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Dog Writing...Colorado Date...Goat Writing

Feb 18 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And it’s Tuesday…all day.  And I didn’t buy a thing on Presidents Day.  Guess I’ll have to wait until Vice Presidents Day no to use my coupon for a mattress.



On Presidents Day I wrote with Gary Cavanaugh and Scott Barrier around Scott’s kitchen table and his three little dogs and the three of them kept trying to help us write with their barking suggestions. Nope, no royalties for the dogs.  They’re going to have to come up with a better idea before we can consider that.  We did get a little bluegrass-gospel song out of an idea that Scott had that we tweaked so a good day around the table was had.



I got back home in time to watch some of the Daytona 500.  Rarely can I watch an entire NASCAR race so I’m in an out while the cars are lapping.  But I did see the final two scary laps.  Wow…I was so glad to hear that Ryan Newman has non-threatening injuries after that horrific crash.  He was lucky.  Safety advances over the last 20 years or more I’m sure saved his life yesterday.  Those same safety advances may have saved Dale Sr. had they been installed in and on cars when he lost his life at Daytona. 



I’m excited that with a little help I figured out a way to get back to Montrose Colorado July 20 through 22 to write with our veterans out there again in the beautiful mountains of Colorado at the Bridges Golf Resort.  Last year was so much fun and so inspiring.  I have a date on July 24 in Shipshewana, Indiana  at the Blue Gate Theatre with our “Evening In The Round” trio with Linda Davis and Lang Scott so I initially thought there was no way.  But, with a little help from Steve Dean who is one of the organizer of Freedom Sings USA…I’ll be able to fly to Indianapolis on Thursday July 23 where Lang and Linda can get me at the airport there and then we’ll overnight in the Circle City before heading to northern Indiana for our show on Friday night.  Sometimes things work out.  And I certainly look forward to writing with another veteran out there and soaking up that gorgeous Colorado scenery again.



How bout this article “30 States Americans Don’t Want To Live In Anymore”?  How do they determine this?  Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas, Minnesota, Pennsylvania all states that they listed.  Climate…taxes have a lot to do with their determination of that.  I’m from Missouri, lived in Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee.  And one thing I’ve learned from moving around some is that I’ve never ever been unhappy with where I lived…and had circumstances fallen the right way…I could have lived in each state an entire lifetime and I would have been happy.  (I might have a second little place on the beach to escape every now and then) but…I enjoyed all of those states.  And my bet is that most folks who live in the list of 30?  A lot of them are happy too.  Here’s the ARTICLE…take a peek if you’d like.



That Jeff Bezos dude has a ton of money.  And he donated a bunch of it yesterday to climate change.  10 BILLION dollars worth and that’s 7.7% of his net worth.  Applause for that.  Now, whether or not he can promise climate change will arrive for free within 24 hours?  We’ll have wait and see.



Why do they call them six-pack abs?  You can’t drink a six-pack and get them.  Makes no sense to me.  Who named them that?  Why not call them what they are?  No drinking abs?



There’s this.  Is it buck-naked or butt naked?  Which is right?  I actually got into an on air discussion once about this with an on air partner who thought I was crazy when I went with “buck-naked”.  She thought it was “butt naked”.  We took calls from listeners and their votes were mixed.  Today I read an article that claims the correct version is…BUCK NAKED.  The phrase was around before butt naked.  I rest my naked case.



There’s a lot of noise about not many women being played on Country Radio.  It’s been that way for a long while now.  10% is about it…10% of all country songs played on the radio are from women.  Might be that more women want to hear guys on the radio (and women drive the format) might be that all those boy bashing songs like “If I’d Have Killed Him When I Met Him I’d Have Been Out Of Jail By Now” has taken it’s toll.  A lot of research goes into what programmers choose to play.  Wrong choices means lower ratings and that mean lower prices for radio ads. I think this debate will go on for a long while without a lot of change.  The Country Radio Seminar is in Nashville and I’d bet the ranch that one panel will be discussing that very thing.



The Blake Shelton & Pitbull duet of “Get Ready”?  It would not surprise me.  And if they do?  That means they’re playing that instead of a female country artist too. Old school folks would tell you it’s hard to get a country song on country radio anymore.  FYI...if you don't want to see the J-Lo halftime show again?  Don't watch the VIDEO for this new song. 



A bunch of folks in Wyoming must have gotten bored.  They set out to break the Guinness Record for most “sparklers”.  Get this.  It failed because of a technicality.  Each person was required to light their own individual sparkler in order to break the old record.  They didn’t.  Even in a dang sparkler contest you have to read the fine print. 



My writing appointment is with Brittany Taylor and we’re writing at her little farm today that has goats…lots and lots of goats.  Yesterday the dogs tried to write with me…today it’ll be goats.  Hopefully they will bring a better idea to the table than the dogs did.


Have a great Tuesday!

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