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Christmas Songwrite...Gold Medal Friends and Margarita Day

Might as well put that Beatles hit on a loop here in Nashville..."Here Comes The Rain".  5 inches or more on the way over the next several days...flash flooding.  Well....at least the water will fill up the potholes.



I spent a good part of Wednesday on Music Row at Sony Publishing polishing up a Christmas song with my friend Oklahoma cowboy singer writer pal Paul Bogart that we started a few weeks ago.  Paul is looking to release a digital single this Christmas season and we've got a couple of those now in his catalog for consideration.  Yesterday's idea was sentimental...the other one is a funny Christmas song.  So...he's got a couple to choose from.  We'll see what happens when it gets nearer the ole Yuletide season.  Always a pleasure to hang with Paul and catch up and write.






Before I left the house yesterday morning I cleared a song for my New York folks.  They too had seen an article that suggests that one can live to be significantly older if they drink alcohol. So they wanted a parody song for that and I was happy to write it.  Whether that article is true or not...who knows.  But I'm betting some may ditch exercise now and head for their favorite bar stool.  Maybe.


And this morning another article popped up suggesting that drinking wine helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease.  No wonder the folks in Italy have fantastic smiles. 


Remind me when I leave the gym later today to pick up a six pack and a bottle of red.



Perhaps the most down to earth religious man ever passed away yesterday at the age of 99.  Billy Graham.  His death is the front page story in our Nashville paper this morning as Mr. Graham had a deep influence in the country music community.  He was personal friends with Johnny Cash and Cash performed at some of Mr. Graham's crusades through the years.  Ricky Skaggs wrote some amazing words about him after hearing of his passing.


I remember my Mom in particular watching Mr. Graham's crusades when they were televised.  He just always seemed so approachable and "real". 


Not as many folks go to church these days as they used to.  And while the story of his passing is front page in the south...in the New York papers you have to look for the article.  A sign of the times we live in I suppose.  But we should not forget that his influence and goodness reached to the far extremes of the world.  Seems to me we could use a lot more Billy Graham's.  RIP.



Well I am so thrilled for my friends Rob Bellamy and Ayla Brown...both of them artists...both of them co-writer pals.  Rob's sister Kacey just won a gold medal playing defense for the USA hockey team FINALLY beating their nemesis for many years...Canada.  And it came in a shoot out after regulation!  Another "Miracle On Ice" if you will. 








Rob and Ayla were there in South Korea to take it all in and share the moment.  I can' wait to talk to them about their experience when they get home.  Congrats!!!







Word is that a lot of guys lie about how much they spent on the ole engagement ring.  I'm not ashamed to admit it cost me three good quarters in that Claw Machine to grab one for my wife.  Hey...anybody can go into a jewelry store!  Try grabbing a ring between all those stuffed animals, balls and candy in the plastic containers.  It ain't easy...but she's worth it to me.



Okay...almost everything the article listed seemed like common sense to me.   Although...I will have trouble letting go of my CD's and VHS tapes for sure.  Others that caught my attention? 


Your ink pen collections.  I've got a hundred sitting right behind me.  I have no idea how many have ink in them.


The loofah thing.  If ya wanna scratch your back in a tub...get one of those back scratchers instead.  Who loofahs?


Painful shoes.  You know who your are.  If you go out to a fancy schmancy event ladies and somewhere in the night start carrying your heels?  Time to buy some Uggs.


Friends that exhaust you.  Time suckers.  You know who they are.  There the one's that keep you on the phone forever and tell you that you need to loofah.



Apparently actress Jane Seymour just did a photo shoot for Playboy.  She's 67.  Think Dr. Quinn centerfold.  It give me hope that I can make it into the Speedo edition of Sports Illustrated someday.



Finally...NASA has designed a spacesuit with a built in toilet.  I'm betting race car drivers are excited about checking those bad boys out.  I actually think with all the new rules for NASCAR to try and get more fans...they should require each driver to make one legit pit stop.  They have to stop...jump out of the car...run to a bathroom and run back.  And yes...I want to be the pit reporter covering those stops and giving the play by play.



My writing appointment was cancelled with Jenny Tolman today because she's doing a TV show this morning.  I've been dumped for a camera...sigh.


But...today is "National Margarita Day" so I've got that going for me.  And...I've got this perfect song to celebrate the day that Brent Burns and I wrote that's the title song on one of his CD's..."Margarita Smile"


So...pass the salt and lime...and have a great Thursday!


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