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Some Real Snow...Bluegrass Rhymes...Goat Surfing

Feb 18 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

This morning we have some real snow on the ground with a little more to come before the sun pops out this weekend and begins to melt away the inches we’ve accumulated. It’s probably the most snow I’ve seen outside our windows in 10 or 15 years or longer. Enough to go sledding for sure. So far so good on power here but 3.4 million were without it yesterday across the country. Minnesota, Texas and Mississippi had to deal with rolling blackouts. So no complaints here.



My writing appointment was with Josh Shilling of the group Mountain Heart. Josh has become a regular co-writer since my publisher put the two of us together well over a year ago. I owe the publisher for that one as Josh and I have great writing chemistry together. And I learn a lot about the players in bluegrass and progressive bluegrass as Josh is deep into that genre and has had lots and lots of his songs recorded by those kinds of acts. And yesterday we wrote in that direction again and had fun catching up at the same time.  He’s also played out the road with a ton of folks including Rhonda Vincent, Diamond Rio and a long list of other hit acts. He’s an in-demand session player (piano-guitar and vocals) and also produces some other folks. AND…. he’s a dedicated Father of three little girls. Hard not to love working with someone with that kind of talent and work ethic.



I’m trying to figure out if I need a vehicle that has enough armor on it to protect against small arm fire. BMW has an SUV model that will do just that for you. The BMW X7. I’m just trying to figure out if there’s enough people wanting to shoot at me while I’m driving to make the investment worthwhile.



Our life expectancy in the US dropped a full year. That’s tied into the number of deaths related to Covid-19.  A full year according to those in the know.


Meanwhile the number of cases continue to drop slightly but it’s encouraging enough news to have more amusement parks opening as well as more summer camps opening up their gates providing some possible free time for parents who may really need it by now.


And…three resorts in Las Vegas have announced they will re-open 24/7. Around the clock.



The Country Radio Seminar that I’ve attended many many times is going on virtually this year because of Covid. Normally all the country radio programmers, consultants, country music artists, anyone connected to the business come to Nashville to learn and party for three days. I’ve even spoken on a panel one year. And I usually took home lots of contacts and lessons that I could apply to my “on air” job.


This year there was a virtual interview with one of country’s hottest acts, Luke Combs who flat out said there was no excuse he used a Confederate flag in one of his video’s years ago. Certainly racism issues are being talked about in our format as it is all of the others.


On a side note, Morgan Wallen also a really hot country artist was suspended from his label and hundreds of radio stations stopped playing his music because he was caught on camera dropping the “N” word. You’d think it would halt his record sales right? Wrong. His album is now the number one selling album for 5 weeks in a row. You can draw your own conclusions on that.


Vince Gill in an interview this week said that “country music isn’t just for white America”.


Do you know the name Fernando Tatis Jr?  Hardcore baseball fans do. And he just got paid by the San Diego Padres. A 1- year deal worth 340 million dollars. To play a game!  I should have learned to hit instead of how to sing and write.



If you’ve lived somewhere where you’ve had a Homeowners Association then you know some of their rules can make you scratch your head. There are some REALLY odd ones and some folks have shared theirs


In one community residents could not vacuum between the hours of 1-3 pm. They found out that’s when the HOA president’s child took a daily nap. Okay then.



Easter I suppose will be the next big holiday and that means a lot of folks will drive themselves crazy trying to peel easter eggs to eat. Or maybe you throw them out. But, for those who get frustrated trying to peel the perfect egg there are all kinds of hacks for that. One of the more popular ones includes using a teaspoon. I might actually eat more hard-boiled eggs if it weren’t for the fact that I completely butcher the dang egg when I try to peel it. So, I’m going to try this spoon method next time to see if it really works or not.



The first flying car will be available to fly-drive next year in 2022.  So I’m still trying to find out if I’ll need both a drivers and pilots license if I buy one.



Did you know you can surf with a goat? Me neither until I saw THIS. If goats can yoga, I guess they balance on a surfboard too.



I’m back at the virtual writing table with my east coast friend Rick Lang who shared with me that serious talks are underway for song selections for his project “Gonna Sing, Gonna Shout 2”. The first album by that name which featured a mix of country artists like The Whites, Marty Raybon, The Cox Family and others got two Grammy nominations. The album is a collection of gospel songs that Rick wrote or co-wrote. So I’m hoping that on this new CD that maybe I’ll have a song that I’ve written with Rick on it. We’ll see.


Have a great Thursday!







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