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High How's The Water Mama...Oscar Weed...Photo Session

Feb 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Buckets of rain this morning with a little thunder tossed in this morning just to remind us we could all be floating here in a few days.  Kinda a glad we live up a hill with no basement to worry about.



My Tuesday started with a writing assignment from New York.  Apparently at this year’s Oscar Awards in the celebrity gift bags they hand out to the stars one of the items is pot infused chocolate.  Like in Willie Weed kinda pot.  So…if everyone at this year’s Sunday night looks really happy and mellow…you’ll know the reason why.  They still have no host for the show…so maybe it’s not too late to get Cheech and Chong on the phone.  Dudes, you guys busy Sunday?


One time in my life I was at an event that passed out swag bags.  CMA's I think that we were broadcasting at.  They had a tent full of free stuff and they let us grab whatever we wanted.  I don't remember what I took to tell ya the truth but I remember what my radio partner Amanda Orlando took home.  An Erhu.  Uh huh.  A Japanese instrument.  I'm guessing it's a door stop by now...but it's a memorable piece of free swag for sure. 



Then the rest of my day was taken up in a photo studio with great friends.  It’s been awhile since we’d shot pictures for our “Evening In The Round” trio with Linda Davis and Lang Scott and yours truly.  I think photographers face a great challenge when they choose to put my mug in front of their high dollar lenses.  But David Bailey and crew did an awesome job yesterday and some of these pictures are really great…and we’ll be able to use them for publicity for a long while now.


Lang and Linda’s daughter Riley Jean also joined us as she’s with us on some of our dates this year and David really snapped some gorgeous pictures of her.  And Cheryl White of The Whites also joined us for pictures as she joined Lang and Linda on the road some too…especially at Christmas season. 


So I got to spend an afternoon with great friends posing, mugging, and catching up.  One of my favorite moments that I’m posting on my Facebook page today happened when Lang grabbed his guitar while they were shooting a group picture of him and Linda and Cheryl by breaking into one of the “Whites” great hits…”Hangin' Around". It was kind of like sticking your head into one of the dressing rooms at the Opry before the act hits the stage.



On a JetBlue flight a woman delivers a baby.  The crew was prepared.  My daughter is an airline flight attendant and they were trained (at least some) on how to help deliver a baby in the event it would happen in flight.  It happened for this lady on JetBlue and the airline says they will name one of their planes after the baby.  No name for the baby yet…but…if you’d like to get a plane named after you…well…



I should have fielded more ground balls when I played Khoury League baseball.  I should have learned how to not turn my head after getting an uneven bounce once when I was in grade school which made me have the yips on ground balls from that point forward.  It’s why I moved to the outfield playing softball.  Slower ground balls.


I say all of that because Manny Machado just signed a 10 year baseball contract with the San Diego Padres for $300 million dollars.  And Bryce Harper is still unsigned and you know he’ll get a few bucks more.  Cost of living you know.



A guy here in Nashville at a hotel tipped his waitresses $22,000.  Police came and got him.  He was drunk…and he was not Manny Machado.  Alcohol has weird effects on folks. 



In France…light saber duels is a competitive competition now.  Think Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader going head to head.  Except these folks are not Star Wars characters.  You can make a competition out of anything.


I saw proof of that once when my wife and I toured the ruins of Chichinisa in Mexico.  There was a court and up high were stone circles where the competitors tried to toss balls through.  The losing team was sacrificed…killed. Here's an example of that game.  I think I would have chosen to try out for the Mexico bowling team instead.



Apparently we are taking a bunch of old train rail routes…piecing a lot of them together and turning them into a coast-to-coast bike trail soon.  That’s right.  You can jump on your Schwinn if you want and pedal a bike with a bell and basket clear across the continent.  I’d to it but I just don’t look good in those lycra bike shorts.  Nobody need to see that.



“Man Loses Gun License After Being Shot By His Own Dog”.  That’s why you get a cat.  The cat will just flip you off.  Dang dog will shoot ya.



Trying to stay dry.  The weather alerts are dinging my cell phone already warning of flood conditions.  As much as I don’t care for THIS much rain…I’d rather be paddling than digging snow out of the driveway.



Next Tuesday morning I’ll be filling in again for Bill Cody on WSM from 5:30-10 AM and you can listen from anywhere at wsmonline.com


And tomorrow night if you’re in Nashville…I’m playing in a little songwriters round at the Commodore on West End Avenue starting at 8:15 AM.  Come out if ya can.


Have a great Wednesday!  





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