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Writing Trio...Dolly Says No and Meetings

We set a record high yesterday...and another record high is predicted for today as we head near 80 degrees!  No complaints here.  I get to write a song in flip flops in February.



My songwriting appointment was with these two talented folks...Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry.  It had been awhile since we'd written together so a fair amount of the time was spent on catching up with each other's lives.  Jimmy was just back from hosting a country music cruise with his wife Nina.  Jimmy is busy as usual touring...and if you've never seen the former Statler Brother do his own thing...do yourself a favor and go catch is show if he's near you.  Here's his TOUR SCHEDULE to check out.  Jimmy has one of the purest tenor voices ever...and I can't tell you how surreal it is to be sitting on a couch and just hearing him play and sing.

And Sydni has been waiting for her boss Carrie Underwood to go back touring.  Carrie had taken a long spell off...had a baby...took a nast fall and broke her arm...but...will start going back on the road around April...which means my friend Sydni will be on the road with her again doing her background high harmony vocals and playing fiddle.  In the meanwhile...Sydni is about to be "certified" yoga which means in the future she can tie me and Jimmy up in pretzel stretch of some kind before we start rhyming.


On the drive over to Jimmy's...a song title popped into my head...and that's what we wrote yesterday.  I do not know for the life of me why things pop into a head...but I'm glad this title did because the song turned out better than good.  So much so that we plan on getting into the studio ASAP to record this one so that we can pitch it.  Just a great way to start a creative week yesterday.



Apparently the New York Times is catching some flak for an article that proclaims women wear yoga pants to look sexy and not be comfortable.  They suggest wearing sweat pants.  For the record...I'd like to inform the NY Times I do NOT wear my Lululemon's to look sexy.  Thank you.


I think I'm going to start the first ever "Farm Yoga" classes.  Everyone wears bib overalls.



I read this morning that over in Memphis...St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital is adding a 412 million dollar wing dedicated to research.  Since 1962...St. Jude's...established by the late actor Danny Thomas...has increased the survival rate for childhood cancer in developed countries more than 80%!  How awesome.


Touring that hospital leaves an impression of hope.  I expected to be saddened...but I surely was not.   It's moving and eye opening to visit with the researchers, doctors, kids and family who are all so positive.  On the wall greeting you as you walk in is Danny Thomas's unforgettable words, "No child should die in the dawn of their lives".  Amen. 



Well...I had not heard this story about Dolly Parton that I found today.  After Dolly had a number one hit on "I Will Always Love You" that was written to honor Porter Waggoner....Elvis wanted to cover the song and Dolly actually said "no".  Why?  Imagine how much money that would have made her.


Turns out that Colonel Parker ask for half of the publishing for Elvis to go in studio and record it.  I hate when that happens.  And it continues to happen too much.  Anyway...Dolly dug her heels in and Elvis did not record it.  However...Whitney Houston made up for that big time.  And lots of artists have recorded it and Ms. Dolly still owns all of her publishing.  Just another reason I love this SONG and Dolly that I wrote with my Missouri buddy Becky Blackaby who I'll see later today.



Hard to believe the news that Gibson Guitar may declare bankruptcy.  Can't imagine.  Iconic guitars.   And one of my biggest regrets is that I traded a Gibson Hummingbird when I was a kid for another guitar not. knowing how valuable it woud be today if I had held on to it.  I'm hoping there will be an answer allowing Gibson to keep making their beautiful instruments.









According to an MSN article...these are a few things one should not have as you get older...for your home.  Plastic fruit...bean bag chairs...sport trophies...taxidermy...and anything IKEA.  You mean I have to get rid of my fifth place bowling trophy I won bowling for Hal's TV Repair?  And if I get rid of the 8 pt deer head on my wall...where will I hang my ballcaps?  C'mon man!



Toymakers are turning their attention to rolling out more games for adults.  Some are rated R.  But...I am going to have to check out the game "Go Bleep Yourself".  Just on curiosity alone.



MLB is going to limit the amount of visits to the pitchers mound.  Six will be the limit in an effort to speed up the game...which it could use.  I heard a sports writer comment that baseball held more meeting per game than her office held.  Made me laugh as I remember so many meetings that worth worthless and slowed down production.  If not done correctly...meetings may be the worse use of time in the workplace ever. 


It's true what one person once said about meetings.  No meeting should ever last longer than your phone battery or bladder.



"Drinking alcohol may help you live past 90".  There ya go kids.  Drop your gym membership...forget your sexy yoga pants...pull up a stool. 



I'm off to write with Becky Blackaby and her talented hubby Wil Denton.  We are going to tackle trying to write a commercial jingle today for a big Ag company up in Iowa.  Becky is friends with the owner...they would love a jingle...and we're going to see if there's any way the three of us can come up with something they will like.  Should be a challenge...and interesting to say the least.  Now...what rhymes with corn and barley?


Have a great Tuesday!

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