab a hatchet and toss it at targets?  Apparently, business is up big time and some attribute that to the “pent up aggression” we have from being cooped up because of Covid. I don’t see me doing that somehow. But then again, I can remember a time when I paid for a drink and then sat down at a circular table to play “pong” which seemed so cool at the time.



From the late funny Phyllis Diller. Still funny today. “Marry a man your age; as your beauty fades, so will his eyesight”.



Over the weekend US authorities confiscated 2 million boxes of cocaine covered corn flakes that came from Peru. Those aren’t frosted flake boys and girls.



Folks can get pretty creative when they’re pregnant. And this will make you smile. Watch how this young wife lets her husband know that she’s pregnant. Unabashed joy.



That would be today. Where’s my salt and lime?  Wish I own stock in all things Jimmy Buffett today. Although, he’s not the only one with a Margarita song. Brent Burns and I wrote this one…”Margarita Smile”.  The only difference in Jimmy’s and ours is that his launched an empire.


And if you have not seen this VIDEO check it out.  Incredible. 600 drones to the sky to give us a Van Gogh moment. The how lasts over 26 minutes and set a record for longest animation performed by unmanned vehicles. Truly breathtaking to watch.



Man, what a mess in Texas. I’m glad they are thawing out. Some of those folks are seeing ridiculous utility bills now that will have to be dealt with. Pretty sure that Texas native Willie Nelson might be the only thing higher than a Texas electric bill right now.



First sign of Spring is that baseball has started. Spring Training baseball games in both Florida and Arizona will begin this coming weekend. And college baseball games have already started. Vanderbilt here in Nashville…one of the top collegiate teams year after year had to cancel their first games because of snow. They’ll start playing this week.


And how about this kid who plays baseball for Central Florida. He’s a freshman and in his FIRST two at bats the kid hits back-to-back GRAND SLAM homeruns. That has to be a first.


“I Planned to Give Up My Dangerous Gas Stove and then Texas Froze”. Yep. Might be a lot of folks thinking they’ll hang onto their gas stoves after that.



I’m going to be in studio early this afternoon to watch and hear something pretty cool go down. Long time Grand Ole Opry star Jeannie Seeley is going to join my friend Jenny Tolman along with Jenny’s producer and fiance’ Dave Brainard to sing on a song that the three of us wrote a few years back. It’s going to be fun to witness that today.


Have a great Monday!

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