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Gospel Rhyme...Not a Good Look...Bear in the Outhouse

Feb 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Well we’ve made it to Friday and the weekend. Looking out my blogging window I can see maybe 4 inches of snow. That’s the most we’ve seen here in years. 50 for a high today and 60-degree highs in a few so it should melt enough for us to finally get out in a couple of days.



I wrote another bluegrass-gospel song with Rick Lang who was warm and toasty at his house in Maryland. They’ve had a lot of snow there too.  Rick’s in the lumber business and has done extremely well over the years. Lumber prices and demand are up so I’m sure that doesn’t hurt his feelings. In fact during our online write he had to walk away to deal with a customer on the phone who was looking for a particular exotic wood which is Rick’s specialty. But we eventually got around to writing an idea he had sent me and we were able to add another song for consideration for his “Gonna Sing, Gonna Shout 2” project that he’ll be in studio recording by November of this year. I’m certainly hoping to have a collaboration or two on that project for sure. We had a good day.



Nashville wanted to put a statue of Dolly Parton facing the famed Ryman Auditorium a hallowed place that Dolly has sang in a lot and it means a lot to her. She said, “Given all that’s going on in the world, I don’t think putting me on a pedestal is appropriate at this time”. And this is why she’s so beloved by so many.



Man, it’s hard to believe what folks in Texas have endured. And then the see their Senator fly away to Mexico in the middle of it. I’m not political as most anyone who knows me knows BUT…there’s a reason the phrase “it’s not a good look” came into being. Fly to Mexico while your constituents are suffering?  “It’s not a good look”.


While that’s happening Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is saying that he will listen to the people. Meaning he will listen to some folks who are suggesting the ex-wrestler run for President. Can you smell what the Rock is politicking’?



In NYC they are now recommending folks wear two masks instead of one.


Hawaii is ready to let anyone in without a quarantine who’s gotten their Covid shot. And vaccine passports are going to become a thing it looks like.


How serious are folks about getting their vaccines?  So much so that two Florida women dressed up as Grannies trying to get their shot.



Home prices just keep surging. Get this. The MEDIAN price now for a home in California is $717,930! One of the reasons home prices are jumping so much is that there are less homes listed because of the pandemic. Never thought about that before. Folks are staying home…not selling them right now. So when homes do go up, a lot of them are getting multiple bids.


I do remember being in LA to cover the Academy of Country Music Awards one year and stopping at little nothing sized ranch house to pick up some tickets from a friend of my radio partner at the time. Even then this little house was worth a staggering amount of money for what it was. The cool thing about that moment was leaving the house and passing Jay Leno who was driving one of his open-air antique cars that he collects. We honked…Jay waved.



The Gorilla Glue girl helped Gorilla Glue rise in rank popularity on Amazon by 129%. She brought them so much attention that they actually cut back on their advertising this past month. She gave it to them for free. You can spend millions on creative ad campaigns and never draw the attention one stupid person can provide. I’m sure the folks at Duct Tape are on the lookout for a stupid person right now.



In Alaska a woman went into an outhouse and came out with a bear bite. Yep. There was a bear underneath that bit her as she was answering nature’s call. Proof that indoor plumbing is not a bad thing.


I grew up with outhouses. Still got splinters to prove it. When our family finally got indoor plumbing we were able to start using the Yellow Pages for what they were designed for. And we saved a ton of money on flashlights and batteries.



Taylor Swift is doing okay. She’s now worth 400 million dollars. Pretty amazing how much money one can make writing and singing songs about despicable boys and love relationships gone bad.



Beachcomber Forced to Hand Over Washed-Up Sea Mine He Used as A Footstool to the Navy. Yep. The guy finds a mine in the sand, takes it home and puts his feet up on it watching TV. Until the Navy said, “uh…no”.


I’m checking but I’m pretty sure having a mine in your living room is not allowed by one’s Homeowner’s Association.



My day opened up as I had a cancellation that got rescheduled. So, I think I’ll put my feet up on a landmine this weekend and watch some TV and the snow melt at the same time.


Have a great weekend!





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