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Interstate Delivery Song...Broccoli and Billie Jean

Feb 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

I may need to run down the number for Noah with all the rain coming here over the next few days.  Wonder if Uber has an Ark?



My songwriting session on President’s Day was with Paul Bogart my Okie cowboy friend.  It had been a bit since I’d seen Paul so we caught up and he told me about his new management deal complete with a notable booking agency that I think is going keep him very busy on the road in the future.  Really rooting for this guy who just rock solid country good. 


Paul shared a possible project coming up that would require writing an album full of songs about iconic Nashville stuff like the Bluebird Café, Hot Chicken, the country stars etc. that we may dig into together.  If this comes to fruition the CD would eventually be sold at gift shops all over town and would be maybe a Nashville musical souvenir that tourists would take home.  This would all be tied to a pretty well known artist here in town that does incredibly cool poster work.  So fingers crossed for this project happening.



We wrote something that was just SO fun…and true for Paul.  I’ve told the story here before about how Paul and his wife delivered their second boy Ace in the car on the way to the hospital flying up I-40 East trying to get to St. Thomas Hospital in time.  Paul described the moment as his wife who was seated next to him saying, “Paul the head is out”!  And before Paul could go a couple miles further he said he heard “sploosh” and the baby was out.  Doctors and nurses were waiting for them the second they pulled in and the great news is the baby is healthy and so is Mama.  So it let us write a very very fun song about the experience that I think will bring a big smile to the face of every audience plays it for.  And there’s more than a good chance Paul will record the song too.


The name of the song?  Paul chose it.  “The Ballad Of Exit 199” which is where baby Ace came into the world on fine night.



LOTS and LOTS of rain coming our way over the next several days.  Lots of flooding coming too…the question being how much?  A big part of Nashville was under water here several years ago including parts of downtown.  Nobody wants that again.


In fact…when I was hired to work at WSM-AM…I had to train at the old tower building south of Nashville.  You can spot that little white building easily…or at least see where it’s located by the iconic huge WSM tower one can not miss if you’re driving on I-65 south of town.  That’s because the Opryland Hotel that houses the WSM studio was flooded and evacuated and it took weeks and weeks to get back in.


The good news is the temperatures are headed up to like 70 by Saturday…it’s just gonna be a wet-warm for sure.


Could always be worse.  Vegas and Hawaii both had snow for gosh sake.  I’ll take wet over snow any day.



Apparently a part of Tennessee and Land Between The Lakes area has way too many wild feral hogs.  The population has grown rapidly somehow. 


I had air put in my tires not too long ago and the young lady putting the air in casually told me she had bagged her first boar hog.  Not the thing I normally hear at my tire store.  Looks like she needs to book some more hunting trips.



Now for the first time when you visit Rome (and it’s worth visiting) you can tour the site where Julius Caesar was reportedly murdered.  What a beautiful city.  The Vatican, Coliseum and food?  All great.  But between the Coliseum and now Caesar’s new touristy place…a lot of killing was going on in ole Rome. 



That’s the name they’ve given to the first “intelligent” city that’s being built in Spain.  All Solar, Disney like theme parks, smart light poles, green coffee, free state of the art really fast WiFi and much more. It’s to be up and running by 2023.


The question is, in order to become a resident of “intelligent city” will one have to pass an IQ test of some kind?



My guess in not many motorists stopped and tried to get some of what a tractor trailer spilled on the interstate near Atlanta.  40,000 pounds of broccoli scattered.  Not too long ago folks stepped on their brakes to try and get some free chicken fingers that had been spilled in an overturn truck.  Spill some beer or donuts…we’re all flying into the ditch to get some.  But broccoli?  Pretty sure traffic never even slowed a mile per hour.



Did you know somewhere there is an accordion orchestra?  True.  Also true that they learned to play the Michael Jackson hit “Billie Jean”.  Uh huh.  Here’s how that SOUNDS on a bunch of squeeze boxes.


Wonder if I can get them to learn my song, “If You’re Not Careful My Wife’s Gonna Leave You”?



It’s all about trying to look decent in front of a camera today.  Our “Evening In The Round” trio with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and me?  We have a photo session today.  Thank God we have Linda to help make the pictures work.  I got a face for radio and it’s not transferrable to video and pictures. 


But…I’ll do what I can.  Throw some Aunt Jemima pancake on my face…soft lighting…and maybe that little off the shoulder look I’m going for will work.  We’ll see.


Have a great Tuesday!


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