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Flat out balmy outside with lots of rain on the way.  It's also the official beginning of Pothole season here in Nashville and I'm happy? to report that I bagged my limit yesterday.  My front end and teeth both need to be realigned.



A musical full day in Music City.  Funny how that works.


I blogged yesterday morning a bit about how the NY Times ran an article that women were not wearing yoga pants because they were comfortable.  So my parody song assignment was to re-write Kenny Chesney's "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" into "Her Yoga Pants Are Sexy".  Pretty sure Kris Kristofferson never tangle musically with such a serious subject matter....but I'm happy be their "go to" guy in New York for all things stupid.



My songwriting appointment with my fellow Missourian Becky Blackaby and her talented husband Will Denton was productive...we think.  Becky has an acquaintance who owns a major seed company up in southern Iowa...and the owner of the company is looking for a song that would represent his company.  The three of us writing all grew up in farm country.  So the images of open fields and planting corn, and livestock and old farm houses were easy to pull up from our childhood memory banks.

My Dad worked for Farm Bureau-Co-Op for a big part of his life.  I can remember traveling with him a time or two out to farm fields where he would talk to the farmers about their Ag needs.  Fertilizer, grain, seed etc.  So I was happy to pull up those visuals in my mind as we rhymed yesterday for sure.


And...I have written in this direction a few times...and some of those farm visuals were captured in this song that Lisa Shaffer and I wrote called "Corn" that Darin and Brooke Aldridge recorded and sing a lot...and it was used by some folks who grow corn up in North Dakota in this VIDEO


Writing specifically for someone or something is a challenge.  Those songs are personal so you just never know if you're hitting the mark...or their hearts until they let you know.  But...if I'm honest....I'd be surprised if they don't like what we wrote yesterday.  With good luck...maybe some folks will be singing our tune in Iowa someday.



I went to a club here in town...the Sutler to see my friend Jenny Tolman with a full band knock the house down again.  Young...and so talented.  It's cool watching kids you work with blossom and grow...and she is surely doing that.


And it's a bit surreal to look at a stage and see three people in one group that you've written songs with...and another band member who's produced and played on track of your own songs...but that was the case last night. 



And it was just a really nice bonus to hear Jenny sing a song the two of us wrote with her boyfriend-musician-producer Dave Brainard called "Skeleton".  I had to lift my beer and toast that moment.








And last night I had a chance to meet John Denver's longtime band leader Jim Salestrom...25 years as a matter of fact. And then played and still plays guitar for Dolly. What a nice man.  Jenny's father Steve introduced us and apparently told Jim that I wrote a lot of funny songs.  Apparently Mr. Denver's old band leader loves that kind of stuff...so there's a chance we'll wind up in a writing room together in April.  It will be great to write with him for sure...but the real bonus will be getting to hear some of his great road stories as I'm a HUGE John Denver fan.


Steve reminded me he played in a little trio once "The Wild Jimbos" that featured Nitty Gritty Dirt Band member Jimmy Ibbotson who recorded this great song John Prine wrote "Let's Talk Dirty In Hawaiian" that I've always loved.  And is BIO is worth a read.  An Emmy award winning writer...singer...guitar player and more.  Gonna be fun rhyming with him. 


Ya just never know who you'll bump into in Nashville.



Here ya go.  Lucky Charms will do away with the marshmallow hour glass shape and will swap it out for a magical unicorn shape.  Unicorns are hot right now...don't know why...they just are.  And now you can add milk to some and chow down.



Apparently a lot of Olympic athletes hook up.  Many are using that dating app Tinder to make that happen.  And those Olympic athletes who seem to be getting the most dates in South Korea?  Snowboarders.  Pretty sure those on the curling teams are not as busy.  Just thought you should know.


Team USA has not done well this go around.  Our skaters have fallen literally.  Lindsey Vonn did not win gold.  The men's hockey team as been eliminated.  But I am watching it some and rooting for sure.  And I'll root big time for our women's hockey team tomorrow who play Canada for the gold...and we NEVER can seem to beat the Canucks.  My co-writer friend Rob Bellamy's sister Kacey will have her stick on the puck during the game tomorrow night so for sure I'm rooting for her.  Do you believe in miracles?...part 2...I hope. 



Yep...spotted a couple of news item that made me shake my head this morning.  You could probably hear the marbles rattling from where you are.


First...police apparently arrested a 12 year old in Tennessee for carjacking...with a gun.  At 12...I was trying to figure out how not to suck so badly at pinball at the Dew Drop Inn in Elsberry, Misssouri.


Second...an offshoot of the Unitarian Church in Pennsylvania is encouraging their members to bring their AR-17 rifles to be blessed.  The probably promoted it in their church bulletin so long for a big turnout.  Nothing like a bunch of church folk showing up with a Bible and gun and covered dish.  Amen.



CBS will roll out a new version of Magnum P.I  All new cast.  I can't imagine anyone but Tom Selleck as Magnum...but we'll see.



If you watched the movie "Dumb and Dumber" with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels...you can probably remember laughing at those two idiots riding down the road on tha tiny scooter.  Stupid...moronic..but yep...I laughed.  That little old scooter just fetched $50,000 from a single buyer who loved the movie more than the rest of us I guess.  Wonder when they'll put that van up for sale?






Off to write with my team roping Okie buddy Paul Bogart who's been playing all over the western states these past few weeks...and...he and his wife are due to deliver baby 2 very very shortly.  So...if we only get one verse written today...you'll know why.


Have a great Wednesday



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