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Still Got Snow...Streaming....Bridge Over

Feb 17 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Wednesday morning and we’re still trying to slog through the snow. The good news is we’ve had no power outages so far unlike Texas. A lot of our grocery stores did close which is pretty unusual here in the south. Between the pandemic and the snow? I ain’t goin’ anywhere anytime soon.



Of all things I wrote a love song idea my friend Brent Burns came up with. I’m not sure what he’s been drinking. We usually write beach songs, and funny songs with some exceptions sprinkled through the catalog of songs he’s recorded through the years that we’ve co-written but a LOVE song?  Two grown men on a computer trying to figure out what kind of lines moves a woman’s heart.  It actually turned out great and anytime you get to laugh and enjoy quality minutes with a best friend is a good thing…especially during a pandemic.



I have spent more time than ever watching “streaming” programming. Prime, Disney, Peacock and others. You get what you want when you want it. And streaming is only going to get bigger with more and more options that will be available to the consumer. I bring that up because I can remember hearing about satellite radio for the first time and saying, “that will never work. Why would people pay for radio when they can get it for free”?  Boy was I wrong. These days I spend a fair amount of time writing bluegrass songs HOPING that one of them will gain a lot of airplay on Sirius Radio on the bluegrass channel that’s run by my friend Kyle Cantrell. Times continue to change.



New York may allow legal marijuana delivery to your doorstep soon. Times have really changed since I was in college and kids went to great efforts to hide their stash. It was never my thing but I was around it a lot. Some folks assumed I smoked because I was always upbeat on stages I played with my bands. And a lot of my former band members back in that day could have been friends with Cheech & Chong.


I was playing a club in Illinois one night when a guy approached me and requested a song. I said, “sure”.  He then shook my hand and when he pulled it away there was a joint in my hand. I told the band and they cracked up as they knew I didn’t smoke. So I gave it to the guitar player who then played some really “mellow” notes the rest of the evening.


One other story that still makes me shake my head. I was at Disney World once near “It’s A Small World”. I had longer hair back then…that college thing. A guy on the other side of a big crowd kept hollering “hey”!  He was a Navy guy…on break I guess and I watched as he picked his way through a big Disney crowd and made his way over to me. When he got to me, he quietly asked if I had any?  What?  Of all the people he picked the straightest dude in the crowd to ask if I had any dope I could share with him. He walked away disappointed and I walked away shaking my head. I can only imagine how many dolls that guy must have THOUGHT he saw on the “It’s a Small World” ride that day.



Fauci has moved the timeline up saying mass vaccinations now won’t be until late May to early June. As of now about 40 million Americans have rolled their sleeves up.


Gun sales have surged big time in Florida. Well, some folks down there have been very competitive about trying to get their vaccine shot. Gives a whole new meaning to getting your shot I suppose. The signs will need to change. “Leave your gun at the door, THEN roll up your sleeve”.


Scientists are already at work developing next generation vaccines to handle the variants that may be coming. Some believe it will take that to eradicate Covid-19. Meanwhile the President is saying we may be back to normal by Christmas. Your guess may be as good as his.



I was also in college when “Bridge Over Troubled Water” was released by Simon & Garfunkel. I remember reading a huge ad in Billboard Magazine at the time that proclaimed this was a monumental event recording. I took it with a grain of salt, but it turns out they were right. I love the stories behind the writing of songs as big as this one. Check out this old footage from a Dick Cavett TV show back in the day when Dick asks Paul Simon to talk about how he wrote this classic hit.



With Spring Training baseball camps getting ready to open it’s got me thinking warmer thoughts. My Reds look to be pretty mediocre this season but one never knows. But for Reds fans there was some great news in that Hall of Famer shortstop Barry Larkin who only played for the Reds for his entire career is going to be in the Reds TV booth this season. That means I’m going to enjoy those televised games even more with the Cincinnati native and All-Star providing insight into the games. Anybody else ready for some baseball?


I also read this morning that the great golfer Phil Mickelson could be headed into the CBS broadcast booth someday. He would make those golf coverages more interesting and funnier too. Two really good choices there…Barry Larkin & Phil Mickelson.



The newest Rover is to land on Mars today and go on a journey shooting pictures back to us and making new discoveries. Don’t forget that for a limited time, as in “one day only” you can get a Krispy Kreme Mars donut now. It looks like the red planet…just sweeter.  Bet the bank that no matter what, they’ll never make a Uranus donut.


“She Won 198 Million Playing the Powerball. Now Her Ex-Fiancé is Suing Her from Prison”. There’s a reason some folks are in prison…stupidity being one. What part of “Fiancé” do he not understand?



Writing on the computer today with Josh Shilling again. Josh just sent me a studio recording of a song we wrote a week or so ago that sounds like Aretha Franklin should be singing it complete with those handclapping gospel sounding background vocals on it. And Josh sang it, played all the instruments and sang the black voices you hear on this recording. So you can see that when I write with Josh, I struggle to hold up my end. Gonna try especially hard not to suck today.


Have a great Wednesday!












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