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Water and More Water...Bluegrass Sessions...Show Tonight

Feb 21 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

We’re soaked in Nashville with some flooding already and there’s a lot more on the way.  Considering the weather out east and up north though?  I’d rather paddle than shovel.  For the record…and it is a record I think…we’ve already had 11 inches of rain this month.  Some cars were floating in one mall parking lot yesterday just south of town.  Not good when a shopping cart floats into your car and dings it.



My Wednesday had me writing a custom radio jingle for morning radio show out in Colorado.  But with no songwriting appointment yesterday it also allowed me to hit the gym and catch up on stuff…and there’s always stuff to catch up on.  I did get some good music news yesterday when my friend and co-writer Jerry Salley texted me from a recording studio letting me know that he had already laid down two musical tracks for the Australian bluegrass artist Kristy Cox that I’m a co-writer on.  Always love hearing that kind of news. 


Kristy’s new CD will be released in 3 or 4 months roughly and there’s a chance that she might put one or two more songs on this before she’s done.  And the one “Finger Pickin’ Good” is going to feature one of the best guitar players on the planet Tommy Emmanuele.  So I feel pretty blessed to have multiple tunes on this CD.



The Academy of Country Music Award nominations came out yesterday.  Not one woman again in the "Entertainer Of The Year" category.  Tough environment these days in Music City for girls.  Kacey Musgraves could win some awards for her “Golden” project.  She’s had very little radio airplay but it doesn’t seem to matter.  Folks have found and bought this album.  But…she’s not nominated in the “Entertainer Of The Year” category.  And on it goes.



So there was a LOT of hype around the Duke-North Carolina basketball game last night.  More than the usual which is a lot.  The air got taken quickly out of the game when the best college basketball player on the planet, Zion Williamson literally blew his Nike shoe 37 seconds in the game for Duke.  That let North Carolina have a pretty easy victory over their arch rival.


It looks like a mild injury but the real story for the next few days will be about the heat Nike gets for that shoe.  How do you blow a shoe?  Good news for Reebok.



Someone brews “Cookie Puss” beer.  This is proof that brewers have run out of names for beer me thinks.



Experts say that if one can do 40 pushups one will live longer.  In my mind…I can do that.  In reality…my life may very well be SHORTENED if I get down on the floor and try to give ya 40.



I knew the number was going to be high but was a little shocked when I read that those who try to give up smoking will stop and start again up to 30 times.  That’s why they call it a habit I suppose.  I have a mac and cheese problem.  I can’t count the number of stop and starts with that habit.  And I’m still on it.



So I’m reading this headline “7 Things For Couples To Have In Common For A Chance At A Long Relationship”. 


I guessed one.  Sense of humor that’s similar.  I’m a firm believer that if you’re laughing with your spouse on a regular basis you can laugh together for a lot of years.


Traveler or Homebody?  If one likes to travel…and the other wants to stay at home?  Not so good.


Similar grooming habits was another.  My wife shaves her legs with a razor.  I don’t shave mine at all.  So I don’t know how much longer we’ll last.



Do you have any idea of the number one thing that makes you likeable to a lot of folks?  I couldn’t guess but it makes sense to me.  Knowing the first name of the person you’re speaking to.  And I’m not good at it really.  Not as good as I’d like to be.


If I forget a name and my wife is with me I try and introduce my wife to them just so they’ll say “hi I’m….blah blah blah. 


My worst moments are when folks come up to me and say…”you don’t remember me do you”?  And I don’t.  And that point I quickly say, sure I do…have you met my wife?



I’m off to write with Irene Kelley at her kitchen table with help from her faithful dog and talking parrot.  Always fun to do that.  Irene’s new CD is also out in a couple of months with two songs on it we’ve co-written and I’m looking very forward to listening to the entire project.  She just had a number one hit on the bluegrass charts and this song “Bluegrass Radio” is the new single from the upcoming CD.  Love to hear Irene sing.



I’m playing a little songwriter round on West End here in town with Gary Cavanaugh who’s celebrating a birthday and the bluesy Meg Williams will also join us for this 8:15 show.  Come by if you’re in town.


Have a great Thursday!






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