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Bluegrass Kitchen Table...King Kong...and Tommy Plays Guitar

Feb 22 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And here comes the weekend.  2 more day of rain here in Music City before we get some sun on Sunday.  The musician’s may be using their guitars and banjos as oars before it’s over.



I got to sit around Irene Kelley’s kitchen table again and write.  This time we wrote a traditional bluegrass gospel song together from a little idea I had on my idea pad that she liked.  Irene is promoting her current single titled “Bluegrass Radio” off her upcoming new project that she’s naming after her Dad’s old radio-repair shop that he ran for years up in Pennsylvania where Irene is from.  Think work bench, oscilloscope, TV’s and radios.  I’m excited that I’ll have two songs I wrote with Irene on this CD that’s out in a few weeks.  And we had a good rhyming day for sure yesterday.



I played a little songwriter round at the Commodore Grill last night with Gary Cavanaugh who was celebrating his birthday and Meg Williams who’s a very cool young bluesy kind of artist who also plays great lead guitar.  It’s always nice to meet new young talented folks who like to hang and play with guys like me and Gary.  Gary sang a new funny song…his idea that we wrote the other day titled “You Ain’t Willie Cool”.  I think that song is going to work for Gary whenever and wherever he plays it judging by last night’s reaction.  It was a nice way to kill an hour on a rainy night in Nashville.



A 14-year-old kid reportedly makes a nuclear reactor in his bedroom.  14!  His Father was quoted with saying his boy gets “obsessed”.  Ya think?  At 14 I could not figure out how to put a Lego set into anything that looked like anything. 


Mom:  “Son…you’ve been locked in that bedroom now for a long time…what are you doing in there”?



That new foldable cell phone from Samsung?  They want $1,980 for one of those bad boys.  Didn’t we once have foldable phones for cheap?


I’m sending an e-mail to that 14-year-old boy to see if he can make me on for a fifth of the price.  Bet he can.



Astronomers say they have found the most distant object in the galaxy.  I have no idea what IT is but I do love the nickname they gave it…”Far Far Out”.  Somewhere far far out there…John Denver is smiling.



It’s been a bit since I’ve seen a movie advertised that I REALLY want to go and see.  In 2020 they will release Godzilla vs King Kong.  I’ll repeat.  It’s been awhile since Hollywood produced something I really wanna see. 



Chefs constantly go crazy trying to concoct some great food item that the masses will want.  One has now put together a burger that supposedly tastes like a margarita.  Uh uh.  Gosh I’m old school.  I like my burger to taste like a danged burger.  And I like the same from my margarita.  I can only guess on some island right now they are breeding cows to lime trees.



When I was young like most kids growing up I did collect bubble gum baseball cards.  Had a big shoebox of them that went no telling where.  I never collected basketball cards though.  I’m not even sure if they made them back then.


I surely wished I would have bought one of those 10 green Michael Jordan cards they made.  One guy put his on E-Bay and a bidding war went off.  He got over $350,000 for the one card!


Never throw anything away ever I guess.  That’s why I’m hanging onto my Elvis on Velvet collection.  The King is gonna make me rich one day.



I’m off to write for the second time with Laura Leigh Jones at a publishing company I’m getting ready to sign with in the near future.  More on that later.  Laura’s got a fun wit about her and loves bluegrass so I’m sure we’ll be trying to channel some of that together today.


And my weekend highlight will be getting to be in studio with one of the greatest guitar players of all time Tommy Emmanuel who’s going to play on a song I wrote with Jerry Salley and Kristy Cox…something that will be included on Kristy’s new album they’ve started work on. 


I had Tommy on as a guest with me one morning not too long ago on WSM Radio.  Tommy was just amazing me and Charlie Mattos with his unreal skill set and on air “live” I pointed to my guitar sitting in the corner.  I told him, “Tommy I have a complaint.  That’s my guitar sitting there and it will NOT play like yours”.  I thought he’d laugh.  He didn’t.  But he did lean into his microphone and say, “well it will if I play it”.  And I’m still laughing at that quick response.


Have a great weekend!


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