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Germany...Mom Half Court Shot...Cowboy Writing

Feb 18 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

It’s President’s Day.  Did you buy your mattress yet?



I did not know that another flu epidemic had broken out until my parody songwriting appointment from New York was a request to write something funny about the flu.  Not a whole lot funny about having the danged flu bug for sure…but…come tomorrow morning those shows coming back from the long holiday weekend will have something they can play on their show about that if they want to.


Daytona 500

Yep…right on cue…another big wreck.  Last 10 laps or so you can count on it.  I watched a lot of it…but man did it go on forever.  It was worth watching it though just to hear Darrel Waltrip drop a line that made me laugh.  “He’s going backwards like a hot dog out of a bun”.  That’s one to file away.



Anthony Weiner is out of jail.  The New York Post headline?  “Weiner Pops Up Outside NYC Halfway House After Prison Release”.  Too easy huh?


I remember being on air for WSM-FM years ago when the Nashville Mayor was Mayor Boner.  It was really really tough laying off the jokes.



This summer my wife and I will join my friend Brent Burns for a cruise down the Rhine River and we will be stopping to see Cologne.  Last night on the Travel Channel we watched Samantha Brown doing the same and made note of the famous beer called Kolsch that folks love there as well as a cheesecake they swear by there.  So while in Cologne…my wife will cheesecake and I’ll imbibe.


This is going to be an incredible trip.  Join us!  Already almost 100 travelers have signed up and we have room for you to go to if you’d like.  Amsterdam, Germany and Switzerland and Brent and I will be playing music for our group as we float down the river.  If you’re interested…click the LINK here for complete info.



While on the couch this weekend…I saw quite a bit of the war movies “Hacksaw Ridge” and “We Were Soldiers”.  I’ve seen them before.  And each time I watch some or all of those kinds of war movies I’m reminded of the incredible bravery of our guys who fight.  And I’m also sadly reminded when I see that kind of up close brutality…of how sad it is that we still choose to go to war instead of a negotiation table.  I’ll never understand how governments and countries get to a point of war. 


If you want to feel that sadness go to the Viet Nam Wall sometime and get still and read the names…all gone in their youth.   



They’re coming.  Drones…that can hold one human allowing one to fly themselves to work if they want.  Folks…George Jetson is no longer fiction.  Here’s PROOF.  Me?  I’m waiting for the capsule one can stand in and beam themselves to work.



Did you see this?  Stephen Curry who may be the best basketball shooter on the planet has a talented Mom.  Over the NBA All Star weekend…Stephon tossed a ball to her Mom at half court and watch what happens HERE.  Underhanded!  Sign her up.


And not to be outdone by his Mom...in the NBA All Star Game Stephen made an incredible bounce pass that got dunked.  Watch THIS.



Miranda Lambert dumps a salad in a customers lap in a restaurant brew ha ha a few days ago here in Nashville (no charges filed) and now we find out she’s been married quietly for awhile.  Apparently he was a cop in NY at one time…outside of that…not a lot of folks know a lot about her new husband.  Sort of like she took a page from Dolly’s book.  Not a lot of folks still know much about Dolly’s husband even after all these years.  I kinda get that.



Apparently the word “zen” applies to ice fishing.  It has a zen like quality according to folks who know about augering a hole in the ice and sitting in a shanty when it’s 30 below on some northern lake.  I do not know if those folks sit crossed legged in their shanty playing a sitar while they wait for a northern to bite…but I’m checking.



Nope…not taking President’s Day off.  I’m writing with my friend Paul Bogart today.  Since Paul is a real deal cowboy-calf ropin’ kinda guy…there’s a fair chance we could write something “cowboy” which is fine by me.  Strappin’ on my chaps right now just in case.


Have a great Monday!





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